Friday, April 15, 2005

According to my stats, last night I received my 1 000th visitor! It's far from my goal (1 000 visitors per day) but considering I started less than one month ago, I am pretty happy. Thank you to all referers and to my daily visitors.


  1. Le 1000ème, la nuit dernière, c'était moi! Qu'est ce que j'ai gagné?? :~)


  2. LOL,

    C'est bien posssible, mais je ne connais que le nombre total, par le ranking de chacun !! Donc, désolé, mais à part le droit de garder mon blog pendant mes vacances je ne vois pas quoi t'offrir d'autre !!

  3. J'ai beaucoup aimé tes photos!
    Paris me manque tellement, que maintenant j'ai envie de pleurer.
    Bon, mais je suis contente pour avoir trouvé ton site.
    Pourquoi tu n'ecris pas en français?

  4. Congratulations! I start my day with your photos of Paris - and almost always with a smile!

    Darrell (Michael's friend in Miami)

    p.s. I have referred a number of friends to your blog - they enjoy it, as well!

  5. Congrats ERIC
    Thanks for your pictorial narrative of is a joy

    Craggles Australia

  6. Blogs, blogs, blogs..... At first I thought this was going to be just another I'm looking every day. You can include me in your 1000ème visitors. Bon, j'attends la prochaine photo avec l'anticipation! I love the other blog too Eric...

  7. > Débora : merci bcp, je suis content si mon blog t'empêche de pleurer !! J'utilise l'anglais parce qu'il est déstiné avant tout aux étrangers qui ne connaissent pas Paris ou qui en ont la nostalgie - comme toi ! - et que l'anglais est une langue internationale.

    > Darrell, thanx a million. What you wrote is very nice, I am happy that I contribute to making you smile everytime you start a new day!

    > Craggles, thank you also. That's what I like about this blog thing is that you get visitors from all over the world including from "the land down under". Paris is a long way from Australia, I hope I contribute to making it look closer!

    PS : and somebody who enjoys Taussac Red Vine cannot be totally bad ;))

    > Michael. Thank you for refering my blog to Darrell and for your general support...

  8. Nice blog, Eric! Best wishes from Russia! :o)

    I`ll promote you by my web-observer site at once (in Russian only, sorry).

  9. Great site, I am bookmarking it!Keep it up!
    With the best regards!

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