Monday, April 14, 2014

First color run in Paris

The color run seems to be a pretty well known race throughout the world, but, believe it or not, I had never heard of it. Main reason: it had never taken place in Paris before yesterday! It's a dream event to take cool photos of course... so I did not resist. In the end I selected this one that sums up the event pretty well ;-) Given the amazing number of runners with GoPro cameras, I bet today you can find a zillion video clips of this race on the Net ;-) 


  1. I have seen this done in a couple of other photoblogs, so I was familiar with the idea, though we don't have it here either. Excellent capture!

  2. I was hoping for a selfie in a scene like this.

    1. LOOOOOOOL! I could have actually, I was really green after I took all my shots (and it was NOT with envy!)

  3. I did not know this kind of race before ! And I really laughed after reading the two previous comments !! A selfie could be fun... even not in green ...
    I tried to do one yesterday (in another circumstances) but I had to give up as quickly as I have seen my face appearing on the screen of my phone... just scary... LOL! May be in black & white it would go better... It is often the case... ! But I love your green photo, anyway !!!

  4. You don't hesitate to get down in the trenches (so to speak) for us! Much appreciated, mon ami—and I would have loved to see a green selfie of you. :~}