Tuesday, June 06, 2006

At a snail's pace...

Although I've never eaten at this restaurant, l'Escargot-Montorgueil is a Paris favourite since 1875 (Yes, we do eat snails in France!). It was founded by Mignard and Bourreau, and later, one of the owners was André Terrai, the same founder of the the hotel Georges V and famous Tour d'Argent restaurant. It has hosted some very famous people such as Sarah Bernhardt, Marcel Proust, Sacha Guitry, Georges Feydeau, Cécile Sorel, Charlie Chaplin, Mistinguett, Jean Cocteau, Picasso, and Salvador Dali. So you see, snails aren't all that bad! (And they have them in London too!)

PS: Paris Daily Photo general meeting minus 3 days (Friday June 9)


  1. Well, if it has a golden snail above the door, it must be a good place to eat.

  2. Yum. Even my kid loves snails. Good stuff...only you can't call them "snails" in English. You have to refer to them as "escargot" - otherwise they're just gross! :)

  3. hmmm, escargot + beer + sunset + good company + good mood + good friends + good ...

  4. Eric, ashamed as I am I have to admit (I have been living in France for more then 20 years) I have never eaten or even attemted to eat snails. My daughter however loves them!Or maybe it's the sauce!
    Today I'm running the funny caption of the week competition over at Sainte Maxime DP.

  5. LOL, Eric... and now with the pig around, I can do this.

  6. I have eaten Escargot and enjoyed it. However based on Mark's comment and on reflection I suspect I enjoyed the sauce not the snail.

  7. Love the photo, love the restaurant, love snails! Mark, do you mean to say you've never even "tried to try" them? Impossible! Here's a website about snail breeding that might make it even worse for you.

    I have to agree with Denton though, the sauce is one of the main attractions!

  8. J' adore les escargots!!! It is the first dish that I order every time that I arrive in Paris.
    I also thank Michael for his "delicious" post for the snails!
    (check http://michaelsfavoritethings.blogspot.com/2005/07/escargot.html)

  9. Huum... golden snails, love them ! Unfolded from they glitering skin, they become chocolate...

  10. pour ma part j'ai recu hier des escragots en provenance d'une petite ferme dans le gers, je les ai blanchi cuit 7h00 a 70° et ensuite j'ai fais une garniture aromatique avec poivrons carotte céleri oignons ail pillé du prizuttu de la tomate et j'ai déglaçé le tout au Cap Corse j'ai réduit le tout et j'ai réossais le tout au piment d'espellette brefs invitation à une dégustation a qui veut buona appetitu...

  11. I like escargot too, and agree with Buzzgirl, call it snails in English (or Chinese), it sounds gross...

    nice photo, I like the small ones crawling all over the signs.

  12. Hmmm snails...I can't make up my mind what to say...but one thing is top of mind...yayks!!

  13. Great, it looks and sounds colossal. Thanks
    Jazzy Tuzla

  14. Michael, no kiddin, don't get me wrong I am a real happy eater, but snails no way jose!!

  15. Philos...I can't believe you found that old post!

  16. I wonder if killing the Prophet's son-in-law Ali (thereby creating a new heretical religion) counts as winning or losing in this game?

  17. Ah yes, I have had escargot- I love the golden snail over the door!

  18. Another reason to come back to Paris - I've never tried them either!

  19. Yes, I have to agree with Buzzgirl.

    The word escargot equates to an exotic French delicacy, even in English. Whilse snails are just bugs you don't even want in your garden, let alone on your plate, never mind that they are the same thing. :)

    By the way guys, hope you all have a great time on your meetup on Friday.

    English meetups seem to be called "Blogs & Beer", for some reason. :) The Canary Island variation gets called "Blogs & Gofio" (gofio being a typical local food), even though they probably really consume beer.

    Do you not have a French equivalent, like "Blogs & Beaujolais", "Blogs & Onions", "Blogs & Berets" ...

  20. Escargot are great. Period.

    Just wanted to let everyone know I've seen about twenty things that Eric has posted on his site, and plan to attend the meeting.


  21. Snails are really good, those who havent eaten them should try it before commenting against them !

  22. > Natalie. Well, I did not think of that , but after all, that could be a good sign!

    > Buzz Girl. Your KIDS love escargots?! You must have brainwashed them...

    > Nuno. You're such in a positive mood... Escargot and beer, mind you, I am not so sure.

    > Mark. LOVE your competition. I think it's a great idea. And you have some pretty good contributions too.

    > Ham. The link does not work.

    > Denton. Yes, it's pretty common actually. We eat (well one eats) escargots for the sauce, otherwise they are pretty tasteless.

    > Michael. Thanks for the link. I don't know why, but I cannot picture myself answering "I am a snail breeder" to someone asking me "what do you do for a living?"

    > Philos. Wahoo! You know how to use Google don't you!

    > Chris. Yeah. I love those...

    > Terra Vecchia. Si on ne craque pas pour les escargots - et la Corse ! - après une telle description !

    > Lisi. OK, OK, I will use the word escargot now...

    > Anne. Same for me ;)

    > Sedulia. Are you sure you commented on the right blog?!

    > Eurobrat. And did you like them?

    > Jenny. Well, yes, but don't come only for snails...

    > Pam. LOL. I love the Blog and Beret one...

    > Jeff. I love your flexibilty, period! (I call you tomorrow BTW)

    > Anonymous. So true. Don't judge things you haven't experienced yourself.

    > Haxo. that is nice, but I am sure you're exagerating...

  23. I'm a vegetarian but even when I wasn't, I couldn't manage snails. I've always seen them as slugs (beurk!) with houses.

  24. Though I still am not o keen on the idea of snai, the giant gold snail on the place is way cool.

  25. Bonjour Eric,
    En regardant iTélé, je viens d'apprendre qu'il est possible de commander du caviar d'escargot (les oeufs d'esturgeons sont des oeufs d'escargots).
    Le reportage se termine en présentant une vue du gastéropode doré.
    Alors, tenté ?

  26. I have dined in this fantastic eatery! I loved the curry snails and other varieties I had in a 5 part meal. I highly suggest you go there. the decor is cool like old tin ceiling buildings as well so the atmosphere is as good as the food.

  27. I am doing research for my college thesis, thanks for your brilliant points, now I am acting on a sudden impulse.

    - Kris