Thursday, February 05, 2009

Cello or Guitar?

OK, providing the number of comments in yesterday's post, I understand you like food! But will you be as talkative in a music post? I know it's much less graphic than little chocolate pots on a tray, but I don't know why I always like these little bright posters that classical music bands stick to the walls of Paris. These two concerts have already taken place in St-Ephrem, a Church located in the 5th arrondissement. BTW, coming back to food... And before I put an official "sticker" on PDP, I can already tell you that the 2009 PDP picnic will take place on May 13!


  1. Les Suites pour violoncelle de Bach! But it was on Jan,26th ;-( Yoiur post is too late, Eric. I'd have loved to attend this concert!

  2. Very pretty colors! I like the way they stand out in the night.

    May 13? I shall have to attend by proxy once again. :(

  3. It's in my diary. I'll do my best too. :)
    Lovely colours, Eric.

    You asked which of the two. Guitar for me. I can play a little; acoustic guitar. I had a few lessons but learned some too from a young ex-boyfriend musician (ooh 2o years younger than me, we were together 5 years oh gosh how I'm sharing tonight) a few years ago. Well. Let's rephrase. I know the chords, I can pick and I can strum. I can play about one tune reasonably well. LOL. It's Romance, I believe composed in 12th century. I can play a bit more, but...I stumble. lol. I am proud to say, though, that I taught two of my sons to play. They are both now very good (quickly overtook me) and have both played in bands, winning prizes. Yay! Erm... talkative enough? ;)

  4. My ex bought me a truly beautiful guitar, beautiful glossy black with mother-of-pearl inlaid...sigh...
    I practise sometimes but not enough.

  5. Congradulations, Thib on GF! Sorry you can't attend the picnic, ET Suzy, but your presence will be felt, and we will be sure to mention you.

    I am a poster stealer. When I see one I like, I carefully peel it away from the wall. It is usually scotch taped. It makes a great souvenir.

  6. Maybe we won't be as talkative on this subject Eric, but we'll probably be more talkative anyway because of that little innocent sentence: "PDP pic nic will take place on May 13"!
    It's booked for me for 2 months now! Can't wait.

    I personally like the graphics of the picture. Bright colours on a dark background. These posters always capture my eyes in the street. Especially the American Gospel's ones (yes, we have Gospel here too!). And since my favorite Bach works are the Violin Sonatas (not a joke), I would have loved to hear that...

  7. I play a little piano too and can read music. My, but I'm sharing tonight! Oh well it's been a tough day...I'm entitled. :)

  8. PHX, I love your poster stealer story. It's so you, in love with the streets and every single thing you can find there. I love that.
    One question, but I guess I know the answer: Are you flying to CDG on May 12 or 13?!

    Oh, yes, GF Thib!

  9. Hey, Thib GF well done!
    ...and the recorder...oh and a tiny bit of drums. LOL. Your turns!....?

  10. Very colorful posters (not as yummy looking as the food though). I've never been to Eglise St-Ephrem; I'll add that to my list of places to go(especially if they have concerts). Most likely I can't make it to the PDP picnic (sob!)

    Thib did you get GF using your Blackberry? If so, I think double points should be awarded.

    And Lynn you sure are the Chatty Cathy tonight!

  11. Thanks PHX - I'll find a good way to be there in spirit. Anyone willing to wear an ET Suzy mask on May 13?

  12. I bet the Chatty Cathy reference is lost on UKLynn, like super glue was; and her digestive biscuits and jelly reference were lost on some in the US.
    BTW UKLynn, I told my husband that my c's and s's are mixed up when I spell now because of LHR, and used your example "practise" from above.

    Guille:I bribed someone last year who had a CDG layover, with my Zurich trip so I could make the picnic. 2009 glasses are bought....I will be there hook or crook!
    You are correct on my CDG enthusiasm. Like everyone else on here, Paris makes me.....happy.

  13. Eric -- it's a wonderful, colorful, evocative photo. (They can't all be food, after all!)
    Oh, how I wish I could be there for the pique-nique!
    Not only could I meet even more of you, but I'd have a place to wear an ET Suzy mask and my glittering GF of the Year crown.
    Speaking of which . . . congrats, Thib!

  14. lol Phx but what's LHR? I have several ways to remember these words. Practise and practice: C for company. Stationery and stationary: E for letter, A for car. Comes from teaching English as a foreign language lol.
    You're right, Phx, I don't know who Chatty Cathy is! Yes, though, Katie, I am she, I guess. My mother had her hip replacement today and all day I've been on edge, until tonight, when I find she is through the op ok. Huge relief! I'm very close to her. Hence the verbal diarrhoea. Apologies!

  15. Finally off to bed now, night night, thanks for putting up with me! lol. Can't wait, actually - I'm promised 8 inches. LOL oh dear Guille I said it on here. Night All xx !

  16. Yo Yo Eric! Cello and classical guitar concerts in Paris! That is indeed suite to the ears.;-)

    Congrats Thib! Nice to see you wearing the GF crown. it's snowing a lot in London town? ;-)

  17. Lynn, Chatty Cathy was a doll that was big in the 1960s who talked. Don't worry, that phrase is also lost on most people under the age of 40. Glad to hear your mom's surgery went well. Whew! Now you can go to bed and dream of 8 inches . . . of snow!

