Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ricardo Menon's Tomb

In Montparnasse (14th arrondissement) there is a famous cemetery (not as famous as Père Lachaise although it is definitely worth the visit) in which a lot of famous people are burried. I chose to show you the grave of Ricardo Menon who was the personal assistant to famous artist Nicky de Saint Phalle, and who died in 1989. To remember him for ever Nicky de Saint Phalle made this great sculpture (click here for a close up).


  1. Hi Eric
    Really interesting.
    check the close up link

  2. Very nice scuplture of Niki de Saint Phalle… and very good idea, this colorful shot in a grey environment… in such a grey day as today.
    (and a compassionate tribute to a common friend who spent a grey day yesterday, too)

  3. merci beaucoup , for the delightful photo and the magical link to the artists site .. last in Paris nov 2005 and you keep me happily in touch ,

  4. One small note about the title - it should read "Tomb" and not "Tum".

  5. I have visited the Montparnasse cemetery on numerous occasions - Sartre, Beauvoir, Beckett, Baudelaire, Alfred Dreyfus, Serge Gainsbourg, Marguerite Duras, Jean Poiret, Susan Sontag, and - of course, Joris-Karl Huysmans, on whom I wrote my doctoral dissertation (I pay my respects every time I am in Paris), among others, are burried there.

    This is a very cool picture, indeed.

  6. Great photo especially the selective use of colour

  7. Eric, how on earth did you find this information? Very resourceful you are indeed! I love this photo as it seems so out of place in a cemetary such as Montparnasse.

  8. Very nice photograph, Eric. Thanks for posting it.

  9. Who knew? Wunderful.

    Et merci.

  10. Wonderful. I have many shots of Pere Lachaise but have never seen this place...now I will have to go :)

  11. > Joe. Thanks to alert me on the "missing link"!

    > Mathieu. N'est-ce pas? Well no wonder, it's Nicky de Saint Phalle...

    > GG. So true.

    > Judith. You are very welcome. Come back to Paris (and ParisDailyPhoto!) anytime.

    > Anonymous. Thank you. Shame on me. I used the spell checker though...

    > Elisabeth. It is a great cemetery. Thank you for mentionning all these names (I must confess - shame on me again - that I don't know who Joris-Karl Huysmans is - I know there is a Joris-Karl Huysmans square in Paris, but that is all)
    BTW, Man Ray is also buried there, I looked for his grave but could not find it.

    > Mr Pretzels. Did not have much to do thoughm it was such a grey day when I took the picture!

    > Michael. Google!

    > Terri. Was it rue Froidevaux? Saw your photo ;)

    > Stuttgart. Thank you. Always a pleasure to hear.

    > Mea. I agree with you although I do not consider cemeteries as somber places (call me twisted!?). Especially these large cemeteries famous names and beautiful graves. How is Richmond Daily Photo after 3 days? - Ooops I forgot to make the announcement today.

    > Luggi. Any such place in Los Angeles?

    > Brenda. Yes you have to (and the Montmartre one too.

  12. My favorite is Hollywood Forever (www.hollywoodforever.com).

  13. Eric - Joris-Karl Huysmans was a late 19th century novelist and art critic, who began his career as a naturalist (disciple of Emile Zola), and is best known for having written the "ultimate" decadent novel, A Rebours (Against the Grain or Against Nature.) He later "reconverted" to catholicism, to which I believe he was mostly attracted for its aesthetics. His prose is delightfullly warped.

  14. I was in Paris last week and visited Montparnesse cemetery. I was intrigued by this tomb and wondered exactly who Ricardo was-thank you for enlightening me!