Friday, February 11, 2011


Funny how apples are part of the culture for some of us... The Christians believe that things turned ugly after Eve ate the apple, Isaac Newton, who is said to have discovered gravity after an apple fell off the tree he was sleeping against... There is also the Apple cult that manages to get its worshipers to buy just about any product it manufactures ;-) and here in Paris, we now have the Apple of Charles Fourier, a French philosopher (born in 1772) who discovered the unfairness of this world -and wrote about it after he bought an apple in Paris for 100 times the price he would have paid it in his home town! Well Mr Fourier is now honored through this brand new apple sculpture by Franck Scurti that I photographed today at place de Clichy.


  1. This artist's work looks like an homage to Anish Kapoor. I like how the square is reflected in the aluminum and the colored glass.

    On the otherhand, I first thought it was a sculpture in front of an Apple store and I was ready to say I helped pay for it.

  2. Yes PHX, I was thinking about you! And of course Eric, don't forget about the "Tomates" who worship Apples too!

  3. Peter of
    wrote an article about it on 01/11/11.
    Very interesting.

  4. And then there is the legend of William Tell and the apple and the Beatles Apple record label and the American Apple Pie. LOL

  5. Phx - yes, reminiscent of The Bean! Thanks, Eric. The more I see Paris through your eyes, the more I know I need to go back and see it again and again.

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  7. Yeah, Tomate!

    Eric, thank you for showing us this new sculpture. You are going to have a lot of fun revisiting it, as it looks like it has a zillion great possibilities to make an interesting photo. I predict it will be very popular with the camera crowd. . .like the Bean in Chicago :-).

  8. @Tomate - not smoking, but a bit heavy on the Apple Juice I have to say.

  9. Some also say: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" ;-)

    This one makes a gorgeous picture, with all these reflections!

  10. Thank you Eric for pointing out this location.
    I now have a new place in Paris to worship my God-Steve Jobs!...may my PowerBook G4 live long and prosper :)

  11. Thanks for that Eric - I just love stealing, I mean 'discovering and appreciating' your latest finds!

  12. @Sab LOL. I wish I could visit the catacombs with you tomorrow...

  13. I can see Eric in the silver of the apple! Well, I guess so. Maybe, the back bag at his feet makes it a lot ... Am I right?
    I do like the apple design and the silver color. Nice find.

    @Eric, Sab... Visiting the catacombs tomorrow ... with the beautiful sun we're having today over Paris just sounds odd ! I do hope the sun will shine tomorrow...


  14. It is reminiscent of the Jelly Bean! I really liked photographing that (and myself), so I'm sure I'll like this when I visit lovely Paris! I have to admit, I did think it was a post about computers and/or a store popular with a certain segment of the population when I saw the title. Oh, and I don't think Eve necessarily ate an apple, the Bible just speaks of fruit. Could have been a peach! :)

  15. The reflections really make this sculpture come alive.
    Let's hope they keep it clean and polished.
    As for M. Fourier, he should have gone straight back home, bought a load of apples, returned to Paris and made a fortune.

  16. Also the phrase "apple of your eye" and it seems possible this could become a real favorite for photographers. The apple is fascinating. I don't think the base does it justice.

  17. I like this lovely homage to the philosopher!

  18. They LOVE their Vodka & Apple Juice in Paris....that's for certain! As for the sculpture....I think it is lovely! Thanks for the beautiful image, Eric!