Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Trees Forest

Funny the way the wrap Christmas trees in these nets nowadays. You see them absolutely everywhere in Paris, even in Supermarkets. I photographed this forest at Monceau Fleurs in the 17th, probably the largest florist chain store we have in France (and Europe actually). The price of a Christmas tree varies from one store to another and from the kind you want. The "Nordman" is the best - it lasts longer and does not lose its pines - costs about 50 €


  1. Creepy-looking. Creepy creeeeepy creeeeepy.

    I'd love to find a tree in the USA that's not so groomed and symmetrical on each side. Why does it have to be so perfect? I want the ornaments to hang, not lay there like a old reindeer poop.

  2. These trees look like they've been visited by a giant spider. I haven't seen the nets here in San Francisco, but then I haven't bought a real tree in over 20 years.
    Eric, I hope you are enjoying your trip to the states.

  3. I'm with you, Suzy. They look like ghost Christmas trees, and not friendly ghosts. 50 euros, wow. Are trees that expensive in the U.S.? I haven't bought one for years.

  4. Mrs. V, our 7 foot noble fir cost about $90 this year. Great tree. Would probably last until February if we let it.

    I'd love a pre-lit artificial tree, but the hubby refuses.

  5. Yipes! C'est beaucoup! I gave up on trees due to cats--ornaments knocked off, lights chewed on, climbing, peeing in the stand. Fortunately, I have family in town, and can get my tree fix at their houses.

  6. Spookey forest. Hello! is Casper in there?

  7. This is indeed ghostly, Eric! Hope you're having a great time in Beantown.
    Suzy—my kids wouldn't let me get a pre-lit artificial tree, but as soon as they moved out I did, and I don't regret it AT ALL. One of them helps me decorate it, and admits there are definite advantages.

  8. I've never seen those netted trees either here in Chicago. I was in New York a week or two before Christmas and saw many trees for sale there, none with nets. The picture is a little spooky looking.

    I have a pre-lit artificial tree that's getting old and will need replacing. It's nice not to have the needles all over the floor, but those real trees look and smell so nice. My son always has a real one so I get to enjoy both.

    I haven't commented in a while, but I hope you had a very nice Christmas Eric, and the same hope for everyone else who comments here. An early Happy New Year wish for everyone too.

  9. I like the spookiness of the photo. The nets look sticky.

  10. I do not like the looks of that netting over the trees. Haven't seen it around this area.

    We have numerous wholesale Christmas tree farms surrounding the town. Farmers here used to grow (delectable) strawberries but growing Christmas trees is *much* more lucrative, so most strawberry farms in the hills have switched to xmas trees.

    We chopped down our own trees at various tree farms in years past, but this year bought a tall, thin Nordman from the kids at Future Farmers of America. :)

  11. It looks like the spiders have been busy in there.

    LOL, ET Suzy ~ "I want the ornaments to hang, not lay there like a old reindeer poop." {That would be as opposed to young reindeer poop? :) }

  12. Lately I read a joke from a French drawer and humorist about a Christmas tree. This drawer, philippe Geluck, is used to draw a big cat in several comics situations. So in one of his drawings, Geluck shows his famous cat who is saying : "okay, I agree to become a Christmas tree, during greetings season, but only if you promise to be very very very careful when taking off the 'balls". LoL
    Here is the French text :
    Nordman, the best! I agree ;o)

  13. Nets are good. We chose ours and then it was put back into a net using a special machine. Makes it much easier for the wife to carry it home.

    I see PDP has now become a Xmas Tree comparison site.
    Ours cost £35 for a 7 footer including net and it doesn't drop its needles(much). It has a nice natural shape, Suzy, which allows my baubles to dangle freely.
    This appears to make it a **BEST BUY**
    - Unless you include Lynn's 'sneak round to the tree farm under the cover of darkness and cut one down' tree!

  14. "Much easier for the wife to carry it home"

    Drummond you crack me up.

  15. Here in NY, we buy a Fraiser Fir which is from I think North Carolina. ET Suzy, you'd love it as it's a thick needle tree, so it is not so perfectly shaped, and the branches are very defined. It costs about $42 for a 7 footer, versus $29 for a Balsam which is the standard. Once you pick it, then they insert it into a net machine for the trip home.

    I was happy to see a sign that the large, big box, hardware store we bought from saying that the nets are 100% recycled this year...


  16. I think the nets are very cobwebby creepy, too. But, I'm relieved to hear that at least some nets are recyclable. I always think that Europe is ahead of us in the green department, so I'd like to imagine that its a "net gain" all across the board!

  17. Remember the "Aliens" film, with the little girl found hiding on the planet? These trees in nets remind me of the alien egg pods. As soon as I saw the photo, I heard the little girl scream: "RIPLEEEY!!!"

  18. On which date shall you be throwing yours out of the window, Eric? Just so we know to stay clear... ;)

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