Monday, June 16, 2008

Mass at Notre Dame

A few weeks ago, Rahul, a true Paris lover from Bombay/Mumbai, started chatting with me about France, India and... movies. He convinced me to open myself more to the Indian production and even said "I'll have you discover a few films..." And he kept his promise. Saturday evening, I got a call from, Diti, a friend of his, who happens to be visiting Paris at the moment. She said "Rahul will kill me if I don't manage to give you his gifts (2 DVDs)." Now you're probably wondering how this photo can possibly fit into this story?! Well, it's simple: Diti and I agreed to meet at Notre Dame on Sunday morning and since we kinda missed each other, I went into Notre Dame (during mass) and took this photo. Don't worry I finally managed to get my DVDs!


  1. Very serene photo. A nice way to start the week.

    I enjoy Bollywood films. Glad you got your DVDs.

  2. Oh i love this quiet photo Eric. I hope you burnt a candle for my last exam on Tuesday! ;)
    It's nice too see the bishop behind the candles, and nobody else except the statue.

    About Indian films, I was not a huge fan before going there, and I'm now addicted to a movie, awesome and awful in the same time: Jhoom Barabar Jhoom!!! I advice you to watch it Eric!

  3. Did you pray for your PDP fans (love and health for all of us)? :)
    Nice story (Rahul, Diti, Dvds) you talked us about too.

  4. I don't know whether to sigh at the beauty of the image or genuflect in reverence.

  5. Last exam Guille... Le plus dur est passé alors, bravo! Tu dois respirer maintenant (enfin à partir de mardi!). Bonne dernière ligne droite! Bonne nuit!

  6. Eric -- Rahul is going to be so excited when he sees this. I know exactly what he'll say: Waah-ji-waah! I only visit two blogs religiously every day (no pun intended), and his is the other one. It's a nice slice of Bombay daily life.

    Guille -- When were you in India? I was there in the sixties, when I was exactly your age. BTW, Rahul's last Uni paper is also due on Tuesday, so bravo a vous deux. ;~}

  7. A quietly reflective photo in many ways. It emotes peace,serenity and eternal hope with the flickering flames.

  8. Did you pray that I come to Paris soon, Eric? I KNEW it!

    Lovely photo. A very calming effect.

    I've never seen a Bollywood film. I'm afraid it just doesn't appeal to me, the clips i've seen don't seem to have much of a plot, the formulaic romantic courtship, the song-a-minute and formation dances put me off really. I know, you're wondering how i got all that from clips! Just the impression i had. Though - you could always sway my opinion, no doubt, Eric.... yes i know i'm cheeky tonight.

  9. Very interesting photo. Very calming. .

    I'm a fan of old movies, myself. The old black and whites, especially "The Philadelphia Story" with Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, and Katherine Hepburn. There are some great lines in that movie that my husband and I love.

    Enjoy a black & white soon!

  10. Very nice. Especially when you enlarge and see the priest and the Jesus and the blue light. That must be you!

  11. Oh what a perfect end to my very hectic weekend!

  12. Your photo brings to mind something Vic Hugo wrote in Les Miserables: "To be a saint is the exception; to be upright is the rule. Err, falter, sin, but be upright." You bring the "upright" on a daily basis, Eric. I agree with Cali. This shot is indeed serene. I'd like to learn more about Bollywood movies. Now, off to watch the Tony Awards (theater) and relax away the rest of Father's Day.

  13. Just in the middle of reading Les Mis! :)

    Oh, and definitely a Happy Father's Day to all the daddies here!

  14. This is indeed peaceful. Very beautiful, Eric.

  15. I can actually feel through your picture the atmosphere of Notre Dame.. inside.. during mass.

    And yes it was a relief to read that you managed to find Diti. It 's always great to hear you met another one of PDP fans!

  16. From Cali: congrats!! GF!!

    Guille: how was the auction??!!

  17. I thought "Bride and Prejudice" was fun: dancing and singing and Austen references. And the not-Bollywood movie "Mississippi Masala" is an excellent indie with Denzel Washington, and was directed by Mira Nair, who also did the fairly controversial "Monsoon Wedding," in Bollywood terms.

    That's all I've got. I'm done.

