Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The hidden bridge

I thought that after all these years in Paris I would know all the bridges... Wrong! Yesterday evening, as I was walking by a new monument that I will show you on Thursday, I came across the Passerelle Debilly, a pedestrian bridge located a block away from the Eiffel Tower. Can you think of a more Parisian place to jog?

PS : Last night I also met Rodney from Aliso Viejo, CA, who is currently in Paris for a week. We had a real techie talk over a drink on rue Cler c and he kindly gave me a framed picture of his. really touching.


  1. Anywhere in Paris is a decent jog!


  2. There is something very peaceful about this bridge. It is never crowded and the lack of cars and obstacles is a great relief. Also, I used to use the bridge after leaving the American Cathedral, so maybe I was extra calm then. (my pic of Passerelle Debilly is provided on the name link - above.)

  3. (Debilly link troubles)

    Take Two:

  4. I found these photos of the bridge. I have to share:

  5. et ben je vois que l'on va si mettre prochainement...

  6. Is it a coincidence that the Passerelle Debilly is very near the new Musée du Quai Branly which was designed by the architect Jean Nouvel? Will we be treated to a view of this modern building with the vertical garden?

  7. Have been busy and away from my favorite blog...but I know that bridge!! Also have to compliment you on the wonderful photo of the glasses from 16 juin 2006...lovely. By the way, in response to a comment from a previous post. I haven't been to Paris in the "summer" since 1987; but I was there last November for the entire month during the "riots" didn't think I could stay away for 19 years do you??? ;-) But thanks to PDP I visit Paris every chance I get!! Merci for your devotion to this site and keeping all of us who eagerly anticipate your next "snap" in a state of suspense!!! Bon chance!!! Salut! kpgallant

  8. I'm not sure I ever knew that bridge either when I lived in Paris, but apprently it's been around a while!

    Good find, Eric!

  9. I love finding those types of things right where we live. Sometimes we don't see what is right before our eyes. -Ryan

  10. Eric, where is this exactly? Do you have a more precise location? Do they do art exhibits there like on the pont des arts?

  11. All,

    I just started an Atlanta Daily Photo page and I will be posting the first pic today. Can someone tell me how to get my page listed on Paris Daily Photo. Perhaps # 100?

  12. > ShopatHome. Well, that is debatable... Right where I live, by the Grands Boulevards, it's not that great (too much traffic).

    > Monsieur Cavalier. Yes you're right, it's like an oasis of peace.

    > Luggi. So this bridge is famous after all!

    > Terra Vecchia. Au jogging? Ouais, faut voir...

    > Haxo. You are very right. I changed it. Shame on me!

    > Percy. No it is not really a coincidence! Watch for tomorrow's picture.

    > Kpgallant. Welcome back! I missed you and... your compliments!

    > Rosepomme. Oui, oui je parle français. Plutôt bien même ;) Mais non je suis loin de tout connaître sur Paris, très loin...

    > Tomate. yes it's very old. Monsieur Cavalier has the history on his blog.

    > OC Photo. True, but I could not imagine I would discover a new bridge after 40+ years!

    > Michael. No I don't think they do much art exhibit on this bridge. Look at Google maps to see where it is located.

    > Atlanta. You're too late for #100 but I will send you all the info at your email address. Welcome to the family.

  13. Very cool to see it on the map Eric. Thanks.