Saturday, September 20, 2008

Madame Tomate!

Regular visitors to Paris Daily Photo surely know who I believe to be my oldest fan: Tomate Farcie (stuffed tomato)! I could not help but thinking of her when I came across this restaurant on Boulevard Sebastopol. I did not try it, I just found out on the web that they mostly serve dishes from Provence (a French Southern region). Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. I love the cute character in the sign and a great shot as well. Is it a big place? :)

  2. What a nice tribute to Madame Tomate of PDP fame. I doubt she is your OLDEST fan. LOL.

  3. BTW: have a good weekend yourself. You've earned it, as usual.

  4. How nice to honor Tomate Farcie. She may be the oldest in longest viewer, But I am probably oldest in years, and your youngest viewer;)poster or whatever you call it.

  5. More than anything I appreciate those bloggers that stick with our respective blogs. Nice tribute to a long time supporter.

  6. Bonjour Tomate Farcie!

    I did have the pleasure of meeting her at PDPicnic 1ere (2006). I spoke with her on the phone in San Francisco later that year.

    Blvd. Sebastopol: on the corner of rue Reamur there is a Monoprix in a building that appears in a painting in le Musee Carnavalet. Wait, I'll find it...ah: "La queue à la porte d'une épicerie, novembre 1870", by Alfred Decaen and Jacques Guiaud. I think it's near the museum's re-created Art Nouveau tea shop.

    Bon weekend, mes amis.

  7. Whoop, whoop, hooray for Tomate Farcie!

    I like the way the sign is at an angle and the yellow light adds a touch of, hmm, illumination?

    The painting Jeff mentioned, with nary a visible tomato outstanding, however.

  8. Wow -- TF has been coming here since March 13, 2005—only your third post. Can't wait to see what she says when she sees this nice tribute!
    (And you know many of us just wish we'd discovered you a lot sooner.)

  9. I thought of Tomate even before reading the post. Of course, we can´t help thinking of Tomate Farcie when we see a cute little red tomato like this!

    Jeff you´re remark yesterday made me laugh..!

  10. Alexa..."many of us wish we'd discovered you a lot sooner." I can't agree more...I love my little shot of Paris,

  11. Could this be the same Madame Tomate?

    If it is, Guille, I got a little bum-pinching errand to send you on!

  12. But of course the long line of people in the painting are queued up at the grocer's to pay homage to the shop's red, vegetable-like fruit which they hold in great regard and are grateful to have in their presence.

    Either that are the epicerie is having a garage sale.

  13. Eric. a very nice tribute. The tomato may well be the most eaten fruit in the world. 125 million tons of tomatoes were produced in the world in 2005.

  14. Makes me want to hear "Hang on LIttle Tomato" by Pink Martini. My favorite. We can all spend the rest of our lives waiting on Eric to pay tribute to us. Sigh!

  15. C'est amusant: en voyant cette photo sur le portail, j'ai immédiatement pensé à Tomate Farcie. A chaque fois que je croise ce nom de scéne, ca me fait toujours sourire.

  16. Cute sign - I have a whole cook book relagated to this yummy fruit - mmmm... maybe i should get it out and do some cooking!!!!

  17. "Louis" also owes Tomate Farcie a debt of gratitude. Before "Louis" moved to Paris, he happened to meet Tomate Farcie in an espresso shop he frequented. The upshot of that happenstance meeting was the beginning of "Louis's" blogs. Salut, Tomate Farcie!

  18. I also thought of Tomate Farcie when I first opened the page. I just knew Eric would honor Tomate. That is just the way he is. More proof that the blogging world is like no other.
    Eric, I bet this sign would look really cool at night, how it is shown here with the miniscule light shining just on the corner of it & the rest of it in darkness.
    Once again you have a great capture Eric, Merci!

  19. Awww, that is so sweet of you, Eric!

    Yay tomate! It definitely wouldn't be the same without you here!

  20. I am a new visitor to your blog...glad I found you! I like Madame Tomate's lipstick and long eyelashes. Very fashionable!

  21. Tall Gary & Eiffel Tower Suzy (Suzy, what a cutie you are in your profile photo), both of you -- merci for the links!

    Where is Tomate? This cartoon on the blackboard is so Minnie Mouse. Check out those legs and the hi-heels, Rose UK (Rose with 300+ shoes).