  18. I agree Lynn & Christie, this photo does have a calming effect. It is soothing after the last anxiety producing one!
    Eric you are so kind to post this. Is this a coincidence or did you actually seek to remedy your loyal fans anxiety and vertigo over your last photo? I venture to guess that by your kind nature you may have done just that! Very nice, merci bien.

  19. Indian movies are popular in Jakarta, Eric! They're rich in culture. You'll love it! :)

  20. uselaine -- Aaah, the beautiful Denzel. Mississippi Masala and Monsoon Wedding are two of my fave flics. Am not very familiar with Bollywood films, but Eric's (and my) friend Rahul is already working on that gap in my cultural education.

    Eric, love this shot. So beautifully done. I never enter a church without lighting a candle (for my late -- and very Catholic -- father), and then taking a picture. Have, in fact, taken (more or less) this one -- but you do it SO much better. Thanks for this beautiful memory of Notre Dame.

  21. Light, stillness, presence. . .I like looking at the negative spaces between the votives, too. In a cinema one is in a darkened place awaiting illumination. Hope you enjoy the films as much as we do this lovely image.
    Seattle Daily Photo

  22. OH MY GOD!!:)
    You can literally see the smiles on my face, Eric and Alexa!!:)

    Now, I feel bad to check out this post a bit late...but it feels much more awesome too !!!!:)

    Eric, I'm sure you will love the films!!:) And, WOW...thanks for making me the face of today's post!!:) I feel like a BIG STAR already!!:D

    Alexa, I've mentioned it on BT...I mention it here are our favorite visitor EVERYDAY!!:) I look fwd to your comments always!!:) Btw, thanks for making me the star in your blog too!!;-)

    Guille - JBJ is a decent film (a part of it was shot in Paris!!:))...but there are truly MUCH BETTER films!!:) I'll give you a list!!:)

    Lynn - Hindi Films have changed massively!!:) You should check out some of the films...gone are the times when we had baseless romance and songs coming in whenever it felt, the films are really on par with any of the other industries...and trust me, you will love the films!!:) I'll suggest you a few!!:)

    Eric, what more can I say - enjoy the films!!:) And, you know we all love you!!:)

    PS - awesome pic!!:)

  23. The shot is mysterious, Eric. An ancient church--the building itself--holds mystery, I think. I'd love to wander freely in its deepest, darkest places. The statue and clergyman in the shadows only add to the wish.

    I agree with Monica, this photo gives a feeling of actually being there.

    Mississippi Masala was the first Nair film I ever saw, and maybe the first Denzel picture, too. What a rockin' combination.

  24. Amazing photo! Very atmospheric. It could be the opening shot of a movie...

  25. I love the vibrant color and dance choreography in Bollywood films. I first saw them in NYC at the Bombay Theatre on the East Side of Manhattan in the 1970's. They were not called Bollywood films then.

    Eric, This is a perfect photo for Sunday -- it is so Paris on a Sunday. There is a small museum in Notre Dame. It has a lot of famous Christian artifacts. A couple of years ago, I advised Notre Dame that they should close the gallery to the public as it was getting too crowded, and very dangerous because of the book the DeVinci Code. They agreed. I do not know if they have re-opened it to the public. Anyway, this is one of my favorite photos of yours Eric. It is very spiritual. I just love it.

  26. This photo is wonderful, like Petrea said mysterious... almost as if it was part of a secret cerimony.

    Congratulations of GF...

    You would like a Bollywood movie. They often have a very vibrant and colourful wardrobe and wonderful music that makes you feel like standing up and dancing. The actors are always really good looking and the storyline never lets you down! What else would you want from a movie? When you come down, I shall take you to the local cinema where they always show Bollywood films and we can then thank Rahul and Eric for introducing you to Bollywood movies ;)

  27. Merci, Eric.

    Sigh ... Ah to go to Mass at Notre Dame. I lit candles myself tonight, but in Nashville. I love it that behind the candles is the priest wearing green vestments just like my priest wore tonight. It always touches me to realize that all across the world Catholics are celebrating the same Mass.

    Eric, are you familiar with the church Saint Etienne du Mont, behind the Pantheon? It is my favorite "little church" (definitely a relative term) in Paris, and it holds special meaning for me. When I first visited it, I was struck by how light and airy it is ... I made a special trip there to see the magnificent and rare rood screen I had seen in a photograph; it did not disappoint!

