Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sneak into a real Parisian apartment! Here is a photo of a bathroom from an apartment located in the 9th arrondissement... All black an white (the floor is made of roof tiles), a mix of modern and old stuff (the sinks are shaped after models from the 30's) and just a central cabinet. There is also a corner shower but it cannot be seen on this photo.


  1. i see you use the word 'arrondissement' often, and it sounds familiar from studying french at school but i can't remember what it means

  2. Marc,

    I came across this definition which might help...

    Paris is divided up into twenty "arrondissement" or districts. The "First" is in the center of the city, and the others are laid out in a clockwise manner about this. As these are such a basic unit to the city, they are constantly referred to in guides and literature; almost always using simply their associated number (1er, or 2em etc). The Louvre is in the First, the Arc de Triomphe is in the Eighth. NB: You can determine the arrondissement of an address from its postal code. The last two digits of a Paris address give the arrondissement; 75018 is the eighteenth for example. The exception to this rule are addresses with the word "CEDEX" appearing in them.