Friday, November 14, 2008

Dolly goes to Paris...

I'm home sick at the moment (nothing serious, don't worry) so it's difficult for me to take photos any further than around the corner of my house! And today I really regretted it as I could have taken this extraordinary scene: a sheep roundup on the Champ de Mars, by the Eiffel Tower! Explanation: about 700 several sheep breeders thought it was the best way to attract the medias attention on their low incomes. It worked! It was in the news everywhere... I had to cheat a little bit (this is a photo I took at the Salon de l'Agriculture some time ago) to report the event, but I'm sure you'll forgive me ;) And if you want to see the real thing, have a look at this photo by François Lafite.


  1. Of course we forgive you. Get well soon.

    Sheep grazing by the Eiffel Tower makes for a great photo op!

    Hello Dolly! (apologies to Coltrane)

  2. Well Hello Dolly, it's so nice to see you home where you belong! You're looking swell.....ok I can't go on.

    Eric of course we worry. You take care dear Lord Eric, DP, of Paris. Take some photos of your books - I'm really curious as to what you like to read. Yeah, I'm funny like that. lol. I love books.


    Thanks for that gorgeous link, E!!!

    I do hope you are feeling better soon. Don't worry about pleasing us; take care of yourself first.


  4. This photo of the ram is so precious!
    It almost doesn't look real.OF course I know it is.LOL

    I liked that link you gave us Eric.and like everyone else has said
    Get well soon!
    We all like to see a healthy Eric:)
    I would have liked to been in Paris when this happened near the Eiffel Tower.

    After they got done marching or more precisely herding the sheep.Where did they take them? Do they have some kind of stables in the middle of Paris?
    Just curious--

    I like the title of your photo for today.

  5. Just when you think you've seen it all... a bunch of sheep at the Eiffel Tower !! That's pretty funny.

    Glad these guys got some media attention.

    Get well soon!

  6. Interesting event. Thanks, Eric, and take care of yourself.

  7. How delightful.. both photos, of course.. Your Dolly looks extremely pampered and well cared for.
    As do the ones at the Tower. I will be there in a month. I hope they come back.

    Feel better, Eric.

  8. Isn't it all about media attention these days? The squeaky wheel gets the grease and so forth? I'm glad it worked for those breeders, and their marketing consultant must have been happy for the publicity.

    Eric, we send our warmest wishes and hopes for your speedy recovery. Feel better soon!!

  9. Great photo -- and great link.
    I have to say it, too:
    and take good care of yourself, Eric.

    And way to go, Cali!

  10. Do take care of yourself and feel better, Eric. I like Lynn's idea: take pictures of your books! Or just a few shots inside your apartment, you know, like the parquet floors, what you see from your windows, etc. Not that I'm nosy.

    I like the photo you linked to, it's very interesting!

  11. Well I AM nosy and I do want to see your digs, Eric. Fire away. Sheep shot.... oh that was bad. Forgive me?
    It's cute . Hope you feel better. Do I need to bring chicken soup when I come on Monday???? your wish is my command.

  12. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. When I first read it I thought you were homesick, I thought where is he traveling now? Silly me, as I read the others comments I realized you were not feeling well at home...Senior moment!

  13. Hi Eric! So sorry to hear that you are unwell. Hopefully you will make a speedy recovery.
    We have a computer connection glitch so we can't post at the moment but I thought it was time I popped in (from the library) to say hello. Hopefully we'll be back online next week. xxx

  14. Bring on the series of doorknobs...


    You've reminded me that I should get a flu shot.

  15. I hope you feel better soon, too, Eric - its no fun being sick. Thanks for keeping up with the news and giving us a timely photo. Too bad I couldn't see the woolies from the top of the Centre Pompidou yesterday!

    (I've been taking echinacea because there's lots of sneezing going on everywhere - I recommend it highly. It helps me ward off sickness and ends a cold sooner than it would otherwise.)

  16. See? I am not alone, dear Eric, we want to see where you live! Not the private bits of course, we don't need your underwear, but little teasers of a different nature (!) lol. Yes the view from the window would be good. I was stuck at home for ages, you will remember, unwell. There are still things to photograph, presuming you are well enough of course dear Eric. Do not strain yourself. We need you here fit and well xx

  17. Wish Dolly could help you to "reprendre du poil de la bête"... Get better soon, Eric. All the best to you.

  18. Get well soon Eric, we think of you.

    Your photo is the second best thing to François Lafite's shot, which is pretty amazing. Grazing on the Champ de Mars, what a fine idea!

  19. That event was surreal! I hope something good comes out of the event and the media attention.

    This is one funky-looking sheep!

  20. Eric, as a Paris addict, I have been following your excellent blog for a few months now, but occasionally I thought I'd logged on to some weird religious cult with you as the great leader!

    Who says only pop stars have groupies? This lot will only be content when you have a view cam in your appartment 24/7.

