Thursday, April 21, 2005

This is one of the rare royal statues that went through the French revolution in 1789 without damage! It was made by sculptor Antoine Coysevox (1640-1720) in 1689 and shows Louis the XIVth, one of the most famous French kings. It can now be seen in the courtyard of the Carnavalet museum (3rd arrondissement) - it's a must go if you come to Paris! - where it has been sitting since 1890.


  1. Very nice photos mate.
    Was here and sow your photos ;) ShoTo from Russia

  2. Thank you both of you. I must say my traffic from Russia skyrocketed today!

  3. Hello. I really liked your photos.
    I hope I will visit Paris someday...
    A friend from Estonia.

  4. Thank you friend from Estonia... I hope you can make it to Paris one day too. It's definitely worth it! And how id Tallinn?