Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Passage Piéton

Nothing fancy today... I had lunch in the 13th arrondissement where we have our Chinese quarter (yes I had a delicious Phò), and on the way out, I looked for several photo opportunities. I went down by the river bank, close to the new national library, and discovered that the whole area is under construction. Traffic there is difficult and even pedestrians have to follow strict pathways ;) BTW, please continue helping me on what I should use for our February 1st theme day (when people think of your city, they think of...)


  1. When I think of Paris, I think of cheese. A picture of the window of a cheese shop would drive me mad!

  2. Good colours here though, Eric. Well apart from the tower, it's pavement cafes for me, really. Delicious coffee and croissants, laughing groups meeting up, maybe i'm being too romantic but it's what i think of. Yes and shit on the pavement. LOL.

  3. Eric Tenin and Paris Daily photo are the 1st things to come to mind when somebody mentions Paris!!

  4. Hmmmm, for me its the sidewalk cafes and the public gardens. I love the people sitting in the green chairs in the Luxembourg Gardens during lunchtime. I can watch them for hours. Maybe it's too cold for that now, I don't know. But anything outdoors and busy, like the


    Great theme for February, by the way.

  5. Of course, the obvious one is La Tour Eiffel - Maybe you could get one when it lights up like crazy at the top of the hour??

    I'm also with Monica re: les macarons. As soon as I check into the hotel and drop off my luggage - I am off to Laduree to get my fix!

  6. La Seine. Definetely la Seine.
    Is there any other sensation as exhilarating as riding on a boat through the river while the whole city passes by our eyes?
    Really there isn't.

    Pont Girl I almost forgot. This is very important news you gave me! Sweet of you to remember me while you were drooling over the macarons. Here in Rio there's a patisserie where the owner was trained in France too, she makes perfect macarons.
    The only reason I don't go there very often is because when I go I usually eat the whole box all at once. I just can't behave well in front of a box of macarons.

  7. I think Paris is the city for Love. Valentines Day is coming, maybe there are some signs that love is in the air.

  8. When I think of Paris I think of beauty and romance! I would love to see how you would capture that!

  9. When I think of Paris, I think of all the wonderful windows -- and the signs "Vitrine en Cours." I'm excited because we've just booked our visit to Paris in May and now you post a photo of the 13th which is where we always stay (altho' not quite so far as the Chinese district) -- I look forward to seeing what you choose for representing Paris in your Feb.1st photo (of course, I still look forward to each and everyone of your photos, truly!)

  10. eiffel tower, seine, opera garnier, louve, versailles (maybe a stretch, or notre dame

  11. Pont Girl we are practically soul mates, guess what store was strategically located at the corner of my hotel in Paris last year? Ladurée !!!!!!! 21, rue Bonaparte. Perfect.

    I kid you not, I chose the hotel because of its price and location etc AND because I couldn't resist the fact that Ladurée was just a few steps away. I could even see it from the window of my room!!!!!!

  12. It's my arrondissement, it's my arrondissement! At least, it was, until middle of January... :(
    Kind of lack of it...

    Eric, overhead métro, walks on the embankment, thé Mariage Frères et Macarons Ladurée, some of the most beautiful museums in the world, rues pavées et gavroche, and if it's too cliché, maybe just the crowed subway on mornings and the trafic jam on the "périphérique". Tourists have to know!! ;)

  13. Anonyme hit it on the head for Feb. Paris IS the city of love. I'm sure you can find some French people doin' what we think they do best....ROMANCE.

  14. Yes, romance and/or the Eiffel. You've found such great shop windows in the past -- perhaps there are some window displays for St. Valentine's day.
    A bottle of champagne, exquisite fromage, and baguette...(throw in a little chocolate, too) :)

    It'll be fun to see what you come up with...
    Ms M

  15. When people think of your city, they think of...

    hard to come up with anything original , but let's see

    Terrace des cafes
    Tour Eiffel
    Champs Elysees
    Moulin Rouge & "red light district"
    Musee du Louvre
    Notre Dame
    Insane Traffic and people driving like maniacs
    People who smoke
    Dog poop on sidewalks
    Food, Food, Food!!!

  16. I forgot... RAT-atouille! :-D

  17. When I think of Paris, I immediately think of how Notre Dame looks at dusk (when the lights come on) from Pont St. Michel. That is my favorite place to be in the entire world.

    If you're looking for a cheese shop, I can tell you that there's one on Rue du Grenelle sort of behind Blvd Raspail (if you're walking away from Rue du Bac). I walked in and had to walk right back out - the smell was way too much for me! But as far as cheese shops go I doubt it gets much better.

  18. Bateaux Mouches!
    Les Quais de la Seine!
    La mode!
    Les patisseries!
    Les tasses de cafes alignés au comptoir!
    Les belles statues dans les jardins!
    L'arc de triomphe!
    La Bastille
    Le Marais!
    Les bouquinistes!
    Les musiciens dans le métro!
    Les couloirs interminables du métro!
    La foule dans le Métro aux heures de pointe!
    Les stations de Metro art déco!

