Sunday, December 03, 2006

Cirque du Soleil in Paris

Remember last December 1st's post? I told you I was lucky enough to see Le Cirque du Soleil at Le musée de l'homme. Well, here is one photo that I took while they were performing on stage. I thought it was a perfect photo for a Sunday!


  1. "Let there be Light"
    I can not wait to see them down-under in July.
    A lovely composition Monsieur.

  2. Awesome! (and I can't wait to see what Louis is going to write this time :)

  3. I'm tempted to say that you have a superior camera to mine but inside, painfully, i know that equipment isn't all, and that you are simply super-talented, Eric! The frozen movement of the hoop, the light rays, but especially, for me at least, is the silhouetted head of the viewer, so beautifully outlined by an edge of light. Gives the shot so much more depth than had you left him or her out.

  4. Wish they had let me take pictures when I went to see Cirque. I got yelled at for trying to take a wee little picture on my wee little cell phone. Pooey on them, and great shot on you. My favorite part is the hoop, definately. it looks so perfect and alive. Well, as alive as an inanimate object can get.

  5. WOW! Great shot for a Sunday Eric! And a Monday and a Tuesday...and heck, even a Saturday Night! It has a rather religious tone...she looks like an angel...with a her WAIST! The place you were TRYING to shoot BELOW two posts AGO! Wonder that that guy was thinking about? Any interpretations anyone would care to share? Think he has anything going on a party to go to afterwards? I'm just getting in deeper and deeper aren't I? Time for another glass of Cabernet! ;-)

  6. This is taking the hula hoop to a new level. I remember well, when the craze blazed through all the United States. It peaked but never died. I think I saw they for sale at "Toys-R-Us" not too long ago. The spandex is quite an exotic color...irridescent blue-green? I must see the Cirque someday.

  7. MICHAEL!!! SHAME ON YOU!!! SORRY ERIC...I have to ride Michael about his "blonde" comment from waaaaaaaay back on your Firemen post! BAD BOY...20 lashes with a WET NOODLE! LMAO! Can blogging get any more FUN...specially at poor Eric's blog's expense? ;-)

  8. Ame, you'll have to remind me. I'll see if I can find the post in the meantime. Wet noodles eh? Didn't know you were that kinky. Now, linguini, spaghetti or tagliatelle?

    Eric, this is fantastic. I love the spotlight from above and the definition of the, ahem, buttocks. The perspective looks as though you were backstage...were you?

  9. Ok Ame, I found the post and my comment....

    In France the nurses and doctors strike, and even the hairdressers, but they don't go infecting people or dying everyone's hair blonde! ;-)

    I hope you'll forgive me. I was just trying to make a point about the strikes in France.

    But now, again about those wet noodles you were mentioning...?

  10. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh THAT'S using your NOODLE...wet, limp or otherwise! Oh dear, don't think I should use limp and noodle in the same sentence.....geeez, getting a little punchy here...or maybe it's just because I'm--Heaven forbid!--BLONDE! LOL! Oh BEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAVE! ;-) Sorry Eric...this just seems to be the place to hash out anything and everything, doesn't it?

  11. And that's another beautiful picture. You can almost see the fluidity of motion even in a still picture. Wonderful.

  12. The light in this photo is divine,
    Like the heavens are giving a sign,
    MICHAEL likes the "point de vue,"
    Let's give the dancer what's due,
    And compliment her on her behind!

    sorry, I couldn't resist! see if you can BEAT THAT Michael haha

  13. Very good nanajoon, very good!

    I won't be limericking today as to spare Eric another round of crazy people, but you're right, the dancer's behind definitely needs complimenting!

  14. If I had known that hoola-hoops would have given me a butt like that, I never would have given mine away. Superb photo Eric!

  15. LOL metaphysicalmama...

    After some checking, here's a site I found where you can get all the latest news, videos and exercises about hula hoops. Note that after visiting this site, I have now learned that it is spelled "hula" and not "hoola"...silly me!

  16. :))
    beautiful photo indeed!!!
    and so great figure dancer....:))
    go and find a hula hoop to get such a perfect figure~~~


  17. This picture is stunning. Everything has already been said about it above so I won't repeat. It looks like a pro staged shot.

