Sunday, June 25, 2006

Paris Gay Pride 2006

Like every year now on the last Saturday of June, it's Gay pride day and this year made exception (especially in view of new elections next year the gays are clearly demanding a legal wedding law like in Benelux, Spain, England, Sweden...) I thought this was an excellent opportunity to take good photos... And, you know what? I took no less than 551, and I like almost none of them! This one, is the only one that has something in my opinion. 'Update: 20 additionnal ones here.)


  1. Gay Pride in Washington was June 10. I took a lot of photos too, but not as many as you!

  2. 551 photos? Cool! Will you post a few in the "making of PDP" for us to look at? :)

    Hopefully you had a grand old time photographing the event and hopefully it wasn't too hot in Paris at the time.

    The big celebration is tomorrow for us in San Francisco, although there are events all over the Bay Area both days this WE. In fact, I'm on my way to Pink right now, a big party in the Castro tonight, the Gay quarter of the city.

  3. en corse il y a la Fiadone Pride ça consiste a inviter un max de monde de boire et de manger entre amis de deguster un petit niellucciu ou du vementinu et de finir sur du Fiadone" notre dessert national" et ensuite on prend la guitare et so canta...
    enfin disons que chez nous les bouffeurs de saucisses ca a du mal a passer, a salute...

  4. It looks like I've been luckier. I took more pictures than you (561), and I like some of them. You can browse them here.

  5. It's in NYC today (Sunday) too - I'm going down to meet Brian and Lucy from New York Daily Photo, and Sam from Montchauvet - I'm sure we'll all post pictures soon! But I think we'll avoid the parade!

  6. I intended to take some pictures at the Pride Festival in Atlanta this weekend but it has been rained out today, everyone is staying indoors. And last night the stage collapsed where there were performances going on. No one was hurt but is did stop the show...

  7. Ah Eric, this one's not too bad! A little scary, but a good shot. And Aurele, your collection is quite nice too.

  8. > Passante. Better less but of good quality than a lot of poor interest!

    > Tomate. Yeah, it was fun. Exhausting cause I photographed the whole parade but it's always a fun moment (it may be a political march but it's also a big carnaval and we have no other occasions in Paris)

    > Terra Vecchia. Oui j'imaginais bien que le Corses n'étaient pas du genre gay friendly... Ce n'est pas demain la veille qu'on verra une Gay Pride à Bastia ! Cela dit la Fiadone Pride ça a l'air cool aussi, les drag queens en moins !

    > Aurele. OK, you win! I saw yours, they're nice. In fact I was looking for something more French and honestly all Gay Pride parades are the same throughout the world. That is why I did not know which one to select on my blog.

    > Jenny. Well Brian and Lucy showed the Mermaid Parade... It must me pretty close! So Sam is in NY (what a jet setter!) Say hi to everybody for me - and BTW, I love the Fields of gold (no it's not code for Marijuana, it's the title of Jenny's photo!).

    > Mandie. Yes a festival in the rain is a lot less fun. The stage collapsed??? Gee, is that an anti gay sabotage?!

    > Michael. Believe me, it's not the scariest!!

  9. A Montréal, ca dure plusieurs jours :-)...mais le défilé est beaucoup moins simpa que celui de Paris car on ne peut pas se méler aux chars. Il faut attendre la fin du défilé pour prendre part à la parade !

    Par contre le fait de squatter le centre-ville pendant 6 jours c'est vraiment une belle démonstration de fierté et aussi d'ouverture d'esprit de la part de la communauté montréalaise :-).

    Le défilé ouvre le festival divers-cité le 30 juillet.

    Pis, je les trouve très chouettes les photos :-D.

  10. 551, and you liked none! You're being too hard on yourself probably.

  11. Thanks for putting up additional pictures, Eric, it helps in trying to visualize the event.

    I agree with Luggi, by the way, I'm sure the other 531 pictures were equally awesome!

    We had a good Pride, too, in SF yesterday, and according to one of the local TV channels, up to 1 million people turned up.

  12. I didn't take anywhere near that many when I went, but I got a few. I wasn't brave enough to jump out in front of all the action to get a good shot, though!

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