Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bonne année !

I know I'm a little early, but since the 1st of the month is always a theme day within the City Daily Photo blogger community (and namely, on January 1st, it's the "best photo of the year"), I thought of wishing you a happy new year now! Let's leave behind us the crisis, the Israelo-Palestinian conflict revival and the terrorist attacks in India and step into 2009 (in French 9 - neuf - means nine but also new...). Wishful thinking, me?! Come on...


  1. Happy New Year to you too Eric! Wonderful festive photo to ring in the new year!

  2. Happy New Year Eric!! I hope you have a grrrreat night.and I like this photo like Katie said before,It's very festive.
    oh what cafe or place is this written on?

  3. *Suzy bounces in, throwing confetti over Golden-Fingered Katie*

    Happy New Year!

    Eric, I'm with you on stepping into something "new" next year. I'm going to start tonight, partying like it's January 20th, 2009!

  4. Well we must be optimistic eh, Eric? Bonne annee to you too! Best photo huh? I haven't signed up, yet again, that's all way above my head but I shall participate. I presume you mean the best photo that I took in my opinion? That right?
    Hey hey GF Katie!

  5. Eric is it tradition to try and be on Pont Neuf at midnight to ring in the new year?

    Suzy we really must get together in 2009! Champagne at Harry Denton's Starlight Room perhaps?

  6. Happy New Year/Bonne Annee to everybody!!!

  7. Sounds good, Katie; I've always wanted to attend a Sunday brunch show!

    Lynn, you have terrific photos - pick any one!

  8. Suzy sounds like a plan! And Lynn I agree with Suzy that you have so many terrific photos to chose from for the theme. Granted I'm partial to the cute men of Cheltenham and surrounding areas ;-)

  9. Thanks Suzy! he he Katie you liked those man pics didn't you! lol.

  10. Hey Eric, bonne annee to you too! Hadn't thought of the French 9 "neuf" also meaning "new." I like it. Many of us Americans are looking forward to a "new" president/administration, and we have some hope for a better new year. Hopefully, we'll see more peace around the globe in the new year too. Cheers!
    BTW...congrats Katie!

  11. Thanks, Eric, for all the wonderful photos and the interesting people and events you have brought into our lives from your beautiful city. There are lots of things to look forward to in 2009 and certainly not the least of them is PDP. Bonne Annee to you, Eric, and all the PDPers.

  12. Bonne Année a toi aussi!!!!!!!
    Let's hope this "9" in the 2009 will make all the difference for the coming year.

    I wish you all a wonderful time throughout the year, hopefully there will be many blessings to come!

    And Eric, bonne chance chosing the best picture of the uear, we know that's a tough one...


  13. Yes, Gaza and Zimbabwe are miserable, wrenching, and frustrating situations. Let us pray for peace in the new year.

  14. Bonne Année, everyone!

    Eric, thank you for PDP, for this community, and for the City Daily Photo Blog phenomenon. Pasadena Daily Photo (PDP junior) celebrates its one year anniversary on New Year's Day! I am constantly inspired by you and all the wonderful people here at Paris Daily Photo.

    Peace on Earth.

  15. Eric and Company, 'Bonne Année!
    May there be peace in our world in this year to come.
    Eric, I send a merci beaucoup for this wonderful community of bloggers. What fun ir has been and what grand friends I have made this year.

  16. Yes, I, too, hope 2009 will bring peace and better things for all.
    Happy New Year to Eric and all you fascinating PDP folks!

  17. I vote for both 'la grande roue', and the sunrise behind Notre Dame as best photos. There are, of course, many other great choices.

    Je vous souhaite une très belle année 2009, quelle soit remplie d'amour et de joie.

  18. Bonne Annee a toi aussi, Eric! I'm headed for the country, where it's lovely and peaceful and probably Internet-less. I too hope that 2009 brings peace and prosperity.
    I will say one good thing about 2008: It's the year I discovered PDP and met all of you lovely people!
    Happy New Year, everyone --

  19. a toi aussi, merci bien pour toute l'inspiration dans toute l'année!

  20. Happy New Year to you too Eric and to everyone who loves PDP...

  21. Yes, because God forbid you'd miss a theme day or even take a day off from the blog uh, Eric? ;)

    You know, if this keeps up in the new year, I am gonna have to report you to the Labor Department! You haven't stopped working on that blog a single day since you started it in 2005, right? I'm sure there is a law against that ;)

  22. Petrea, UsElaine, et al... the Pride & Prejudice conversation continues on yesterday's comments! Swoon...

  23. Bonne Annee a toi aussi, and a Happy New Year to everyone!


  24. une bonne année 2009, en espérant une belle année avec plein de paix.
    Bonne continuité

  25. Happy new year everyone!! We hope everyone had a great 2008 and happy and healthy 2009!!

  26. Agreed! A healthy and happy new year to all.


  27. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, and safe 2009!

  28. Happy New Year to you Eric - a super happy shot. Let's hope it's a better one than last for this sad ol' world.

  29. Eric : at the end of this year I’ve spent intensively for many reasons, I have to make you a confidence.
    I have ‘grown up’ thanks to you during the whole year 2008, more than you can ever believe and I still have a lot to learn !
    I just want to deeply thank you for that and trust you to go on ;)

    Je te souhaite une très belle année 2009 remplie d’amour pour les tiens et pour toi car nous en avons tous besoin ! « L’amour est ce qui accomplit pleinement en nous la qualité poétique de la vie. » E. Morin

    Happy new year all!!!

  30. Happy New Year, Eric! While I seldom comment here, I visit every day as I have for several years -- your site is one of my favourite little treats -- thank you for giving us all our daily dose of Paris!

  31. Happy New Year everyone! May it be a year filled with laughter, puns, and more super photos!

  32. Bonne annee, Eric. C'est grace a vous que j'ai decouvert PDP alors que je cherchais quelque chose pour une amie qui venait a Paris pour la premiere fois. Grace a vous aussi que j'ai decide de faire mon propre blog sur Belgrade. Je vous souhaite une Nouvelle Annee Prospere.

  33. Hi Eric
    Bonne année to you and everyone involved with City Daily Photo. I agree with Petrea and I look forward to what each new day brings on the various City Daily Photo blogs I follow.

  34. Bonne Année, Eric!! More beautiful photos of Paris in 2009! And woohoo! I plan to fly to Paris in early January to enjoy the freezing cold!


  35. Bonne Année 2009, Eric!! Thank you for your New Year wishes and for your blog. It has led me to other wonderful bloggers and now I am celebrating in Paris and meeting some of them and I owe it all to you.

  36. ...and more verse, Michael!

    Tis New Years Eve
    And all through the night
    Though Eric was sleeping
    And try as he might
    He couldn't resist
    Just could not desist
    From travelling out in the dark!
    His camera took him to the park!
    A snap here, a shot there
    Though frozen to bone he'd not a care
    Whatever his schedule he'd just get there
    For this is our man
    The one who can
    Bring a smile to the globe
    With a touch of Adobe
    We all often say
    In such a fond way
    His photos delight
    By night or by day!

  37. Im going out, i wont be here at 12 so I wish u now a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! To you all, a smashing 2009.
    Thanks for being such nice people.

  38. Happy New Year Eric & PDP!!
    Peace & Blessings to All!!

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