  18. Ah, Lynn, I'm sorry you've had a tough day, but 8 inches ought to relax you.

    Snow! Of course she's talking snow, isn't she? I'm glad your mum's okay.

    It's a colorful shot, Eric, and nice to see what was going on in Paris last week! (Sorry you missed it Guille.) One Pasadena church has free weekly concerts during the lunch hour. I have yet to check it out. I should do so and report back.

    I've marked my calendar for May 13th. I can't imagine how I'll join you all, but stranger things have happened. I would love it! If I don't make it physically I'll certainly be there virtually. Watching last year's picnic video made me cry just from wishing to be there.

  19. Lovely vibrant contrasts, Eric!

    I don't know if I can pop on over from Australia to Paris in May but I'll be wishing I was there for sure!

    Guille, I love Bach's Violin Sonatas and Partitas. I often listen to an Arthur Grumiaux recording of them. A little melancholy at times but pure beauty.

    Lynn, maybe you can put a photo of your gorgeous guitar on CDP? No snow or food decorations on it, though! I'm very happy to hear you mum's ok.

  20. I love the bright colors of this photo, Eric. One of my favorite memories of London is a concert at St. Martin in the Fields. They played The Four Seasons by Vivaldi and some Bach as well. I'm sure if, no, when I go to Paris I will have to find a great concert to remember for years to come. The thing I remember most about that concert is my husband being so excited. He was really into Vivaldi that year and seeing and hearing it live was a great experience for him.

    As for me, I like to dance around to music, but I'm rather musically ignorant. I took piano lessons as a child, but memorized everything and can only play about 3 songs now. I tried to take violin when my daughter was small, but she wailed so much every time I practiced, that I had to give it up. She would even wail in her sleep! (I didn't think I was that bad, either!!)

  21. Oh, how I wish I could make the picnic again this year. But alas, luck is not in my favor this time as I do not happen to have a trip to Paris already scheduled as I did last year. And sadly I don't think I'll be making it back for a while since I have entered the working world...

  22. Now if that were a chocolate cello...

  23. Love the colorful posters -- both would have been marvelous to attend, but I think I'd choose the guitar concert.

  24. Ecouter de la musique classique dans un beau lieu. C'est une image encore plus délicieuse, gourmande qu'un carré de chocolat ou une cuiller de crème de marron pour moi, alors c'est dire! Et puis cela doit être assez exaltant si on est bien accompagné mais là je divague, oh la la :)
    J'adore l'idée néanmoins d'un moment de ressourcement, ... ambiance, ... vibrato, ... détente ... Je ferme les yeux, j'y suis!!! ...
    Allez, je vais revenir sur terre et travailler, eh! ;)

  25. Thanks for the double points, Katie, but no, I was not with my BB, but with my laptop, and a "real" keyboard! So much easier ;-)
    I think I'll add a few notes and cello trills on the crown... The cello itself would be too big...

  26. Shell - Here’s my guitar!

    Katie, so that's a doll I missed out on. I'd have loved that. So the real reason I don't know her is that I'm too young! (pah!) even better.
    Petrea et al, thank you so much for the Mum wishes. Hospital says she had a good night. Phew again.
    Coltrane, no more snow in London. This time I got it! Yay! (I'm in the Midlands). All the laughter we had the other day at England grinding to a halt. Well; the latest is that, in our area, we have run out of salt for the roads. Yep. Ran out. So - all the schools are closed.
    Though I waited with bated breath, I didn't receive my eight inches. Though the 4 inches I got has served very well. ;)

  27. It's snowing again, heavily! I'm going to lay back and wait for the eight. lol.

    Is it snowing with you too Eric? Do tell!

  28. Lynn, no snow anymore in Paris.
    We had a few flakes yesterday afternoon, but nothing serious.
    Enjoy the eight ;-)

  29. {Lynn, thank you! Your Ibanez is a beauty. And that's a very funky strap!}

  30. Pleasure, Shell. I do adore the strap. Very hippy,

    Thanks Thib, I am doing ... all day long! Have you got my guitar hanging from your crown? Feel free. :)

  31. Lynn, your guitar is really beautiful!
    Maybe the Crown will turn into an band stage : Bach at the Cello, Lynn at the guitar, I could take my old clarinet back from its case, and with a bit of luck, Coltrane will honour us with his drums...
    Could be fun ;-)

  32. Ah, don't tempt me, Paris in May.

    I came across this site and thought I would show it to all of you in case you are traveling to Paris in May for the picnic.

    I thought the "Belleville Artists’ Ateliers Open Day" sounded interesting. "From 16 to 19 May 2008, During 4 days, 250 artists open their artistic world to the public, in 130 sites all over the 20th, 19th, 10th and 11th arrondissements of Paris. The theme of the 19th edition of this event will be temptation. There will be balls, street theatre and installations during those 4 days."

    It sounds like "San Francisco Open Studios".

  33. I, too, like these posters and, yes, I've pulled a couple for souvenirs. They just 'pop' as you walk by them on a wall. I am not knowledgeable about classical music, but I always stop and listen when I hear Mozart.