  22. Ohhhh Eric!! I love it!! La belle tomate!! ;-)

    For those of you who have never met tomate_farcie...she is really a "peach"!! ;-) I'm sure she is going to kill me for that, but I couldn't resist!! LOL!!

    I will definitely visit this place the next time I am in Paris!!

  23. Tomate will love it! She deserves it for such loyalty. Alexa, I wish I'd discovered PDP sooner, too.

  24. how ironic that tomate still has no idea how famous she is today!I can't wait to hear from her on the blog.

  25. What's a world without tomatoes and Tomate! BLTs become BLs, no more pizza sauce, boring pasta dishes, mayonnaise for my FRENCH fries(...sorry Belgium, not gonna happen). Tomatoes rule and so does Tomate Farcie! Smile now and say Fried Green Tomatoes! ;-)

  26. I wonder if she's in the ladies room?

  27. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! I'm so touched I don't know what to say!!!

    To tell you the truth, after I loaded PDP, saw the post and the comments, I almost started to cry.

    It has been a long, grueling, stressful week, and this almost felt like when you're coming home depressed and tired, feeling really low (you know these days? We all have them, I'm sure), anyway you drag your @ss home and as soon as you push the door and turn on the lights, people come out from behind the furniture and yell "surprise!" and there is food, drinks, and most importantly, friendly smiles ... Well, that's the way it felt tonight when I saw the post and the comments. So, I have one thing to say now...

    Thank you!
    Thank you!!
    Thank you!!!

    And thank YOU, Eric, not just for this cute post but for ALL the work you put into this blog (the research, the pictures, the formatting, the translating, the fighting with Blogger when it doesn't want to upload, the planning ahead to make sure we always have something to look at even when you're out of town, not to mention the community of virtual friends that you created all over the world...) Really, for all that and just for making yourself so available, thank you, buddy!

    And the people on this board.. you guys are so sweet, so welcoming, so warm-hearted, and so open... it truly is a miraculous little community.

    I don't always have the time to follow all the conversations but I know you guys have fun here and in this stressful word, it's a good thing.

    I came to this blog a long time ago because I was a little homesick for Paris, where I grew up. I found pictures of areas of Paris I hadn't seen since I was a kid (like the Petite Ceinture, for instance, which I "stole" and hid on my hard-drive for a while), and I kept coming back for more.

    There were other Paris blogs, but this one, I thought, had a unique voice and one that I felt pretty comfortable with.

    I guess you guys know exactly what I'm talking about ;)

    Thank you again, everybody!

  28. Ahhhhhhhh nice a tribute. Tomate has been there through thick and through thin. Even when she's been in a real stew, Tomate has pressed on and been there for PDP. When you meet Tomate for the first time (probably near vine street, you'll know at a glance that she's a saucey kind of lady with nothing rotten about her. Tomate does work too hard though (you can see on her blog), but she never lets it crushher spirit and spice. She just keeps on going, a slice at a time.

    Yes Eric, Tomate may be your purést fan, but we love her too. And all together we make a great recipe for PDP...

  29. Man, look at these comments!! (I'm reading them again) I can't believe you guys!! You guys are really too much!!! Thanks

    (I'm blushing now - aww, come on, you knew that one was coming!!)

  30. See what your friendly ways engender, Eric! Just a little thought of her prompted by the cute sign, and you've made her hard day better. I know we all love Tomate, who on her own blog keeps us in touch with life in San Francisco, (which is not very far at all from Sebastopol, CA, BTW ) ;^).
    Michael, a punny and lovely tribute to the fabulous Ms. TF. LOL.
    And everything Tomate mentioned in her thanks to you is true, Eric. So ditto that from all your readers. Happy Saturday, all!
    Seattle Daily Photo

  31. This is such a nice tribute to the one who brings color to the blog!!
    Tomate you're right to feel honored, you ARE on the master's post today.
    Don't blush, be proud. ;)

    Et j'aime bien la photo, trop mignonne cette petite ardoise.

  32. What a precious tribute! As I envision you strolling (okay, maybe rushing) through Paris and spotting a sign that brings to mind a faithful blogger, it reinforces how much you do to bring the world together, Eric. In so many ways, you bring Paris to us and us to Paris.