    By the way, it was the March 24, 2005 post with a photo of l'Eglise de la Trinite that brought me to PDP. It came up as a result a couple of months ago when I googled a query as to how many Catholic churches are in Paris. That photo held special meaning for me also, because during my first time in Paris, I used to eat lunch in the courtyard there and then venture inside the sanctuary.

    As always, I appreciate the news, the colors, the life, and the memories your photos and comments bring at PDP ...

    (Forgive my going on ... I'm feeling extra sentimental ...)

  28. Yup Rose,
    I totally agree!!:)
    Which is the latest film that they are showing at your place??

  29. Rahul

    At the moment we have JANNAT but there are several cinemas near by and they are showing:

    Unfortunately I m not goin to see any of them because I have guests for the whole month and no time. If I were going to the cinema, I would see the film about Genghis Khan, one of my heroes.

  30. I spent time at a church yesterday, too! Went to see the basilique St. Denis and saw the tombs of the French Kings and Queens.
    Wish I had taken the same type of photo.
    Wish I could have met Diti.....

  31. Wonderful photo, very expressive and deep.
    How I'd like to go to Mass at Notre Dame!

  32. Rahul ok then i'm convinced....that you can try to convince me! lol. With Rose's recommendation too, how can i resist? Suggest away.... I'm ready to put dances en masse and mere suggestions of romance going nowhere behind me! I look forward to it!

    I've no idea where i would go to see one where i live though. Perhaps Birmingham cinemas might show them, which is just under an hour away, but i've not noticed any more local than that.

  33. :) If you are hiring a dvd, maybe you could start with the DVDs that Eric would be watching...the 2 films are

    1. Jab We Met (when we met)
    2. Lage Raho Munnabhai (Keep going, Munnabhai)...

    these are 2 of my current favorites:)

    In the theatres, you could watch this new film "Aamir"...its really good!!:) Or, simply wait till July 4th when "Jaane Tu...ya jaane na" (whether you know or not) is releasing...and apparently its supposed to be good with all newcomers...:) The film is being produced by one of Hindi Film Industry's Top Stars - Aamir Khan!!:) (he also happens to be my favorite!!):)

  34. parisian heart -- St. Etienne du Mont was my local church for a while when I lived in Paris (my apt. was two minutes from there, on the place de l'Ecole Polytechnique). It really does have a different "feel" than many other churches -- so filled with light, as you say. Thanks for making me think of it again.

    Rahul -- now I'm looking forward to check out these films you've suggested to Lynn.

  35. Interesting post. I hope everything worked out in the end.

  36. Yes, Rahul, gimme a list! I also noted down the 2 ones that you suggested.
    I like JBJ because I saw it in the Raj Mandir theater in Jaipur, sitting in the 'diamond box', it was an unique experience. What's more, I bought the music of the movie and it reminds me such good memories...
    I loved the French part, it was so cliché!

    Alexa, I've been there last summer. And I'll be there next year, for sure!! I can't stay far from India anymore. What were your feelings about this country?

    Monica: it was tiring, killing but exciting, as usual. :)

    Talking about exams, today begin the Baccalauréat exams!!! The first one is traditionally Philosophy. My young brother was one of the students suffering in the morning because of it. :)

  37. Here are the subjects!! I would have loved to work on the second one...
    "La perception peut-elle s'éduquer ?"
    "L'art transforme-t-il notre conscience du réel ?"
    "Est-il plus facile de connaître autrui que de se connaître soi-même ?"

  38. Ok Rahul i shall try to hire these DVDs!

    I'll also look for cinemas which show these type of films. I notice American English use the word theatre for cinema too? In the UK theatre is for performance art only - actors on the stage with an audience. Cinema is for films. It's interesting to find these differences often coming up at PDP.

    Having said that, our local little theatre sometimes shows out-of-date films, but we'd still say 'cinema'.

  39. Since every one has already said all there is to say about the athmosphere of this picture, the sense of peace and serenity it gives, all I have left is to play the "avocat du diable", (au sens propre) :
    I presume that, when taking this picture, Eric, you were pretty aware that it is strictly fobidden to take pictures in Notre Dame especially during mass.
    You'll have to pay for your sin now !!!
    But, taking the risk to face God's (or maybe just the local congregation's !!) anger for your PDP fans, it is not devotion any more it is total abnegation !
    You can be sure that we are all thankful for that.