  18. JOhnny i have a pink, spangly one from Toys R Us! Time to retrieve it from the cupboard i feel. Put it there a few weeks after i got it a few years ago, disgusted at myself for not recalling from childhood how to do it!

  19. This would be perfect anytime! Thanks, Eric.

  20. Jing i tried to put a comment on your site, but it's invitation only! ?Nice pics though.

  21. Bonsoir mes nouveaux amis, je pense que l'oreille au premiere rang est aussi superbe. Sa derriere est magnifique mais je t'aime ses chevilles :)

  22. Michael i'm with you on the no-verse thing, it was a special thing for yesterday wasn't it. I do... kind of ... miss it though do you? he he. hoop- loop, dance-France, pose-chose,joyeux-... no i must stop!
    Thanks for popping in last night, i was actually still up and could have made you a cocoa but must have missed you. You should have waited, i was only in the bathroom!

  23. LOL Lynn...if the cocoa was with Baileys I might have stuck around.

    Imagine the fun we might have had thinking up rhymes to

    Cirque: clerk, dirk, jerk, kirk, lurk, perk, quirk, shirk, turk, and unfortunately, work!

  24. Granted, technically the picture is inspiring – the light, the movement, the composition. But the subject matter…et tu, Ericus? Fueling the adolescent male fantasy of a flexible circus performer? How cliché ;-)))

    btw – big shout out to the DP Limerick Passy (and you know who you are!) for providing me with the Sunday morning entertainment – it’s not exactly religion, but it was a heavenly experience :-)

  25. lol yes and oh of course with Baileys - what else?

    I can see that I may tempt you
    To verse with me impromptu
    I think we’re safe; there’s no-one else around
    So pen me a limerick
    And please make it quick
    Let me read it, but don’t make a sound

  26. We even have encouragement Michael! Thank you Isabella, we're itching to be in verse. Oh stop denying it Michael you know you are.

  27. I'd love to join your fantasy,
    To share a word or verse;
    But I have so much else to do,
    Your spell will be my curse!

  28. Oh we all have things to do
    I’ve cleaned the whole house through
    But now it’s time to take a break; a sin!
    To make a short rhyme
    A good use of time
    I’ve cast my spell; I’m drawing you within

  29. And remember that it’s Sunday
    The day of “work? No way!”
    And Eric’s busy scooting round Paree
    There’s no-one else to read it
    Or usurp our special wit
    So write a special something, you to me

  30. So Michael you’re not there
    Not here but you are where?
    I should be working too but let us play!
    Cirque du soleil are inspiring
    My words they are not tiring
    Come back for fun what do you say?

  31. Just the other day, the girls (and some of the boys, I imagine) drooled with considerable delight over a bunch of men with irons, so I think it only fair that the boys (and some of the girls, no doubt) be permitted to admire the fit and sexy physique beneath this woman's tight-fitting costume - don't you? (Also, without wanting to suggest I have a fetish for them, I freely admit to finding the bodies of female dancers, circus performers, etc., a lot more graceful and beautiful than those of many female athletes.)

    Finally, setting aside my private fantasies (and those of others, I'm sure), my first impression of this photograph was that it has distinct - and complimentary - similarities to some of Lautrec's posters for the Moulin Rouge (e.g. 'La Goulue' of 1891 and 'Jean Avril' of 1893). After all, the circus is a kind of vaudeville, the shot was taken in Paris, and Eric has also chosen to employ a dramatic contrast between foreground (the man's cropped head) and background (the performer's full-length body) elements to achieve a sense of depth, intimacy, and theatricality.

  32. i've seen them this summer at the privat party here in moscow, it was a nice show!!! just like your shot ;)

  33. J'ai enseigné l'anglais au siège du Cirque du soleil. Éric, c'est plus que sympa - tout l'immeuble et l'emplacement est conçu selon des normes écolo à la fine pointe... Par ailleurs, ce serait un lieu magnifique pour prendre des photos. Le siège est situé à St-Michel, qui n'est pas votre St-Michel de la Rive gauche parisenne mais l'équivalent outre-Atlantique de vos banlieues crados.

    Il y a des programmes qui s'adressent aux jeunes haïtiens, latino-américains etc de la zone autour...