    Alexa, add me to the line of folks who would love to have found this blog sooner! While I only discovered it a few months ago, I have managed to go back through the archives; I am so grateful that they are available!

    Tomate, what you said about this blog was beautiful and "spot on." May your coming week be filled with more warmth and lovely surprises. :)

  33. Awwwww tomate! I almost cried reading your comment! *group hug!!!*

  34. Tomate: that was worth waiting for. Welcome back.

  35. I wonder, Michael, did you work on that or does it just come to you?

    I suppose if you look very hard, Eric, you might find a sign in Paris that says "Michael," or "David" or perhaps even "Tonton Flaneur." But Lois Simon and I are going to have to change our names to "Louvre" and "Chou."

  36. I can't believe I missed this yesterday (and that you didn't mention it when we talked last night. Tomate!)

    It's so sweet - and what a likeness!

  37. After the tribute from Michael and Coltrane, I don't know how I can ketchup, so I won't Farcie it.

    I'm happy to be part of something that squirts happiness around the world. (Oops, there goes my white shirt...)

  38. Hey it's Tomate! In France! Wow she gets around... :)

  39. Petrea, My X gave me a B&W photo of a drive-in dinner in Hollywood (1950's). There is a large sign on the dinner in Art Deco style "SIMON'S". He saw in the San Francisco Bay Guardian an article in the Urban section, "There's a signpost up ahead: It's super, man, that LOIS LN is the Best New Street Name. There is a B&W photo of a street sign "LOIS LN" under it there is a sign of an arrow "ONE WAY". I still have that page from the newspaper. My name is French, Lois is a derivative of Louis; and Simon goes back to a Duke from Lorraine, 1115 A.D. (My father was a Duke, family from Lorraine.) I have the family crest. Anyway, I better not change my name -- my father would probably roll-over in his grave.

  40. Hey Tomate, I thought you might be interested in some tomato tidbits from history...

    Tomato history

    French botanist Tournefort provided the Latin botanical name, Lycopersicon esculentum, to the tomato. It translates to "wolfpeach" -- peach because it was round and luscious and wolf because it was erroneously considered poisonous.

    The English word tomato comes from the Spanish tomatl, first appearing in print in 1595. A member of the deadly nightshade family, tomatoes were erroneously thought to be poisonous by Europeans who were suspicious of their bright, shiny fruit.

    In 1519, Cortez discovered tomatoes growing in Montezuma's gardens and brought seeds back to Europe where they were planted as ornamental curiosities, but not eaten.

    Most likely the first variety to reach Europe was yellow in color, since in Spain and Italy they were known as pomi d'oro, meaning yellow apples. Italy was the first to embrace and cultivate the tomato outside South America.

    But my favourite...

    The French referred to the tomato as pommes d'amour, or love apples, as they thought them to have stimulating aphrodisiacal properties.

  41. LOL Michael!!! Aphrodisiac properties?!! Oh, I don't know about that ;) but they do taste really good!!

    I know of a place in San Francisco called the Slanted Door, at the Ferry Building, where they serve tomatoes for desert. Once you get over the surprising taste at first, it really grows on you. I'm getting an appetite for it right now, just thinking about it! ;)

    Thanks for the tribute and the poetry and all, Michael. You, too, have been hanging around here since the beginning almost, no? ;)

  42. Ohh how fantastic it makes me feel to read everyone's posts - they're so, so wonderful.My work life puts a ton of negative impact on me and I realized today that even when the warmth volume knob at PDP isn't turned up to 11, like it is today, the spontaneous shows of caring, warmth and compassion are a daily antidote to all that.

    Eric, what you started and spend so much energy to keep going is a gift that goes 'round the world! And everyone else, for me your posts have an effect that I'm none of you even intend. Merci, merci, merci.

    No wonder I'm hooked on checking in a couple times a day! So, may the Flying Spaghetti Monster or whoever else you'd like to be blessed by send back double the good stuff I'm feeling to each of you right now.

  43. Cool word history Michael - that explains Spaghetti Pomidoro! Now, I'm off to the kitchen to come up with a recipe for Spaghetti Pommed'amour-o.

  44. How is the wild dessert served, Tomate? My grandmother had a recipe for tomato soup cake, which sounds really awful, but was really good! I never got the recipe, so I can't pass it on.

