Friday, October 28, 2005

Electric cars charging stations

Look more closely at the lower Parking sign... It shows a little icon that means "Charging station" (for electric cars). There are about 80 of these stations in Paris although, until now, very few people own an electric cars. Why is that? Well, they are 10% more expensive than regular cars and they cannot run very long on a single charge (about 100 kilometers). But with the price of oil skyrocketing, the grant that the government gives to each electric car buyer (1 525 euros) and the increasing number of these charging stations, the situation might change...


  1. I heard you can charge your car for free. Is it true?


  2. Electric cars will not be convincing before the autonomy and weight issues are tackled.
    And obviously, the use of electric cars will limited to short trips within the cities.
    Yes, they are quite expensive, they are small and they are very quiet (which makes them quite dangerous, especially for pedestrians).
    Finally, I doubt you can recharge your batteries for free...

  3. Well actually, I am not sure, but on the Paris web site ( it does say that charge cards are free!

  4. To Fred:
    Getting runover by an electric car is just as bad as being runover by ANY car. When a danger is around, I feel safer if I can hear it coming!

  5. It'll be so good if the number of such reloading places go higher and higher.

    Eric > a charge card is free ? I think it's dangerous if it is because people won't take the road less than before if they don't have to pay for the energy. They even will drive more, and there's a risk to see a growth of the pollution if everyone often runs...

    Ca serait bien que le nombre de stations de rechargement augmente...

    Eric > Un ecarte de recharge gratuite ? Je pense que c'est dangereux si c'est le cas car les gens ne rouleront alors pas moins que s'ils avaient à payer l'énergie. Peut-être même qu'ils rouleront plus, et que la pollution automobile augmentera si tout le monde prend souvent le volant...

  6. In the states, hybrid cars are the way to go. They run off of gasoline, but use electricity to power when you idle and cruise. This means you get around 60-80 miles per gallon of gasoline, and the battery charges itself everytime you go downhill- so you don't have to plug it in!

  7. I love the little icon for the charging station! Very interesting to read about it, as here in Australia I doubt it could ever come to fruition with it's current capabilities (although you do see the occasional hybrid car).

  8. Eric, y a des reflets dans les panneaux et ça gène la lisibilité. Essaie d'améliorer un peu la qualité de tes photos sinon tu vas encore te faire appeler "Arthur" par notre ami l'anonymous (crois-tu que c'est le même que celui de Charlus ?)

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