Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas is close...

Yes, Christmas is close, as you can see. There are already cadeaux (gifts) everywhere in Paris waiting to be picked up (this one probably belongs to a giant ;-)) No I'm not on drugs, I'm just happy today is my last day at work until January 6th and I'm really looking forward to having some rest. BTW, I photographed this huge canvas on the facade of Le Louvre des Antiquaires, a shopping mall dedicated to antiques, opposite to the Louvre Museum. They obviously are renovating the building (yes, like in yesterday's photo!)


  1. *No I'm not on drugs*

    You are so ding dang funny sometimes. Get some rest, dear friend.

  2. Eric - I forget what a talented and resourceful photographer you are until I look at another Paris City Blog. It is not that Paris is beautiful and photogenic that make your photographs successful, but that you are creative beyond compare. Bon Vacance! You have earned it.

  3. More kudos for you, from moi aussi, mon ami. And here's one cadeau I wouldn't mind unwrapping! Enjoy the time off —

  4. I agree with everything everyone said, esp. rimabirdgirl.

    Cartier in NYC wraps their bldg. like a package,too. Right Alexa?

  5. It’s that time of year again! I’m doing the rounds and apologising for my complete failure to more regularly offer comment on everybody’s incredible efforts for the year. I know how hard it can be to keep up with the daily grind of everyday posting, and want to thank you for your efforts.

    I especially want to wish festive greetings for all from down here at [nearly] the end of the world, the bottom of Tasmania.

    So, if you could delete whatever is not applicable, I’d like to wish you a very pleasant/merry/happy/wonderful/safe Amaterasu; Ashurall; Beiwe; Choimus; Christmas; Dazh Boh; Dongzhi; Goru; Hanukkah; Hogmanay; Junkanoo; Karachun; Koleda; Lenæa; Meán Geimhridh; Modranicht; New Years; Ras as-Sana; Rozhanitsa Feast; Şeva Zistanê; shōgatsu; Summer Solstice [if you're in the Southern Hemisphere]; Sviatki; Winter solstice [if you're in the Northern Hemisphere]; Yalda; Yule-tide; Ziemassvētki; and Коляда!

    With a hearty three cheers from Kris, Jen, Henry and Ezra!

  6. Profites bien de tes vacances Eric!

    Today is my last day of work too until January 4th. It is always good to take a rest and be able to spend some time with the family.

    Love the photo!

  7. Your photos are always gifts to your many admirers so it is even more fitting that today’s image is a piece of Paris herself gift wrapped.

    Le Louvre des Antiquaires: Antique, yet appreciated in the modern world. What could be more appropriate than a blend of architecture apropos of the two realms? Although admirable in the right context I hope we don’t see the likes of a Kengo Kuma design when the gift wrap is finally torn away.

  8. @Eric..."(yes, like in yesterday's photo!)". Yesterday's photo was "a wedding dress with an Edge" -- I would wear it Definitely, maybe, I will. (I got married in a bathing suit once -- but I guess now, that is considered pretty tame). Back to your photos, they reminded me of all the installation art I use to do in NYC in the 1970's. I went from graffiti to installation, it's a natural inclination I think.

    And your BIG present photo of today is PERFECT! in the way of installation art -- or any art for that matter. Aren't I just full of good cheer? Nobody hit me!

    A funny story: I went to Bodie in the 1990's; it's a ghost town in the west from the Gold Rush days. I was moving things around taking photos; I was doing installation pieces. Then I noticed a sign saying "DO NOT MOVE ANYTHING!!!!!" Opps! was I embarrassed. Well, I said, I was just moving around old bones and things -- are you people really noticing that I am moving bones? LOL They looked at me dead-serious (they are Park Rangers because Bodie is now some sort of a "park"?). LOL What a joke! But it is good that they are trying to preserve it because I have been to a few ghost towns where the tourists/art collectors are literally walking away with the town for artifacts. To be continued.....

    See you later for more reindeer games. :)

  9. Where on earth is that? I swear there is so much in Paris that I obviously walk right by and never see. Amazing.

    Glad you have some holiday time Eric. Just think,when you return to Paris I'll be there with bells on ! Hope we will see you then!

  10. You're not on drugs?? Why not??...Everyone else is?? LOL!! Love the photo..I think my gift box should be that large!!

  11. I walked past this about 2 weeks ago, and was charmed and surprised to see that a man was actually painting it! I assumed the material was pre-printed and merely hung on the scaffolding, but no, there he was, harnessed and dangling, painting the gold bits of the left arch. Wonderful!

  12. Need a pretty big xmas tree to put this present under.

    Eric, go home, relax, take some nice drugs and enjoy your time off.
    You deserve it!

  13. Merry Christmas Eric! Thanks for the wonderful blog, your beautiful photos and lovely comments are always such a treat.
    Bisous xxx

  14. Ahhh Eric, you shouldn't have...but I'm glad you did...

    or should I say "Do"...

    365 days a year

    Without missing one

    (in 4 years? or is it 5 now?)!

  15. A beautiful scene, Eric! Enjoy your holidays.

  16. That's about the prettiest building cover-up I have ever seen! Have a wonderful Christmas vacation, Eric!

  17. oh i am always on my paris "high". bon vacance et joyeux noel.

  18. @kimba... "charmed and surprised to see that a man was actually painting it! I assumed the material was pre-printed and merely hung on the scaffolding, but no, there he was, harnessed and dangling, painting the gold bits of the left arch. Wonderful!" Merci for sharing that with us. I was wondering if it was pre-printed.

  19. @Michael..."Ahhh Eric, you shouldn't have...but I'm glad you did...or should I say "Do"...365 days a year"

    That was a very thoughtful thing to say. Eric will appreciate it I am sure.

  20. I do! It'll be 5 years in March! Crazy? Well yes...

  21. We actually sat under the overhang at the cafe that was right behind you when you took this pic on our trip in wasn't the best but it was dry and warm. We watched the workers building the scafolding as we waited for the rain to let up. Remembering the moment while looking at your pic is un petite caadeaux all in itself as we are stressed getting ready for Christmas....


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