    To stay in the same domain there is something I have to confess :
    Rahul, the only movie about India I have ever seen is even not Indian but English, it's "Coup de foudre à Bollywood" (Bride and Prejudice" if I remember well).
    But it was a delight, a treat ( un régal), for the eyes, the ears and the brain : take things litteraly and not litteraly at the same time is so ......Sorry can't find a way to say it in English.
    I am ready for more now with your advices.

  40. Hi everyone - so glad to be back. I had a great time in the Sierra Nevada mountains, but fell over a rock head first (!) and I'm a little black and blue. Its early am in LA - off to work soon, but, first, PDP...I'm not a Bollywood fan either, but I have some other suggestions for the Indian films list. Mira Nair's The Namesake. Anything by Satyajit Ray (sp?) including what I think is called the Panther Panjali trilogy.

    Parisian Heart I love St Etienne du Mont, too - it doesn't have the history, grandeur or architectural purity of some other spots, but I feel like I'm inside a little jewel there.

    The freeze links were some of the coolest things - I'd love to be in a Freeze anywhere - or happen on one anytime.

    Alexa - you and your Fury, complete with feedbag and cooling off time was one of the sweetest images - that little girl and her bike should be the heroine in a novel or a film. I spent the past week with a lot of kids and its fantastic to see what they create with their imaginations.

    Eric - the white dinner is such a great idea and it made me think of the restaurant where dinner is all done in the dark. Has anyone been -- what did you think of it?

    And speaking of dinner PHX -- glad you had a wonderful meal at JV, but, ooh, your poor veg husband, 5 asparagus for his meal?! That's sad. :O I was LOOOL at your SICK, SICK, SICK about checking PDP while in Paris, but as a fellow addict, I totally get it. When I come in Nov, I'll be bringing my laptop so I can keep checking in. Hope you keep updating us on your adventures.

  41. Hey Soosh, like the new photo, Preppy! Great.

  42. Soosha...I agree with Lynn. Nice all the way around!

  43. Hi Rose and Monica. I don't think I officially qualify for GF as it's 2 lines about the photo and more rules than I can remember.

    Rose, you summed up Bollywood movies perfectly plus the music always makes me feel like dancing.
    There is an Indian community in the Los Angeles area, unfortunately I've only been there once. Ever tried threading?

  44. Oh Cali, since I came up with the idea,and even made myself judge lol I can verify that you are completely within range, and can qualify as todays winner! Much better than the olden days when Lynn would type out WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. When we had the first REAL contest, she won that fair and square,too, and even got an award in the mail as first winner and champion.Just don't believe her when she says she is tired and must go to bed. She is a competitor!!!!
    And Carrie, at least you will have a laptop here in Paris. I am paying 50 dollars for my usage card at the internet cafe for 3 weeks!!!!

  45. LOL.....Moi, Phx? Really?.......mmmmmyawn....i'm feeling tired...i shan't be out of bed late tonight, folks. Might have to leave it to all of you....(stretch)...!

  46. Phx in Paris has spoken and it's now official. To quote Lynn "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE."

  47. Pas mal ces sujets de philo : le 1 et le 3 auraient eu ma préférence... Beaux sujets de réflexion en tous cas...
    Le 2, très bien aussi mais je ne suis pas assez calée... Guille bien entendu, terrain de jeu pour toi ;) Est-ce que ton frère est également attiré par l'art?
    Mon bac date de 1986!!!!!!!!! Et le sujet sur lequel j'avais planché : 'un citoyen peut-il se prévaloir d'un droit de résistance?'. C'est marrant, je m'en souviens encore! Je m'en étais plutôt bien sortie (c'est pour ça, sûrement!).

    Rahul, next DVDs I'll hire will be those you gave to Eric, I swear (well, if I can find them);)
    I've written in my exclusive 'PDP Moleskine', the titles! It is so pleasant to have advice from a true specialist!

  48. Corinne, 1986? Je naissais! LOL.
    Non mon frère c'est plutôt la musique. Il y avait 3 autres sujets mais je ne les ai pas recopié.
    Mon sujet (Bac L) était 'doit-on tout attendre de l'Etat'!!! Quelques années après, ça me fait BEAUCOUP rire et j'aurais bien des choses à dire. :)

    Oh Lynn, you're off to bed? Too bad, me too. hehe.

