Monday, February 12, 2007

Paris bridges

Enough politics for a while, how about a classic to start the week? Here is a view of my favorite spot in Paris: the bridges over La Seine. Even in the rain it's beautiful. Nothing to add!


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Eric. The bridge in the rain...Lovely!
    The latest news...We got tickets for the play starring Jean Piat. We were watching the 1972 version of the TV series, Les Rois Maudits, which starred him as Robert D'Artois. His performance was magnificent. Then we found on the web that the 82 year old actor is doing a play while we are in Paris this coming weekend. I wonder if he still has the zest we saw in his performance in LRM.

  2. Completely agree with Kokomo. Great, great shot, with a "timeless" quality to it. Quintessential Paris, to most of us.

  3. Oh Eric, now you've melted my heart. I simply can't resist the view
    of Paris bridges... it's so romantic! Valentine's day is near so don't blame me for feeling romantic and cheesy! (just watched Before Sunset on dvd last night, it was rainy, I was alone...and now I come across parisian bridges! there's only so much a girl can take!!!)

  4. Johnny it's a good point being cautious about web translations. I've done a lot of translation work, I know the damage a bad one can cause!

  5. Ah, what could be better than Paris bridges??

  6. My favorite - bridges!!! Whenever in Paris, I love to simply stroll up and down them while taking in the beautiful Seine. Merci, Eric!

  7. I love this photo - I love how you captured not only this awesome bridge, but the person with the umbrella crossing it.

  8. Very lovely photo Eric. Did you get wet?

  9. ok I can't help it, why is it everything sounds better in french? right now i'm listening to Debussy's Claire de Lune. Could it be any more romantic! that's my fav song in the whole world...perfect background to this photo - told ya I was in the romantic mode

  10. Voilà!

    Where are you?

    I have to go there.

  11. Monica, I was singing "Under the Bridges of Paris".

    Michael, the Fralinger String Band is going to China to play in the New Year's Parade. will show it @ 7ayem, February 18 on their website.

  12. hi, Friendly ... Parisian? (somewhat sarcastic, haha)
    I'll be visiting France in March or April,
    What's the weather like there?
    Thanks, beautiful picture btw.

  13. Wonderful shot. When friends ask me when's the best time of year to come to Paris, it's often hard to answer. I find it beautiful no matter the weather!

    How cool Ujima! Thanks for the news! I just looked and it seems this famous Mummers band will be in Hong Kong for the Chinese New Year. I'll have to be a "pest" to Lisi over at Hong Kong Daily Photo so she can catch a photo!

  14. Lisi moved to a new job in Singapore recently, if I'm not mistaken.

  15. OOOoooops, I meant Shanghai, not Singapore.

  16. Oh Ujima, Sous Les Ponts de Paris! yeah I know it!

    Michael, I see you're a hopeless romantic aussi! what you said reminded me of the song 'I love Paris': I love Paris in the spring time, I love Paris in the fall...

  17. And that's why I WILL be in Paris en Septembre !!
    Bravo, Monsieur.

  18. Nothing needed. Gorgeous perspective. I like the romantic mist...

    Some new short fiction of mine at my Things UK blog if anyone fancies a coffee break (she plugged shamelessly!).

  19. I love the bridges in Paris. Gorgeous photo.

  20. Beautiful - right down to the umbrella-carrying person on the bridge. :) What a lovely way to start the week.

  21. I'll have to be a "pest" to Lisi over at Hong Kong Daily Photo so she can catch a photo!

    Excellent, Michael! And I hope you will have the grace to ask her one time and trust her to remember and not remind her three or four times before the event.

  22. Eric can we have a comment or two from you, we've missed you lately, you busy jet setter you. Tell us your news.

  23. What has been the reaction in France so far to Segolene Royal's program? Has it boosted her campaign?

  24. And behind the trees, the American Church. Souvenirs, souvenirs… N'est-ce pas Eric, n'est-ce pas Arnaud ?

  25. Francofile : yes it seems so. Comments are globally positive. The main question is : where will she find the money ?!!!

  26. Yes... souvenirs, souvenirs ;-))))

    But I didn't realize it was it behind the trees !!!!!

  27. where will she find the money ???? In our wallet, Darling, nowhere else !!!!!