  19. Les gens dans la rue!
    Les policiers à képis!
    Les greves et les manifestations!

  20. Louis Vuitton

    allez, bonne nuit!

  21. Such passion, Anonyme!!!I can almost hear you singing "I Regret Nothing"(I"m not spelling in French) to those of us listening around the world to you.
    Isn't she great?

  22. Oh, I forgot, the cheese shop is Barthelemy. To die for.

  23. I love reading all the ideas! You guys are great! Can't wait to see what you pick, Eric!!

    Monica - I also have to ration my macaron intake - at the store near me, they sell them separately - thank goodness!!

  24. Maybe it's a bit cheesy (and less romantic than the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame) but I think of accordion music in the metro.

  25. Eric, I wouldn't want to be you on the 1st of February. How will you choose? How will you please everyone?

    I'm away for a few days, so I'll be eager to see what you posted when I come back. Good luck!

  26. Eric - would you mind sharing the restaurant where you had the "delicious Pho"? My best friend is a huge fan of Pho and the next time we go to Paris it would be cool to have some there!

    I'll refrain from picture suggestions since there are so many, but I can't wait to see what you choose!


  27. When I think of Paris I think about power en fame and Clémentine.

  28. When I think of my city (before Paris and now Tokyo), I have in mind the rooftops of the city, quite typical according to the location, and in background Eiffel/Tokyo tower.
    From Paris, I love the view from one of the last floors of "Musee d'Art Deco".
    BTW, thank you for your great pictures which allow me to see the evolution of my home city.

  29. Michael is right, Eric!
    But it will be interesting to see what you pick.

  30. Great photo...but Paris...oh, it is so difficult..but I think of my walks..strolling down streets I may not have walked down before, I think of brooding over my morning coffee in a cafe on a rainy day..the Seine..the Culture..and around every coin de la rue...the romance that is Paris. La plus belle ville du monde!

  31. All that came immediately to my mind has been already mentioned...
    for me first of all city of love, puis la Seine, les ponts, les bouquinistes, les vieux signes des station de métro, le Trocadéro, les qoins vert dans le Quartier Latin, la ligne Champs-Elysées - La Defence...

  32. May I quote Michael "Eric, I wouldn't want to be you on the 1st of February. How will you choose? How will you please everyone?"

    Something tells me it's going to be hard to please everyone...

    But thanks a million, I love your suggestions.

  33. I don't think you have much choice really... the Eiffel Tower has been sold to the world as the only thing in Paris that one must not miss. Obviously, once you visit Paris you find out that it is not true at all.
    Next time, you should ask a question that will give you some freedom to express what YOU think!

  34. Paris est ... romantique, ... ouh là là !!! Dur à traduire en photo ?

    Quand je pense à Paris, "ma" ville, je pense à mille et une choses, mais pour n'en retenir qu'une seule, je dirais la Seine, depuis le Pont du Garigliano ou un autre mais celui-là, je l'emprunte tlj ;), avec vue sur la Tour Eiffel ; c'est magnifique dans la journée avec un ciel lumineux (pour aujourd'hui, c'est raté ...) mais c'est de toutes les façons toujours beau la nuit, quand la Tour s'illumine !

    Bon courage pour le choix Eric (I wouldn't to be you tonight !!!) Comme Rose l'a suggéré, "express what You think", that will be the Best !

  35. Well, Eric, I don't know what to suggest for your topic on the 1st but I would strongly urge you NOT to pick France Telecom.

  36. Eric, when I think of Paris I think of the Eiffel Tower (of course!), but since I have discovered your site, I also think of PDP! ;) You cannot go wrong with whatever you select as your city is amazing and beautiful!

  37. hi Eric - just a quickie - how do i participate in the 1st month theme day? Thanks

  38. Dean. It won't be a quickie. lol.

    Eric. It has to be; LOVE.

  39. What My wife and I think would be Romance!

  40. Croissants et Edit Paif.

  41. Quand je pense a Paris, je pense au gateau opera....

  42. French boys trying to kiss me when i was 13. There's a challenge for you, Eric!

  43. Dean: check the forum on the City Daily Photo Blog.

    Eric: I'm a little late for this. You said, "How will [I] please everyone?" That's the last thing you should worry about. Paris is all about pleasing *yourself*--and the one you love.

  44. And it's better to see how you, inhabitant of Paris, see the city. It will be less "cliché" I think.

  45. So, Eric, the question is:
    What make you think of Paris?
    I m looking forward to tonight's/tomorrow's blog!

  46. Lynn
    Time to replace that memory with some other memories, maybe something involving a dark and dangerous Frenchman ;)
    Don't you think ;)

  47. The one with the street pole with "On s'aime" writen on it ?


  48. well, it's typical, but when i think of paris i think of love, and of the eiffel tower.

