Friday, March 11, 2005

Snow in the Luxembourg garden

Snow in the Luxembourg garden from the rue Guynemer side. (6th arrondissement). Pretty rare for it rarely snows in Paris that much. Posted by Hello


  1. Awww, your very first post. How far you've come in 3 years!

    (Just going through archiving all my favorite PDP photos!)

  2. I wanted to come back and see the beginning, too. How beautiful, even then.

  3. Im just going through the archives now on 27/10/08! You were fantastic way back here even Eric!

  4. Today is 11 March 2009.
    Return to the future ;-)

    So everything started in the snowy "Luco"....

  5. Crikey,

    These folk have been your supporters since day one, Eric. That's fantastic ! !

    And it's still snowing in le Jardin du Luxembourg.

    Happy impending birthday for tomorrow, 21 janvier 2010

  6. Oh my this is gorgeous. Glad someone dug it up. You've been good all along Eric!

  7. *grin*

    I thought I would come right back here to the beginning, as well. You started off beautifully ... and in mono nonetheless.

    Bravo monsieur!
    11th March 2010

  8. Drummond Back From The FutureOctober 9, 2011 at 5:44:00 PM GMT+2

    Phew! Finally got the flux capacitor fixed and it's great to be back in 2005. How young I look!
    Well, a bit younger.
    Anyway folks, the other good news is that Eric and PDP are still going strong in October 2011.
    The photo has changed, his weight has been up and down a bit and in his new photo he laughs like this..LOOOOOOOL!
    The whole daily photo thing has taken off and Eric is now a multi millionaire and has a whole team of people blogging and tweeting (you'll find out) for him while he sips cocktails on his yacht in the Med. Oops, sorry, that's not until 2013.
    Anyway, back to October 2011. He's giving a presentation about PDP in Paris and all the commenters past and future are wishing him luck and good wishes.
    There are some great photos coming up in the next seven years, not to mention smartphones, iPads, the first black US President (only kidding), recession (sorry) and Picnics.

  9. Petrea, it's such a relief to know there is another time traveller out there

  10. Can't help it. Like Billy Pilgrim, I'm chronosynclastic infundibulated.

  11. I didn't make the happy discovery of this blog until 2008, but looking all the way back, I'm glad you made your pictures bigger than this, Eric!