  28. Absolutely beautiful!!! I wish I was walking on that bridge right now....Sighhhh!!

  29. > Arnaud : à droite, tu devines la flèche de l'église Américaine, et à côté, le clocher de St Pierre de Chaillot. Et tout ça n'est pas très loin de là où tu passeras ta soirée…

  30. Michael:

    First you can read Portuguese and now you are an Aussie apparently! LOL! People see so many different things in you ;)

  31. no, no, not Aussie

    Aussi = also; as well ;-)

  32. > Kokomo. It is isn't? Like I said my favourite place in Paris...

    > Johnny. Sounds like you're going to have a busy schedule in Paris!! You're right. It's good to plan ahead. I remember vaguely Les Rois Maudits, but vaguely...

    > Tomate. ;)

    > Monica. Melted your heart?! That is cute ;) Well, don't feel bad for being romantic, it's GOOD! About the translation you probably know the Italian expression: "Traduttore, Tradittore"

    > Kate. Don't know. Maztalan bridges?!

    > Pont Girl. Well with such a nick name I am not really surprised!!

    > Mimi. Genius?! Can you say that louder please, I am not sure I heard right, LOL

    > Nature Woman. Funny you mentionned that because I did not see this person at first and then, when I discovered it, that is why I decided to to post this one.

    > Monica. I agree. Debussy's music is great. BUT, let's be fair, Italian music is not that bad either, and German too! How aboutBrazilian composers? Villa Lobos is Brazilian right? I love his Bachianas.

    > Anonymous. Well, simple. Call Air France!

    > Ujima. Sous les ponts de Paris, la la la la la la...

    > Anonymous. Well March can be still clod and April too! But It can also be mild and sunny. How informative is that?!

    > Michael. I agree! Paris is beautiful in ANY season!

    > Kim. Yes to Shanghai. I confirm.

    > M. Benaut. Excellent. I will see you there then. And September is a good season. Not too crowded and still warm.

    > Lynn. I knew you were romantic. I did not have the time to check on your new short stories, I am sorry . Did you have a lot of visitors? Did they like them? Will you publish a book?

    > Mandi. Good. Everyone agrees on that LOL!

    > The Wellspring. That is what I thought too.

    > Lynn. here I am. I know I have been away recently. I apologize. It's just that, well, I have so much work at the moment. My news?! Well not much actually. I work during the day for my daily job then I work in the evening for the DPs, then Isleep a little. During the week ends I catch up on my sleep and try to not spend my time behind my computer (I don't succeed!)

    > Francofile. It all depends on who you listen to of course! But globally yes, I think so, the only problem is that she's like all politicians she promises a lot before the elections but no one knows where the money will come from...

    > GG. Yes, souvenirs... (FYI, we used to sing there). And you noticed too ; the big question is Where will she find the money?!

    > Arnaud. Well it's actually far far away behind the trees... LOL on your comment.

    > Michelle. Thanks.

    > KPgallant. OK, just because it's you, I'll beam you up!

    > GG. Private joke?

    > Susan/Monica. LOL on the Aussi. I never thought of that!

  33. now Eric, you really wanna melt my heart. You know Villa Lobos' Bachianas! Yes I do think brazilian music is great and there's only one reason I don't usually mention, for example, Tom Jobim as a favourite: I think he is, what's that word? Hors concours!
    meanwhile, we're talking about great songs and I have Smurfs'tune stuck in my mind right now! unbelievable.

    tradittore = traitor, first thing I learnt about translation!

  34. gosh, I didn't say Michael was an Aussie! lol

  35. Hi Eric, lovely to see you! Yes i AM romantic. Shame you couldn't read the story; there's just one new one, at Things UK, and just a coffee-break long! So, try to hop over there, i'd like your view.
    Yes, i'll be putting other short stories on that site, which may or may not have been previously published in mags. Plus, of course, there's the whole novel at Under A Train. You have lots of reading opportunities, should you wish, dear Eric.

    Our lives seem to be carbon copied, Eric! Our routines are pretty much the same, even the job. We have so much in common! I too, try to refrain from actually turning INTO my laptop at free times but it IS difficult isn't it.

  36. Hey guys, there's another English person about, :)
    I'm a new on
    looking forward to speaking to you guys soon

  37. Soooo beautiful...*sigh*
    Paris in any type of weather is still as beautiful!
    Thanks for the great photo!
    Take care, AliciaInAlaska

  38. Eric,
    Wonderful picture of the bridges - we are visiting Paris in May and this photo makes me want to get on a plane tomorrow. Also like your early morning rooftop photo - the Paris rooftops just fascinate me. Thanks for the good work.