Saturday, June 30, 2007

Paris Gay Pride

Today is June 30 and like last year and the year before about 500 000 "gay priders" are going to march from Montparnasse to Bastille between 1:30 pm and 6 pm. This year I won't be able to attend and take tons of photos, since I only return to Paris on Monday. That is why, I decided to cheat and show you a photo I took last Sunday during the San Francisco Gay Pride. Let's face it, apart from some very graphical scenes (I'm talking VERY graphical!) that you would never see here, the SF march is not very different from the one in Paris.
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Friday, June 29, 2007

Freemason Museum

Here is a bit of a Masonic Museum located in the 9th arrondissement (16 rue Cadet). It is also the home of "Le Grand Orient de France", one of the main Lodges in European freemasonry and also the most liberal and progressive one. In this museum you can see all of the ritual symbols that masons use during their meetings. The building is quite ugly (very 70ish) but the museum is interesting, at least for those who want to learn more about this organisation.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


"Mon manege a moi c'est toi" (you are my merry-go-round) is a famous line from a song by Edith Piaf and I could not help thinking of it when I took this photo on Montmartre, near the Basilic du Sacre Coeur. When I look at this, with the typical Paris building in the background, I start missing my favorite town now, even though I'm told the weather is terribly cold down there at the moment...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Here is a little quiz for today... What building do these columns belong to? A theater? A train station? A church? Hint: I did take this photo in Paris, not in Athens LOL!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Paris Metro Web!

107 years after its official inauguration (1900 on the occasion of the Exposition Universelle) the Paris Metro never stops growing... I just discovered today that they are about to open a new metro station in the 13th arrondissement on Line 14 (the latest one, also the only one to be fully automated). This new station is called Olympiades and it will certainly improve the daily life of the large population that lives in this area (wich includes part of the Chinese quarter). More - in French - here.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Paris Daily Photo in San Francisco (part deux!)

You know I very very rarely post a photo that was not taken in Paris, but today, on this special occasion, I had to break the rule. So here it is... These are the wonderful people I got to spend the evening with, last night in San Francisco. Two are actually missing (Larry, where on earth was he?!) and Clo, who arrived a little later) and I let the others introduce themselves in the comments. I really enjoyed myself and I do mean it. Once again a big thank you to BuzzGirl (slightly hidden in the back LOL) for arranging the restaurant and to everyone for showing up.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

D-Day! Paris Daily Photo in San Francisco

Today is a great day for me. It's Sunday and at 5 pm I'll be meeting all San Francisco PDP lovers who can make it to the little gathering organized by Buzzgirl at Cha Cha Cha in the Mission (2327 Mission St., between 19th and 20th streets). I'll try not to be late (providing I can park!) and to bring little surprises... Needless to say that I will also post photos the next day. (Sorry for those of you who are not in SF nor the Bay area. I promise everything will go back to normal on Tuesday!) .

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Treasure hunting in Paris

One of the favorite activities of some groups in Paris are treasure hunts. They are organized by various associations or even specialized agencies and they take place in the most typical places of Paris (where hidden clues can be found!) I took this photo in the Passage Jouffroy - where the Musee Grevin (wax museum) is - and I noticed right away, from the way they were dressed and from their attitude that these ladies were treasure hunting...
PS: last call for tomorrow PDP meeting in San Francisco. All details here.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Fete de la musique

Like every year - for the 26th time! - Paris celebrated "La fete de la musique" yesterday. The weather was good, there were bands everywhere - and everyone was in the mood to party. Well, so I'm told because, for once, I did not take this photo myself but a colleague of mine (Nicolas) did. One thing I can tell you, there was no music festival in the streets of Palo Alto last night!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jogging in Les Tuileries gardens

If you're looking for a nice place to run or to take your children to while you're in paris (they have cool things for kids, like this sail boat rental that I used to love when my parents would take me there!). The fascinating thing about these gardens is that they have been the 1st public gardens in Paris, ever! It was Louis the XIVth, after he commited famous gardner André Le Notre to design them, who decided that Parisians would be granted to right to walk through them every year on June 24. Imagine!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In the Paris Metro

Not much to say on today's photo, nothing to learn! I took it with my new camera, just to try it on my way home from work and I just love it. The blurry part, the metro arriving in the background, the colors...
PS : for those of you who want to know more about the PDP meeting in San Francisco, please visit this post in the forum. A big round of applause for BuzzGirl who organized everything. See you all on Sunday.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Want to ride my bicycle?

