Monday, March 11, 2013

Living poet society

What are these people dressed in black are doing with their umbrella in the sun?! A bit surreal isn't it? Surreal  maybe, but before all poetic, as... they are precisely taking part in the 15th Printemps des poètes (poets' spring), an event that has been taking place in France for 15 years now and during which all French poets (foreigners are welcome too I suppose) are invited to celebrate poetry and recite a few verses altogether. I came across this group by pure chance in front of the Beaubourg center, where they currently have en exhibition about Dali (as you can see in the background), another poet!  


  1. Such a gathering of poets seems to make Dali freak out !

    Like the angle you used for this one. You adapt quite a bit to the scenes you picture, which is great.

  2. They look a little sinister, all dressed in black with those matching oversize umbrellas, almost as though they're saying "Don't mess with us - we're poets."
    All in all, yes, a slightly surreal photo. Who better to observe it than the master of surrealism himself.
    Flying cats anybody?

  3. At first look I thought it might be a funeral related photo. The angle of the picture makes the poets legs look very long.

    You do seem to find an interesting gathering of people.

  4. Springtime for the Poetry Gestapo.

    Poetry Police in black
    ready to attack
    the un-versed masses
    anyone who passes
    avoids their stare
    and hurries on to where
    they may read without care
    a text without rhyme
    an un-scanned line.
    Oh to be able
    to talk not in riddles,
    to write not in sonnets
    -what rhymes with sonnets?
    bonnets? phonics? onyx?

    It's no use, I've had enough
    I give up, it's too tough.
    Let them come
    break down my door
    drag me away
    I can't take any more.

    Bad Poet
    aka Drummond.

  5. I like their look! Here in the States, we have Poem in Your Pocket Day (this year it's April 18), but I'm the only person I know who carries a favorite poem on that day. :~} Last year it was Ballade des Dames du Temps Jadis, which you probably know by heart, Eric. (BTW, have we ever talked about Dali?)

  6. Oh to be able,
    To read prose or sonnets.
    On sofa or table,
    But not on 'lectronics!

  7. Yeah, wow. The appearance just changed since a couple hours ago.

  8. Great scene you captured! Reminds me of a Magritte painting.

  9. What a great Tenin perspective! I really like this one, and Dali even looks surprised. :)