Thursday, April 28, 2005

You're presently looking at "Marianne" the woman who symbolizes the French republic in many town halls throughout France. Depending on which story you listen to, Marianne was born either in 1792 or 1797, just after the French revolution, and is now represented by famous actresses each year. The bust shown here is a photo that I shot in the Senate, during the "Les blogs" day and is of Brigitte Bardot (a famous French actress who was a sex symbol in the 60's for those far younger than I care to imagine). If you wish to find out more about Marianne and other French Republic symbols, click here.


  1. Wow, j'adore votre site !
    Les photos sont super chouettes, elles me remplissent de nostalgie.

  2. Marie-Denise a du etre une des Marianne..

    Ah! Dieu que Marianne etait jolie, quand elle marchait dans les rues de Paris, en chantant a pleine voix, ca ira, ca ira..