Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pont neuf at sunset

This is the Pont Neuf (New bridge). Despite its name it is not new at all but, on the contrary, it's the oldest bridge in Paris... It was started in 1578 and completed in... 1604 (the French kings needed more money for the war than for bridges then). At that time it was really something: 20 meters wide (66 feet), real sidewalks (and unusual thing at that time) and 384 Mascarons (masks sculptures in stone) on each side. And more than that, it was our picnic scenery all evening long, last Friday... (it also inspired Michel, from Spirit-of-Paris)

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  1. How funny that your post and Michel's came out looking so different, yet they were clearly taken at exactly the same time (the boat is in the same spot!)

  2. Oh dear I'm jealous! Some day....I will visit that beautiful bridge!

  3. Une image dorée charmante! Merci, Eric.

  4. To Jenny: If you look at the full moon you can see that Eric's photo preceded Michel's in time with the sun higher in the sky. The red tinge along the horizon in Michel's photo also indicates a lower sun in his photo. So I see a honeyed warmth in one and a rosy melancholy and quietness in the other.

    The boat is temporarily parked at the boarding site of "Vedettes du Pont Neuf" and it will soon head off with a new batch of tourists on a lovely Seine cruise.

  5. eric...thank you so much for the PDP. i cannot tell you how much joy it brings to open your blog each day and take in the lovely photo and description you provide. i am hoping to be living in paris next year, teaching english. your blog helps keep me motivated and enchanted with paris! merci, eric.

  6. Your photo is so inspiring! I cannot wait to be in Paris this summer...only 2 more months....

  7. Very nice! The bridge has a very golden glow.

  8. This photo makes my heart ache. Must. Return. To. Paris...

  9. Oh la la!! Merci Eric!! Once again you have turned a frustrating day into a "sigh..." as I gaze at another beautiful photo of my favorite[and most beautiful]city in the world!! I am always in Paris in the fall or the early spring and haven't been in the summer since 1987!! This photo makes me want to hit and start packing right away!! Now, where did I put that Sunscreen and my straw hat?? ;-) Merci encore..kpgallant

  10. oh que c'est belle! Une photo très attraynte!

  11. The light is so beautiful on the bridge. I'm starting to wonder if I actually saw it when I was in Paris.


  13. The light is so mellow and golden at that time of day. I love the way the gold reflects in the Seine.

  14. Eric, I was just wondering if Paris is doing the beach thing along the Seine like last summer? Also keep your fingers crossed--Megan has a couple of good job leads!

  15. So beautiful! Your daily views of Paris bring tears to my eyes every time. I'm so glad I found you!

  16. that's a beautiful picture! It is one of the few things I did see during a quick visit a couple of years ago...can't wait to get back soon

  17. Bonjour, Eric
    Je voudrais dire que votre blog est superbe, parfait, attendu!!Voilà, je n'ai rien d'autre à
    Merci à vous pour ça :)

  18. > Jenny. Yeah. Well it depends alot on the settings of the camera. And it's

    not the exact same time - as Percy points it out below.

    > Soosha. And I am jealous of your animated fish! BTW, do you know I still

    have in mind to send you YOUR postcard... It's been sitting on my kitchen

    top for ... well since you've asked for it! I am so bad.

    > Ujima. Merci ;)

    > Terra Vecchia. Ah, tu vois, il n'y a pas QUE la Corse qui soit belle !!

    > Percy. You are so attentive! True what you say about the Vedettes du Pont

    neuf and I DO recommend to get on these boats if you come to Paris.

    Touristy but definitely worth it.

    > Bernadette. And I can't tell you how much I appreciate to receive

    comments like yours... Hope you make it to Paris.

    > Single. August or beginning of September? I could see on your blog you're listing to a lot of French songs (Ca plane pour moi, gee!!)

    > Rick. Yep and in real life also.

    > Santy. Well I seriously hope you make it here.

    > Eurobrat. Nice comment, as always!

    > Buzzgirl. Sorry! Next time I will post an ugly pic of Paris, just for you!

    > Sam. And lovely comment

    > Louise. Yes, We have been lucky.

    > kpgallant. The advantage with Paris is that it does not change too much (well at least the old stone monuments). Nothing has changed since 1987 and nothing will until you come back next time...

    > Jana. Merci, merci.

    > Nerissa. Well you have to be there at the right moment, when tghe sun goes down.

    > Technicx.

    > Jackson T. That what PDP is for!

    > Passante. I agree, we're very lucky.

    > Debs. Yes the beach thing will happen again this year - and will be fully coverd by PDP! Megan having a job?! OMG! That is such a shock!! LOL

    > DP Bazainville. Cool eh?!

    > Suzy. Tears?! I hope they are tears of joy Suzy, I would not like the idea of making you sad...

    > Brian & Lucy. Yeah, why don't you come to the "old continent"!

    > Haxo. You are our own private Wikipedia! thank you so much for bringing the extra info that make us more clever (And that I am too lazy to look for!!)

    > Emmanuelle. Merci. Votre blog est super sympa aussi - et je ne dis pas ça car vous m'avez fait des compliments. Paris, "au féminin".

  19. De rien :) Merci pour le vôtre aussi.
    Eh, sous le ciel de Paris coule un fleuve joyeux...