Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Protesters with guts!

This happened last week and I was really mad to have missed it. Fortunately Tomate Farcie, who was in Paris that very day, took this photo and sent it to me as soon as she returned to SF. The two guys you can see are Iranian anti nuclear protesters and, to show, their "disagreement" with their government then spent last Tuesday night on top of the Arch of Triumph. Needless to say that this is strictly forbidden, although apparently nothing serious happened to them once they "landed" and got stopped by the Police.


  1. Clever of them to be so colorful against a gray
    background. Glad they landed safely.

  2. Interesting that their sign is in English.

    Nice "stunt blogging" Tomate!

  3. Great shot! I'm glad she took it and you posted it.

  4. Eric,
    We were lucky enough to have been in Paris all last week, our first visit, and to return to see your photos, including this one. We watched this transpire as we entered and left the Charles de Gaulle/Place Etoile Metro station over the course of a few days. No one in the area seemed to think much of it after the first evening. I can't tell you how much we love this website!

  5. Michel : your post yesterday was excellent !
    It's good to remember Eric that he cannot fool us, from time to time !

  6. Oh, goodness, I have a lot of catching up to do on this blog!!

    Yeah, it was hard to understand what it was about and nobody on the ground seem to know anything.

    Eric, you didn't miss much by not going... except maybe a little more traffic than usual @ Place CDG / Etoile.

  7. PS. (It's a little bit hard to open the commenting window on this blog today.)

    What I also meant to say is that I was suprised to see how much bigger Arc de Triomphe is in person than I thought it was. Maybe you can tell a little bit on this picture by comparing the size of the guys to the size of the decorations around them.

  8. Yes, how in the world did they get there? This is very cool, though.

  9. They were tied up. It's hard to see but if you look carefully you'll notice they have ropes around themselves and reaching over the top of the monument. They probably climbed over and down like they would on a rock or a mountain.

  10. "Nothing serious" happened to them? Wow! Great photo Tomate Farcie.

  11. Oh wow! The letters are very small on the sign, lol. Not very effective for protesting!

  12. > Ujima. Yes, this could have been very very dangerous.

    > Blunder. that is very sad I think in a way. They did all this - which was very brave - but nobody really knows who they are...

    > Buzzgirl. Well, they just want the world yo hear them - and french is not exactly appropriate for that (ooops I am looking for trouble here!)

    > Edwin. Yes, thank you Tomate!

    > Angela. Well thank you. Always a pleasure to hear nice comments about PDP! Come again.

    > GG. Nasty GG...

    > Tomate. Actually that is an idea. Now I am gong to send reporters. Much less work more efficiency! ;)

    > Carmen. I agree, I thoght there were fences high enough so that you could not do that. I guess I was wrong.

    > Elisabeth. I don't know. But Tomate is right, they used mountain equipment.

    > Suzy. I mean, they have not been sent to jail or anything.

    > Eurobrat. It is, isn't!

    > Sam. LOL. Tomate's zoom is not powerful enough ;)

  13. I'm late with my comments, but I really like this because it puts into perspective the true size of the Arc d'Triomphe. As many times as I've been by it, this is the first time I truly realise the pure enormity of it.

  14. very beautifull(courage)
    jad from lebanon

  15. They should spread flyers on the ground,because nobody could read the text. The policmen even said, tired of all the tourist-questions, that they were circusartists making publicity for their circus.

    I also did not found any info in the newspapers the day after....

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