Saturday, August 03, 2013

Back to Le Pont Levant

You may remember my two photos of le Pont Levant from last year (this one and this one). Well, I went back this year! And the scenery is still stunning there. The beautiful building you can see in the background used to be a warehouse where cereal was stored. It apparently burned in 1990 and the Paris town hall decided to rebuild it and turn it into a student residence, a  hotel and also left some room for cafés ans restaurant (it's a must visit place if you want to have a quiet dinner out by the water on a hot summer night...). I love it.


  1. A quiet dinner by the water on a hot summer night always sounds good to me, dear Eric ~ even here at home. Looks like a beautiful spot for it. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I remember your spectacular night shots taken from the river. Now a really nice photo from the bridge itself.

    1. Merci Drummond ;-) And I remember the cruise I took that day. Very nice.