    Rose, I'm studying right now the architecture of the Canterbury's cathedral, and I know that it's not close to London. Humhum Eric. ;)

  49. OK Guille, no comment ;)
    Autre sujet 2008 de philo sur Paris (l'une de mes nièces passe son bac): "Désirer fait-il toujours souffrir". C'est pas un beau sujet ça!!!

  50. Corinne, "sur Paris"?! LOL c'est national le bac... ;)
    J'aime beaucoup ce sujet là, "désirer fait-il toujours souffrir"... Je pourrais y répondre un peu trop en ce moment. Hehe (rire jaune).

  51. Lovely story. Did you like the films Eric ? I have seen a few Indian films, and I did like them but they're not my first choise (I love French films).Rahul it's great to get some recommendations though.
    This photo is lovely and you really captured the atmosphere from Notre Dame.

  52. Guille, "c'est national le bac", ben voilà depuis 1986, je l'ai perdu de vue! Je croyais que c'était par académies:)Mise à niveau assurée dans sept ans avec ma fille aînée!

    Sorry for all that French!;)

  53. Corinne, dans 7 ans, qui sait, peut être qu'il n'y aura plus de bac...vous savez ma bonne dame, tout se perd. ;)
    You're more polite than I am, I forgot to apologize for all that French... :S

  54. Lynn
    They are showing Jannah in Cheltenham Cineworld.

    I think PHX-CDG is giving you special treatment but I am glad she relaxed this rule. People with large screens have to count their characters in order to find out how many lines it will be in a smaller monitor or resolution!

    hehehe leave poor Eric alone...
    Good luck on your exams tomorrow ;) Not that you need it because I know you will sail it through.

  55. you are welcome, Corinne!!:)
    Do watch them..:)

    Today has really been a bonus day for me...I've been made the star by two dear friends on their blogs...AND...another friend of mine just told me that he has a gift for me...and guess what that is - one of my fav films again - Paris, Je T'aime!!:):):):):):)

    Talk about having a superb day!!;-) hehehe...tooooo excited!!:)

  56. Guille LOOOL.
    Who knows ..., you are right!

  57. .........yawn.........yaaaarrrgh!...oh i just thought i'd drop in one more time before bed. Actually I'm in jarmies, showered, legs tucked up on the sofa with hot cocoa....bed any minute.....


    Rose, REALLY? Wow i really must try to go then! How exciting! Mind you, it must take it's place behind Sex & The City, of course! That's first on the list, when i'm a bit better. Still not out and about quite yet.

  58. I wrote it's!! EEK. Horrible apostrophe typo. Sorry. Its. Aaarghhh how i loathe apostrophe errors. It was a TYPO. I'm tired. See Guille? Proof i'm off to bed.

  59. I'm in the same situation Lynn... no time for everything. I m not a SITC girl so I will gladly miss that one :)

  60. All those candles...all those prayers. Merci, Eric.

    "Just meet me in front of Notre Dame"...we'll exchange the secret DVD's right there. Sounds like a plan!

  61. Just a quick word. I just heard one of the "sujets du baccalauréat" :

    "Is demonstration, the only one way to establish the truth?"

  62. Ok Eric, je récupère les copies dans 4 heures! ;)

  63. Corinne et Guille: j'aime le français! Quand j'ai le temps, je prends ma dictionnaire, et j'apprend.

    Mais qu'est-ce que un "rire jaune"? Est-il un "rueful laugh?"

  64. Petrea, je suis contente que ces mots en français aient du charme sur PDP de temps en temps! I enjoy reading your own words in French too.
    I'll let Guille answer to you about "rire jaune".
    For me that could mean, laugh and kinda cry at the same time...

  65. Merci corinne, je comprends "rire jaune" maintenant.

  66. Petrea, you're welcome. Perfect sentence!

  67. We have a saying in English, "I don't know whether to laugh or cry." I have no idea if this would fit the context in which "rire jaune" is used. There is a similar frisson of incongruity between the contrasts.

  68. Wow...
    I am sure you will love those films. At least you will find Bollywood (indian film industry !!!) films as totaly refreshing experience...
    keep watching...
    by the way, nice photo as usual..