Sunday, May 04, 2014

2014 French soccer final

You may wonder why the title of this post is about soccer and the photo shows someone in a traditional costume! Well, it's easy, yesterday evening is Paris, the French soccer final took place and the two teams competing were from Bretagne (Brittany in English), a beautiful region located in the north western part of France. People from there are extremely proud of their origins, culture (and even language) and they managed to keep it alive - in a nice way, that is without rejecting the others, like in some other regions of France (I won't disclose any names LOL! - So you can imagine the atmosphere in the streets of Paris last night; they were sure that... Brittany would win! I did not taken this photo last evening though, but during a parade in Paris in 2007 (you may remember). Vive la Bretagne !


  1. Not very smiling your lady ! But still nice from you the way you have spoken of the Brittany !
    Baci Eric ... even if this is not from Brittany ;)
    Nothing is more serious than soccer in France :-)

  2. I almost thought the Puritans, looking at it in a thumbnail.

  3. Yes, soccer is serious -- and so is this Bretonne!

  4. Vous savez plaider en faveur de la Bretagne et on ne peut qu'être d'accord avec vous. Vous feriez un très bon avocat ! On dit que les Bretons ont quelques défauts quand même mais cette photo est très bien prise. Je suis admiratif de votre travail même si vous avez certainement de très grandes facilités personnelles. Cela n'enlève rien et ça reste un fondamental incontestable... tout comme je resterai fan de votre blog quoi qu'il arrive.