Bonjour everyone!

I’m sorry to hijack PDP for something not exactly Paris-related, but it’s a very important day for me and I thought you might easily forgive me ;-).

I’m proud to announce the launch of polltogo, a web/mobile app that lets you conduct short mobile polls and get instant feedback from your audience, clients, students, viewers, readers or friends, using their mobile phone.

It does not aim to replace other online poll systems -- even though it also works on the web, of course -- but, rather, polltogo focuses mainly on real time interaction, without the need of using, installing or renting dedicated voting devices.

The reason why I’m posting this message today, is that after several months of hard work developing polltogo (it’s a team effort, I’m not alone on this project!), it is now time to market and publicize it. And to do so, I could really use your help...

How? Well, in various ways. Start by registering (it’s free!), then use it whenever you need instant feedback on a question, refer it to your contacts that may find it useful (event organizers, teachers/professors, companies, TV producers...), download the mobile app (be forgiving, these still need improvement) on your iPhone or Android... Basically, help us spread the word.

If you’re really into it, you can also “Like” our Facebook page, follow our Twitter account or tell us how you use polltogo so that we can showcase your experience. You can also send me your feedback and comments using -- guess what? -- polltogo! I made this little poll specifically for you, my PDP visitors.

Last, but not least, if you’re willing to do even more, you can help us in translating polltogo: the app interface itself, which is fairly simple, and/or the website that has more text. We want polltogo to be widely used around the world, so we’re interested in all languages (don’t worry about English or French, we’ve already got that covered between Ralph – the co-founder of polltogo - and I!). If you wish to volunteer, please drop an email to translate@polltogo.com, mentioning the language you can translate.

You may know from experience that being an entrepreneur can be very challenging and that support from family and friends is key. Since after all this time I feel like I am among friends, I did not hesitate to ask you for your help developing this new adventure. Anything you can do, will be very greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

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  1. I found your web site today and LOVE it! I visited Paris in February (the 15th-28th) and experienced that long, sunless time—but I don't care. What a beautiful, rich, fragrant, colorful, stunning city you live in, and you capture it beautifully. I will be back!!!