Sunday, July 20, 2014

(Reposting) Pro Palestinian Demonstration

I'm still in Normandie (in the North West of France) until tomorrow, but I just watched the national news and saw that a pretty violent Pro-Palestinian demonstration took place in Barbès yesterday - a quarter when a lot of people of Arab origin (mostly Northern Africa) live and work. It reminded me of a previous one that took place in 2009 where I took several photos, including this one. All these demonstrations are linked to what's happening in the Middle East of course.


  1. I don't share my political views on the web but sometimes it's hard not to.

    1. I know what you mean, Petrea. I think you are right even if I'd like to hear your positions.

  2. Oh yes ! I precisely remember your first post and your photos taken in live. This is the privilege of my faithfulness to your posts and the chance we have you being connected to any live event in Paris, either fun or rather worrying.. I like it !

  3. yikes poor little twingo

  4. yes, saw this on the news in USA; so much unrest everywhere over & over there ever going to be a time when humans can live peacefully with their differences? I want to keep hope that the answer is yes...I wish there were more artists, photographers, vegans, humanitarians, etc. in this world; life could be wonderful for everyone