  45. From Cali: Thank you very much for alerting me about this post. I’m honored (and a little
    embarrassed to tell the truth) that people would mention my name on such a famous blog! :)

    GrammaAnn: You know, I’m starting to get that certain junk mail about “putting my affairs in
    order for my family” and other stuff like that, even got one mailing from AARP not long ago, so
    I’m getting there ;)

    Eiffel Tower Suzy: To be punctuated like the E.T. is quite an honor, indeed. I don’t know what to say!!! Good luck with your garage sale. I’m having one in a couple of weeks, too so I know
    what you’re going through, but having a little bit of money in your pocket instead of a pile of
    stuff you don’t use anymore is kind of a good feeling, at least that’s what I’m telling myself ;)

    Jeff: The pleasure was all mine. I remember that first PDP picnic very well, too! A lot of nice folks showed up and we didn’t want the evening to end... I’m sorry I couldn’t meet you when
    you came to San Francisco, I was really under the weather that week-end and came down with a
    cold a couple of days later, so actually it was a good thing you didn’t meet me that day! Maybe
    another time.

    Tall Gary: You’re making me blush but thank you!

    Alexa: in all honesty, I think I came a couple of months later but I went back through Eric’s
    archives the first chance I got so that could be why you saw comments dating back that far.


  46. Eliane: Merci pour le sourire, c’était un peu mon intention ;) Je jouais avec Blogger un soir, et je me suis dit, tiens un blog, pourquoi pas. Mais comment trouver un nom qui me ressemble un peu mais qui soit aussi à la fois original, sympa, pas pretentieux, un peu drôle? Amelie Poulain était
    déja pris, et j’étais la assise à la table de la cuisine avec mon ordi... pour dire la vérité, j’avais un peu faim aussi et d’un seul coup j’ai pensé aux tomates farcies que faisaient ma mère quand
    j’étais gosse, alors ça a fait tilt et Tomate Farcie est née! ;)

    Monica: I’m sorry I missed you when you were in Paris. It would have been fun to meet you!

    Louis La Vache: I remember our first meeting, too! Be sure to tell Mrs. LaVache that it was
    really your computer I was looking at and flirting with ;) [the sad truth is, it really is true!] You
    too have an impressive blog about French culture, history, and recipes. Let us know when you
    re-open it.


  47. Lily Hydrangea: You’re right, that IS the way Eric is. I know we sound like a bunch of groupies,
    but he really is a nice guy and it DOES come across online.

    Lois Simon: I don’t always have time to comment or participate in discussions but I’m here ;)

    Tonton Flaneur: Well, I can’t possibly kill you because I never get to see you in person anymore,
    and I hear that Tony Soprano is retired so I guess you’r safe for now ;)

    Petrea: I’m not mistaken, you too are famous, right? (Didn’t I see you in a TV commercial
    before ?) ;)

    (I am getting signals that it is time to get off the computer. I should go. OK, I have to hurry

    PHX and Coltrane. You guys are too much!!

    From Cali: Oh, yes, that is always a possibility!!

    BuzzG. You know me better ;)

    Michael: yes, we just missed each other! I love you too, buddy! ;)

    Kim in Seattle and her wonderful blog, Guile (which I know I am going to meet at some point ;),
    Lynn, Parisian Heart, Soosha... Thanks guys.

    Hope I didn’t miss anyone in my thank you comments. I’m trying to hurry. Again, thanks to all
    for this virtual surprise party! It really felt pretty good!

  48. Carrie, that really was a great comment you left. I know exactly what you mean about the work life's negative impact. And then, you click on someone's blog and there you have it, a beautiful picture, a kind word, a wink. Thank God (or someone) for the Internet! I don't know the recipe for the desert, but it's something like little sweet cherry tomatoes with sour cream that isn't exactly sour and some kind of icecream that isn't icecream. If I tried to describe it, it might sound disgusting but it really is delicious. Sorry, I can't really say what's in it, I don't know... but it does taste good!

  49. by the way... I want to thank the Academy...

  50. By the way, "Louis" wants to be certain that everyone understands that Tomate Farcie is a lady, but NOT a Madame....

  51. I've had stuffed tomatoes before, as well as several trips to Paris. A wonderful city. I'll be returning to get my taste of continental cuisine.

  52. Hahaha, Louis! The way the economy is going, who knows ;)