Saturday, December 20, 2014

Nativity scene

Christmas is approaching as you all know and it's not all about buying gifts and eating like a pig!! For the Catholics, it's the celebration of the birth of Jesus. That is why in all churches in the word you find a "Nativity Scene" (une crèche, in French). There is one at the very end of this church (Jean-Baptiste de Pigalle)! A photo I took long ago, so long I don't even remember taking it! Here in Malta, a very very Catholic country, not only churches have Nativity Scenes, but you can also see many everywhere on the island (in people's windows, at roundabouts, etc.)


  1. Peaceful nativity scenes.
    Quite a beairiful thought In this busy time ;-)

  2. We see them here, too--not just in Catholic churches but in others as well.

  3. A beautiful sanctuary. My parents had a nativity scene... I think Dad still has it.

  4. Lovely sanctuary! We have a small nativity scene that's made of olive wood. 'Tis the season....
    And hope it's a merry one for you, Eric.