Sunday, April 08, 2007

Unusual Easter scene...

I took this photo last week, but I saved it for today, the day Christians celebrate Easter. I already mentioned here that I live by Drouot, a big auction house where they sell art and antiques. Quite logically, around this auction house there are a lot of dealers and Commissaires priseurs (auctioneers?) where people bring their art objects to be estimated. There is so much art everywhere that sometimes they don't really know what to do with it! That is how, the other day, on my way to work, I came across this scene... (Special thanks to Drouot Estimations who kindly let me take this photo).


  1. hmm.. looks like they're about to buy the office supplies they're looking at! so long as they don't buy a computer, then throw it out the window ...

    Happy Easter/Passover, everybody! Hope you're all out and about celebrating something or doing something fun.

  2. Happy Easter Eric

    But where is the Easter bunny with his chocolate eggs? Office Pro is not helping my sweet tooth.

  3. I think this is an excellent find Eric. It's like they have just teleported from the past and are trying to understand what these boxes are. If it were Christmas, I would assume they are trying to see if we mass produce Frankincense and Myrrh for delivery, but since it's Easter, I can't come up with what they would think.

    Love it!

  4. Happy Easter to you too Tomate! May your "tomates" be colourfully decorated today!

  5. I wish I had seen this photo last week to share with some friends!

    We had a get-together with about 15 people on Tuesday evening and I got some dee-lish smoked turkey and every one brought pot luck.

    Since it was the 2nd night of Passover and I have a bunch of Jewish friends, I called it an "Eastover" Seder! Mike played a Holy Saturday service in Punta Gorda, but we aren't planning too much for Easter, my favorite "religious" holiday. Although I am planning on celebrating Merry Hannamas or Happy Christakah in Dec.)!

    Happy "whatever" to everyone!

  6. happy easter Eric. Are the praying for a a new paper???

  7. Michael took the words out of my mouth. Exactly my impression too. I love the stance of each figure, quite curious, perplexed as to what these boxes contain. It's a great scene. What a find, Eric!

    I love auction houses. Over the years i've bought furniture from them and love to watch the whole process. The auctioneers (yes lol) are interesting people, with a great deal of knowledge and their ability to spot each bid and continue talking at high speed astounds me! Happy Easter Eric and everyone.

  8. Priest 1: "Oh my, that looks a bit cher don't you think? We could probably get it cheaper at the Walmart down the road a piece."

    Priest 2: "Do you think? Shouldn't we get it while we're here? I mean, save ourselves a camel ride and all..."

    Ecologist Priest 3 (looking at the fine print): "This isn't even recyclable. There's no way I'm going to spend my hard earned sheep herding money on this product!"

    Priest 4 (looking bored) thinks: "How'd I get associated with these bozos? I need a drink!"

  9. Scenario...Four Wannabee CEO's for Microsoft in Roman drag. Extreme left to right.

    Meshack: Shadrack has a lovely curly "hairdo" today. Don't you think so?

    Shadrack: Hmmmm! I don't know this brand.

    Abendigo: Let me think! Should we or shouldn't buy the whole lot?

    Melchior: Wait a minute! I am reading the fine print on this box. I am sure it contains 12 reams per box. Twelve boxes @20Euros per box....240E...that's a bargain!

    If you are celebrating Easter, have a happy one.

  10. Really amazing that "art" and these "commercial boxes" end up at the same auction house hoping to be discovered by somebody with money to spend. Maybe this is the best place to end up.

  11. the combination of these curious looking 'religious' icons side by side with the Office ProPaper looked really interesting!!

    great capture! well done!!!!;)

  12. That's really funny. It's like those old guys are puzzling over the Office Pro Paper!

  13. Eric, I honestly think this is one of your best findings, this photo says so much!
    An encounter of past and modern times, and they DO look so intrigued by the boxes. I have to admit, this is much better than posting a photo of the Easter bunny with chocolate.

    Happy Easter everyone! Bonne Pâques!

  14. A little bird: Very amusing. This is YOU isn't it Michael? Come on, own up! I know your writing, i'm sure. lol.

    One in pink, curious: "Whatever can they be, Sire?"

    One far right, mystified: "The language is strange, I know not of what it speaks."

    Man at back, sceptical: "I think it is from the devil. Let us leave."

    One in gold headdress, irritated: "Can you lot be quiet? I'm trying to listen to my Ipod!"

  15. LOL! This is wonderful, Eric. I love it. Wishing you a lovely Easter,

  16. Oh yes Lynn, but it wouldn't have been as funny if it read "Michael said..."

  17. I knew it. Such humour only comes from you, Michael. lol.

  18. Perhaps we should verse a little, Michael.. ? It's some time since we did...

  19. the story I see is my office staff once my co-worker who does the ordering resigns....

    "is this what we order, where is the item number..."

    and the boss says: "call ________on the cell or at home".

    Eric, as always, you surprise and delight.

  20. They're actually memebers of the gang that trashed the computer - they're trying to figure out how to rip off the paper.

  21. Not for nothing, but I'd say the chick with the golden headpiece is flipping someone off.

    Really great composition and what a fun theme. You're very talented and should feel proud of your extraordinary gifts.