Thursday, July 03, 2014

More doors

You know my love for doors, well here is another example. I found this one at place du Panthéon! The little blue sign on the left (on the street lamp) means that there is an electric car charging station nearby, which is still pretty rare in Paris, unfortunately. 


  1. Very pretty doors!

    You probably have more charging stations than a lot of big cities do.

  2. It looks like two bald but happy twins.

  3. A man knocks on the blue door at 5 Place du Pantheon. The concierge opens the door. The following conversation ensues:

    Excuse me, is that charging station free?
    - There is no charge.
    So it doesn't work?
    - Yes it works but it is without charge.
    So it doesn't charge?
    - That is correct.
    So it doesn't work?
    - It charges but it doesn't charge!
    So you have to pay for nothing?
    - You don't have to pay!!
    Because it doesn't work?

    -the concierge pauses and takes a deep breath

    - It's free OK?
    No it's not, there's someone using it now...........
    THUD! (sound of door slamming)

    1. After reading it about 5 times, I've got it !!! Is it free or is it free ? Thank you for the big smile !! It makes me think of a famous French humorist, Raymond Devos, and more recently of another one called Stéphane de Groodt .
      Then, as Drummond is our Scottish echo to him, I'd only add (for the French who know S. de Groodt), Raymond-nous vivants ;))
      Thank you very much.

    2. Hi Petrea,
      The man, if that's what you mean!

      Bravo, I'm glad you got it, sorry to make you read my silliness 5 times!

    3. Don't worry Drummond, I love reading your silliness (if so!!) even 5 times !! I could have got it faster but I had to get used with this proper kind of humour !
      I am used to reading sooo muuuch boring at work, I can tell you ! You pleased me :)))

    4. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Here we have a WiFi company that is called "Free". But they are not free at all. So you can imagine the confusion when people see Free WiFi in the list of hotspots when they try to connect. Your dialogue kinda reminded me of this;-)

    5. Yeaahhh! I got it, too, Drummond. Which is also true is that in french, we do not have the same joke possible with the equivalent of free.