Friday, September 08, 2006

Much more than the home of Senators...

Like in most democracies France has two chambers: l'assemblée nationale (Parliament) and Le Sénat (Senate). Both pass laws but work slightly differently. The National Assemblee can be dismissed by the President of the Republic whereas Senators are elected for 6 years and cannot be dismissed. Well, the most interesting part for you is not how French politics work, but how well located the Senate building is. No only does it sit in the Luxembourg gardens but it's also a very nice building to visit and, on top of that, it always shelters fantastic exhibitions.


  1. Ah, Jardin du Luxembourg, what a lovely place. How peaceful the Senat discussions must be. (!!!) The Orangerie next door does hold wonderful exhibits, as can be seen in the Jardin as well. This is a fabulous park, with a fascinating history, and one of the most beautiful fountains in Paris. I'm in love with Galatea, just as much as I love Berthe Morisot. I'm so fickle.

  2. Eric, do you know that the Senat owns and maintains the Luxembourg gardens? I went on a guided tour inside and all and was given that info.

  3. Last time I was there (June 06) they kicked everybody out of the park a little before 7:00 p.m. because they were having some kind of concert. It was kind of weird.

    Is the Nose still sitting in that fountain, by the way?

  4. Very nice building and the exhibits look quite interesting.
    The fence seems a little rusted though...

  5. j'aime bien la politique francaise! i took a class by that name last fall in university and we learned everything from "l'avenir du parti socialiste" to the role of "les prefets..."

    I like how the sign is old and rusted and it represents the Senate....

  6. Eric, only you can take a rusty old sign and make it interesting.

    I also received an answer to the sculpture artist which I posted yesterday under your beret photo and again under the sculpture. I'm hoping someone else can find out more.

  7. Hi Eric! Agree with old rusty sign would not have looked half this great if it was not you who took it! Great perspective!

  8. A French friend took me on a walk through Luco and kept repeting there is the "senat" and I kept saying what? what?
    Will they never learn how to pronouce things?!
    They probably invented the word too :(

  9. The informality of the sign's typography compared with the formality of the institution and its gardens is quite jarring. I love this contrast.

    Eric - I have viewed your blog for a long time without posting a comment. Please accept a belated thank you for your great blog and the community you inspired!

  10. it s always a great pleasure to come here to visit your blog. i discover this city with your delicate wordsa and images. Thank you very much!!!!

  11. >> Jeff. I am not surprised you like this park.

    > A photographer. No actually did not know that at all. After all it makes sense. They are lucky enough to have a view on it, let them maintain it in exchange!

    > Tomate. Yes it closes pretty early at night. They probably had an opera (they usually do in the summertime)

    > Edulabbe. The fence IS rusted! But it's actually one I found in the gardens so it's been in the rain quite a few times I take it.

    > Nahal. What? Tu aimes bien la politique française? Gee what do you like about French politics???

    > Michael. Thank you Michael. How on earth did you manage to get this info. I looked everywhere on the web and could not find anything.

    > Carlos. Thanks (we don't have a king anymore, like in Spain).

    > Anne. Thanks. Actually the colors help.

    > ParisBreakfasts. Actually I think the Greek or the Romans invented the word.

    > Briang. Thank you. Better late than never ;) I know I have many lurkers and that is fine but I also appreciate comments, of course. It's always encouraging.

    > Aleyxandra. (With a "y"?) You're very welcome!!!! It's my pleasure.

    > Haxo. Ahhh, I have been missing your cultural comments for a while. Actually I knew about the "Luco" but I did not know the origin. Thank you.

  12. In fact Eric, after some more detailed checking, the sculptor in your photos a few days ago is Paul Gasq, not Grasq as previously noted. I can find information about him on the web, but not this particular sculpture. I guess you'll have to go back and take another photo!

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