  49. Je vais, alors, je suis.


  50. Jeff: You go, so, you are?

    Paris, city of love...
    Not all the time unfortunatelly. :(

  51. OK, just FYI, here is a little summary. I haven't made my decision yet, but I still have 24 hours!!

    When I think of Paris, I think of

    - Cheese (Vicky Hugo).
    - Crottoirs (Ham), shit on the pavement (Lynn)
    - THE tower, pavement cafes, delicious coffee and croissants (Lynn)
    - sidewalk cafes and the public gardens (Suzy)
    - La Tour Eiffel when it lights up, Les Macarons (Pont Gril, Monica)
    - La Seine (Monica)
    - City of love, beauty, romance (anonymous, PHX-CDG)
    - Shop Windows (Materfamilias)
    - Eiffel tower, Seine, Opera Garnier, Louvre, Versailles or notre dame (anonymous)
    - Suspended métro, walks on the embankment, thé Mariage Frères and Macarons Ladurée, traffic jams! (Guille)
    - A bottle of champagne, exquisite fromage, and baguette...(throw in a little chocolate, too) Ms M.
    - Terrace des cafes, Metro, Tour Eiffel,Champs Elysees, Montmartre, Moulin Rouge & "red light district", Musee du Louvre, Notre Dame, Insane Traffic and people driving like maniacs, People who smoke, Dog poop on sidewalks,Cobblestones
    Food, Food, Food!!! Ratatouille (Anonymous)
    - Notre Dame looks at dusk (when the lights come on) from Pont St. Michel(Jamie)
    -Bateaux Mouches, Les Quais de la Seine, La mode, Les patisseries, Les tasses de cafes alignés au comptoir, Les belles statues dans les jardins, L'arc de triomphe, L'Obelisque, La Bastille, Le Marais, Les bouquinistes, Les musiciens dans le métro, Les couloirs interminables du métro, La foule dans le Métro aux heures de pointe, Les stations de Metro art déco,
    - Les gens dans la rue, Les policiers à képis, Les greves et les manifestations, La Defense, Beaubourg, Fauchon, Louis Vuitton, Cartier

    - Accordion music in the metro. (Anonymous)
    - My morning coffee in a cafe on a rainy day..the Seine..the Culture..and around every coin de la rue...the romance that is Paris. (Tonton)
    - La Seine, les ponts, les bouquinistes, les vieux signes des station de métro, le Trocadéro, les qoins vert dans le Quartier Latin, la ligne Champs-Elysées - La Defence... (Tina)
    - The parisian doggies! (Laufenweg)
    - Croissants et Edit Piaf (Anonymous).
    - The one with the street pole with "On s'aime" writen on it ? (Fox)

    >>>> Katie
    I don't know the name of this restaurant. It's avenue de Choisy, almost at the crossing with rue de Tolbiac. Not sophisticated at all, but really good.

  52. Well! I, for one, can't wait to see you get all of that into one photo, Eric!

  53. Eric this time you really have a challenge huh?!

    At least you have excellent options to chose from. That list is extraordinary, I believe not many places in the world can provide a list like this. It's a delight just to read it... and slowly remember each one of those elements and the sensations we get from it.

    I think this list proves why France is the most visited country in the world.

  54. So true Monica.

    And to think that, just before the end of WWII, Hitler demanded that Paris would be totally destroyed (its bridges in particular).

    Fortunately, General Von Choltitz, commander of Paris for the Nazi, did not do it...

  55. That's right Eric!!!!!
    Just the other day I mentioned this story here. I find this story so fascinating. Did you know that when you ride the Bateaux Parisiens the guide (actually it's a recorded tape) tell us about how this german general did not follow Hitler's order?!

  56. If only everyone had not followed Hitler's orders.

  57. When I think of Paris I think of beautiful French men or perhaps it's that French men make me feel beautiful.

  58. I think of the Eiffel Tower and Cafes. Can you get a shot of a cafe table when the tower in the background?

  59. Pour moi, Paris c'était le café croissant au bar tabac, chez l'Auvergnat, au coin de la rue, le matin de bonne heure avec le journal.

  60. Google suggests that the restaurant is either Pho 14 or Song Huong - next door to each other, on Avenue de Choisy and right off Metro stop Tolbiac.

    Merci Eric!!!!

  61. Bonjour Eric,
    Check my post on The Hague Daily Photo, and you'll see what it looks like to have a renewal of the sewage system in my city!!! Poor shop holders!

  62. Yes Monica, I remember hearing that once on one of these cruises.

    But what I learnt yesterday, browing the Internet, is that he apparently did not spare Paris just out of generosity...

    He sort of traded his future as a free man for it with the French authorities - or what was left of them...

  63. You are right Eric, I think that movie "Is Paris burning"(don't know if you ever saw it, the french title is "Paris brûle-t-il?") shows that that's what happend. At the end of the movie, while everybody is celebrating and Notre Dame bells are ringing again after many years to celebrate, the general is being taken by french authorities after surrending.

    Look for more info about this old film at INMD - Internet Movie Data Base - if you're interested.

  64. I'm just back from a trip so it's funny to read the rest of these comments then see the actual choice you made Eric. Bravo (or chicken!) I'm not sure! :-)