Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cocorico / Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!

Yes, this is a rooster, and no I did not take this photo on a farm in the suburbs, but right in the middle of Paris, at the Invalides!! I could not help stopping and digging out my camera for 3 reasons: first of all, because it's pretty unusual to come across a - living - poultry in Paris, 2nd because the rooster is the emblem of France and 3rd because he was not at all shy in front of the camera!


  1. Ridiculous! Where on earth did you find him Eric?! Ahhh, wait a moment, isn't there some sort of farm or something... oh, I don't know - please tell. I'm very often going past Invalides and would love to meet him! I'm always on the lookout for wildlife, but it would be my first cockerel.

  2. I found him on the street on the left when you face the Invalides, at the very beginning. He's behind bars (obviously) but can freely come close to the street (obviously)

  3. This photo just begs for a caption contest. I'll be first to have a go at it:

    "Sorry, Jack Bauer is three cells down."

  4. Perhaps, since he is such a rarity, he is used to people paying attention to him. :-)


  5. Sometimes, you just can't get enough coq!!

    Come on! Someone had to go there...!

  6. What crime could this poor chicken have committed to land himself behind bars?? Perhaps he can get a pardon from Monsieur Sarkozy?

    The most beautiful rooster I ever saw in Paris was at the bird and flower market two years ago(somewhere near Notre Dame, I think). He also liked to pose for the camera. I was a little nervous though, because I wasn't sure if the animals were on sale to be pets, or to be dinner. They had cute bunnies there too.

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  8. This is not the best time of year for poultry in France. He is a very handsome bird. Hopefully he has been locked away for his own protection. . .with 3 French hens peut etre?

  9. I love your photos, Eric. All of them!

    I don't get to Paris often. My most recent visit was May, 2006. I dream of returning.

    I saw no chickens at Les Invalides, but I'll look next time.

  10. Parisians are so much more cultured than Chicagoans. Case in point: last year the Chicago City Council banned the sale of foie gras. This year, they have banned live chickens. I think they all need a trip to the City of Light and a moment or two in a nice cafe.

  11. Vicky, let's exchange the rooster with the Chicago City Council and put THEM behind bars!

    Suzy, you're on a roll! I'll bite...I see this caption as "Watchya' lookin' at?"

    I'm betting that this guy is probably not very safe this close to Christmas. With the lack of turkeys in the stores, he's probably the next best thing on the menu.

  12. Vicky and Michael: Raising chickens has become an oddly contemporary hobby lately--in the city. Where I work, we have received numerous complaints from neighbors about somebody next door raising chickens. And roosters. In a surburban (or urban) neighborhood, to have your neighbor raising a dozen birds can be a nuisance--they stink, they make a mess, and they are noisy, especially when the rooster crows at sunrise! They are farm animals, not city animals.

    That said, this is an entertaining photo.

  13. Amazing! and funny. Are they breeding for Christmas lunch (no joking...)? How on earth could you imagine breeding a rooster in the centre of Paris? Poor neighbours. Very "boheme"....

  14. Not shy at all! I've tried this before but they usually run off in a ridiculous manner.

    Caption: (well of COURSE i'll bite too Michael!:):

    "Eric I can't keep coming down to the 'nick' to bail you out! What you done this time then, more intrusive photography? ... sigh... what are you like. Okay: I'll see what i can do, got a few friends..chin up mate. Back tomorrow."

  15. Interesting perspective Lynn. Although I'm not sure everyone will get it, you're putting Eric "inside" the cage is fab.

    What are you like?!

  16. Eric,....congratulations on catching this magnificent emblem of French Pride. He carries it so well.

    This truly is "the photo that came to you".

    Greetings from Richmond upon Thames.

  17. He does have nice colors but I would hate to be awaken by him every morning, yikes.

    Hasn't anyone told that thing that it's cold and flu season right now and he could end up chicken-noodle soup?

    OK, for the caption, let's see... nope, I got nothing. I'll have to think about it some more. (ROFL, buzz!)

  18. he he Michael. Or...

    "I STILL say beef's better at Christmas."


  19. Love the chicken noodle soup comment Tomate. That will let you slide by until you get the caption.

    Lynn, I think the rooster's saying to Eric, "Hey buddy, there's only room for one of us in THIS hen house, now scram!"

  20. LOL Suzy!

    Possibily Mari-Nanci. He may be the super star of the Boulevard des Invalides ;)

    Yes Buzzgirl, somebody had to go there and I'm glad it's you;) To remain on the same track, do you know this famous French brand called Le Coq Sportif?

    Ah yes you're right, they have roosters on the Quai de la Megisserie, where they also sell flowers. I forgot about that.

    Ana, I don't know, he looked pretty lonesome to me ;)

    Thanks Overdog, always nice to hear a compliment!

    Vicky. Interesting... To be honest there are several anti foie gras movements here, but they are being kept silent during the Christmas season!!

    Michael. Actually I don't think we eat roosters, don't ask me why, but if the French did not find a way to cook a living animal, there must be something poisonous about it!! RE: Chicago, do you think there is going to be foie gras bootleggers like in the old times?!

    Lezard. No, I think it's just a pet actually.

    Lynn. Errr. I'm afraid you lost me here. There must be at least one double entendre in this caption and my English is limited sometimes!

    Exactly Michael!

    Tomate. True, I did not think of that. They do "sing" early in the morning don't they? Mind you this one is French... He's on the 35 hours!

  21. I see he was posing for you! Roosters seem to be very proud creatures, don't they?!

    Eric I'm happy to know you're feeling better from the cold. I'm much better too.
    While with a cold I had some hot tea in my very special "deux cafe sil vous plait" mug by etenin!!! I bought it a while ago from Zazzle, it's the most gorgeous mug I've ever had!!

  22. oops sorry Eric, it was a bit colloquial. I tend to forget that because your English is so good! Nick = jail. You were supposed to be in jail and this, the chicken, is your friend coming to help you out. Ah, forget it it was silly LOL.

  23. You always find the best photos! Btw - thanks for the bridge post earlier this month. It's how I found Seattle Daily Photo.

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