OK, OK, my bicycle does not look too good... I'm going to have to buy a new model, or... take advantage of a brand new service they are currently installing in Paris. It's called Velib and it allows you to "borrow" a bicycle at one station, drive it for 1/2 hour and give it back at any other station of your choice (eventually there should be a station every 300 meters (1 000 feet). All this is free as long as you pay a yearly fee of 29 euros. You only pay extra costs if you use the bicycle for more than 1/2 hour. Isn't great? All the info is here (but in French only...)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Through Le Pont de La Concorde

How about a little view on the Seine? I took this one from La Concorde Bridge (the one that goes from the Place de La Concorde (where they used to chop the head off aristocrats during the French revolution) and the left bank. Actually at the time of the French Revolution (1789) this bridge did not exist yet, you had to take a boat to cross the Seine. The "funny" thing is that originally this bridge was meant to be called Pont Louis XVI (after the name of the king that was beheaded)...

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Those who live in Paris are pretty familiar with this little silhouetto of Miss Tic, an artist (a poet really) who is now famous for, precisely, exposing her little self portraits on thousands of locations in Paris. This one is actually a poster but most of them are stencils ("Pochoirs" in French) that she paints directly upon the walls. She published several books, has a line of Lingerie and even featured in a ad campaign (more on her website). I once asked her agent to photograph her but she politely declined...

PS: I'm currently in the Bay area at the moment, if you're in the neighbourhood and want to attend a little PDP meeting on Sunday June 24, please check this post.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

More street marketing...

Do you remember this photo with this very unusual advertisement for Ray Ban? Well it seems that Sony had a similar idea... To promote a new product they scattered "cling rites" - that is what these little "figurines" are called - throughout Paris (I shot this one at Bastille; you can see the column in the back). Of course some of these cling rites are winners and if you discover the right ones you can win a prize. Pretty clever but it just sucks they did not disclose the product yet, as they promised they would on June 15 on their official site!

Friday, June 15, 2007

White Dinner party

Every year around mid June, a big open air white dinner party is organized somewhere in Paris. The funny part of it is that its location is kept secret until the very end. Participants are asked to go to a certain spot and wait. 15 minutes before the actual start they get an SMS or a phone call that tells them where to gather. As a sheer coincidence (ehem!), I happened to be passing by... This year it was around the Arc de Triumph on the place de l'Etoile - and it was quite impressive as you can see from these photos I took from the top of the Arch.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Concert in La Madeleine Church

I surely have better things to do than attending a concert 2 days before leaving home for 2 weeks, but... I could not resist going to La Madeleine Church last night (Wednesday) after I saw, on an ad, that they would perform Mahler's Lied von den Erd and Gabriel Fauré's Requiem. The acoustics in La Madeleine is really bad but I did not regret attending this concert, first because I did enjoy the performance very much and second because they played for a charity (Espoirs sans frontières - Hopes without borders). BTW, I arrived a little early while there were still rehearsing as you can see on these photos.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sculpture or real legs?

I took this photo on the Boulevard Haussmann near the Galeries Lafayette. In your opinion, is that a modern sculpture or do these legs belong to someone? Answer in 18 hours...
NB: If you're in the Bay area and want to join me for a PDP meeting on Sunday June 24, please check this post.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Welcome to Hotel California

We're so lucky here. Not only do we have THE real Paris Hilton (have you seen that by the way?) but we also have a hotel California! It's not on a dark desert highway, but right in the middle of the 8th arrondissement (16 rue de Berri) but don't ask me if it's heaven or hell nor of they serve pink Champagne on ice, I don't know! The reason why I'm showing you this hotel today is that in in 3 days I'm on my way to... California (Silicon Valley, more precisely). If you're in the area and want to participate in a little PDP gathering on Sunday 24, well let me know in the forum right here. Hope to see you soon.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Voting again...

Today we just had new elections (yes, again!). We elected our representatives at the parliament (called L'Assemblée Nationale in French - see the photo). There are 577 Députés and they are attached to a region. Their role is two fold: "govern" their region and pass laws (or bills, I don't know the difference exactly). As expected Nicolas Sarkozy's party (UMP) won most of the seats and the abstention rate was really high. Although there will be a second round next week the socialist party won't have many Députés. I guess no one wanted to vote for these people...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Adriana Karembeu in Paris!