    BTW it sounds like 'Man Flu' - these gals have no idea what we guys have to go through.

    Seriously, hope you get well soon. Oh no, I think I'm coming under your spell.

  21. This manif is a throwback to the brilliant non-violent action of 25 october 1972, when 60 ewes from the Plateau du Larzac were grazed on the Champ de Mars.

    It was part of the ten-year protest aganst Michel Debré's decision to extend the military area on the Larzac, which would have put an end to the economic lives of many sheep-farming families (the families who bring you roquefort cheese, by the way). To read more, and how the struggle was ultimately triumphant, see
    this article
    in French wikipedia. Non-readers of French can see a much shortened version here.

    Puissance au peuple!

  22. Et ce mouton, finalement, il est plutôt lacanien ou junguien ?

  23. Hello everyone,

    This is pretty out of context, but I have an announcement to make: I will be working with Juliette Binoche on a project call "In-I", March 2009.


    Une Affaire de Style (aka Keats)

  24. Je te souhaite un prompt rétablissement, Eric. Prends soin de toi, ma petite puce adorée.

    Une Affaire de Style

  25. Oh no, anonyme, a live webcam in Eric's home would be too much information. Girls like a bit of mystery.

    But anyway, welcome to this wonderful group of intelligent and snarky groupies. The Kool-Aid is in the fridge.

    Eric, are you feeling a bit better?

  26. I'll drink the Kool-Aid - but ladies first, Suzy. Cheers!

  27. Congrats, Cali! I guess your crown will be made of loin of lambchops! I can visualise it now.....
    I would have loved to have seen the hearding of sheep on Champ de Mars.Who'd a thunk it in the middle of Paris?There is a street in LHR called Cowcross Street, leftover from the olden days, when it lived up to its name.
    Feel better, Eric. I believe in lots of sleep to get well soon.
    Am trying to trade my London layover on the 30th for CDG, but noone is biting so far(do you blame them?). Will let you know ,Carrie, if a miracle happens.
    One more note on the elections: There was NOTHING visable in the London shop windows. Noone asked me how I felt about the outcome. I wonder why it captured the French imagination so much more?

  28. Anonyme you made me laugh. You fit in quite well here, I see; welcome! Religious cult ... giggle.... Whatever it is, you're right, Eric's at the head of it.
    A cam inside his apartment? Well. The mind boggles. As tempting as it is, I think we'd have to leave Eric some privacy and not beam all angles of his lovely face to the world. (psst! just send the images straight to me by email, Eric.) LOL.

  29. Interesting comment about the election PHX. I wonder, too. I'm crossing my fingers and my hands that some poor sucker will think its a good idea to trade CDG for whatever the other option is - I'd love to meet you face to face!

    Hey you guys, just make sure Eric doesn't tumble to the fact that we've already wired his apartment for the 24hour Eri-cam. Just let him think its a joke and we'd never do anything like that....


    Today slept in and then fell in Louvre with art. Didn't escape the confines of the museum till 7:30 and then came home. It seems I have way fewer adventures with a friend along. I did have the adventure of finding out there are some subway entrances with one Navigo machine and it won't take your perfectly good card. But, on the other hand, another ambasadress chased me down the street to return my umbrella, rather than, say, keeping it!

    Demain -- Versailles! Maintenant -- a faire dodo. :)

  30. "...and then fell in Louvre with art." Good one! "another ambasadress" Another good one ;-)

    Carrie, love hearing about your "day in Paris" each day. Merci

    Dolly is sooooo funny looking -- where o where are her eyes?

  31. Eric
    The colours of this picture are fantastic.
    How did you manage to get that gold hay?

  32. I love hearing of your adventures, Carrie! Vicariously is a good way to live.

  33. Hi everyone,

    Wow so many nice "get well" messages, I almost feel ashamed to have mentioned that I was home sick in here. People will think I'm fishing for comforting words.

    Oh well, there is nothing wrong with that after all!

    Anonymous, I'm still ROFL!

    And NO! a spy cam in my apartment is NOT a good idea! You don't wat to see me wandering half naked in the morning, do you?!

  34. Eric
    What a daft question!
    Of course we do!

  35. You are very provocative, my darling...

  36. And Lynn stop hiding behind your anonyme persona!

  37. Yes yes yes we do! Of course....:)

    Rose you are funny. As if I would do that. I am not Anonyme.... LOL. Hilarious.

    Come on Eric, we're all DYING to know what part of your apartment you will post ... any minute now, girls, huh? Phew, hot or WHAT?

  38. It could be books...or it COULD be ... LOOKS ! goodness I can hardly contain my excitement. he he

  39. I have to say that the sheep in France are MUCH different than the sheep in the United States! And probably those are different than sheep in other places, as well. I enjoyed Francois' photo very much - and this is a good one, too. It's too bad you missed that event.

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