This photo will probably ring a bell to those of you who have been visiting PDP for more than a year, but I could not resist taking another one today. As you may know, top model Adriana Karembeu is the "ambassador" for the French Red Cross in France and every year she appears in an ad campaign to boost gifts during the annual money collection weekend (which is this weekend.) The principle of this campaign is that, since Adriana cannot be everywhere this weekend, all money collectors should replace her! Obviously some of them take their part very seriously!! Visit the 2007 website (French).

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Street Performance

No, this young lady is not - totally - crazy! She's just part of a street performance that I attended at Metro Edgard Quinet (14th arrondissement) today. The principle is simple: each of these artists pretends to be a "normal" passer by until they start acting weird (see here someone fishing in a metro entrance or kissing the sidewalk!)... Needless to say that the audience - well the actual normal passers by - is quite puzzled. If you're interested, they have a web site (in French).
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Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris street sign

It's been a while since I've shown you a typical Paris street sign. Here is the one of Rue des Dames (this street used to lead to L'Abbaye des Dames - the women Abbey - which was located up in Montmartre not far from where I took this photo). Before 1728 there were no street signs (or very rarely) but it became compulsory for the owners of the first and the last house of each street to engrave its name on the walls. In 1806 Napoleon passed a law demanding the names should no longer be engraved but painted and in 1847 the authorities turned to enamel...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

What's this guy doing in MY photo?!

This is a view of the Cour Marly in the Louvre Museum where they are currently shooting part II of the Da Vinci Code... Noooooo I'm kidding. This boom operator (a perchman in French!) is actually a sculpture by Luciano Fabro, Jacques Vielle and Elisabeth Ballet and he is part of a wider exhibition called Contrepoint (counterpoint) organized for the 3rd year by Le Louvre. On this occasion contemporary artists are asked to mix their work with the more "classical" collections of the museum... More on the Louvre's site.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Controversy over Princess Diana's death.

Tonight (Wednesday) Channel 4, a UK Channel, will show for the the first time in a documentary, photos of Princess Diana dying in the car where she just had an accident. Needless to say that this documentary is highly controversial and that the television channel had to justify its position. This flame - that I already showed a long time ago - is the place in Paris, above the Pont de l'Alma, where people from all over the world come to drop flowers in memory of Princess Diana.
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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The great Paris reef!

I know it's hard to believe but I took this photo right under... the Eiffel Tower! (those who know the place will probably recognize the Champs de Mars and the Ecole Militaire in the background.) All Eiffel Tower visitors can try this temporary swimming pool (it lasts until June 10), it's free and everything (diving suites, tanks and even the photos of fish under the water!) is provided. Pretty clever idea I must say and quite unexpected. Here is a little video, if you want to see more.
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Monday, June 04, 2007

Rowing through Paris

Yesterday (Sunday) something pretty rare happened on the Seine: a rowing race. It was organized by the Chamber of commerce of Paris and the participants were students from Les Grandes Ecoles (mostly Business or Engineers schools). These kind of races rarely happen in Paris because it makes it compulsory to stop all commercial traffic, something thepeople who run Les Bateaux Mouches don't really appreciate ;). I remember being in one of these races about 15 years ago and God was it hard - but really fantastic due to the fantastic scenery. More photos here.
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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Like a bridge under a clear blue sky

After 2 weeks of terrible weather the sun is back and so is the blue sky. I took advantage of both to take a photo of this beautiful sculpture located on the Pont (bridge) d'Iena, right at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower. This bridge was built by Napoleon (well under the reign of!) to celebrate the victory of the Iena battle which took place in Germany (well, Prusse at that time) in 1806. This sculpture was made by Antoine-Augustin Préault a French Sculptor. If you want to see what it looked like in the old days, visit this site.
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Saturday, June 02, 2007

A museum? No, a metro station!

Whenever I ride through this metro station I can't help thinking how lucky I am to live in Paris. For yes, people, this is an actual metro station, not the entrance to the Louvre museum! All sculptures and paintings exhibited on the platforms are not genuine ones of course, but they're copies of genuine artwork from Le Louvre (and it's the only station with no advertising on the walls). Don't forget to visit the real museum though ;)
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Friday, June 01, 2007

June theme day

Today is June 1st and guess what?! It's a City Daily Photo blogger theme day. And the theme is: "A view from my bedroom". So here it is... To be honest I cheated a little because the view from my bedroom is much less interesting than this light reflexion that I can see sometimes from the window next to my bedroom. Anyway, like always 85 city daily photo bloggers are participating today in this theme day, so if you want to see what they all see from their bedroom, just click on any of the links below:
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