Saturday, October 06, 2007

Big rugby day for the French team

Today (well Saturday evening) the stake will be high for France as our rugby team (Les 15 de France) will play against the New Zealand team: the All Blacks. Let's face it, we have little chance against them but, well, who knows... To celebrate this day I chose this photo, that I took 2 days ago on the roof top of the Musée des arts premiers (also known as musée du Quai Branly). During the rugby cup, they installed this field with the Eiffel Tower (yes, again!) in the background. Clever idea...


  1. I was there! :) With that pink ribbon featured in a previous post...
    The Eiffel tower's head was hiding in the clouds. Rugby ball was missing on the field, but stuck just up the tower's first floor...

  2. Fun view. I don't know jacques about rugby, but "Allez Les 15". Bon chance.

    Moi, j'aime le baseball. tonight I'll just watch the Yankees and then watch Boston get beat.

    (Here we go...)

  3. Oh, wow, look at all that fog!!! Looks like all the San Francisco fog traveled to Paris, uh. That's OK, keep it for a while, we don't need it at the moment, especially not this week-end with all the air shows and outdoors activities we have planned! ;)

    Great idea this shot on the roof, but Eric what were you doing up there?!

  4. tomate, wish for sunshine! I'll be on the Bay on Sunday watching the Blue Angels! I hope to get a good look at one or two hunky sailors in for Fleet Week, too.

    Eric, are you trying to kill me? Two Eiffel Towers in a row? But let me get this straight - people get to view both the oh-la-la French Rugby Team and the most famous French erection all at once? I'll take that over a bunch of fighter jets flying in formation over the Bay any day.

  5. Being a Kiwi I wish I could be there to cheer on the mighty ALL BLACKS
    it should be a good game no mater who wins
    also living in Sydney I can cheer for Australia but will have a problem if they both make it to the final :)

  6. Suzy P: Good for you! The Blue Angels rock! :-) I think I'll try to get there early enough to see the parade of ships, too.

    Did you know that local SF politicians just tried to ban the Blue Angels from coming back? Reasons vary from "the noise these planes make scare my cats" to cost, pollution and .. well, after all, they *are* military planes and it *is* San Francisco, if you know what I mean ...

    (sorry about the little sidebar on your site, Eric. San Francisco is all festive for Fleet Week and a host of other activities this WE, hard not to be excited.)

  7. Jeff, I'm dying! "I don't know jacques about rugby". You really do have a great sense of humour.

    This is a really interesting set-up Eric. Something I always like about the French is their ability to "decorate" no matter what in such a way that keeps you always looking 'round the corner for the next idea. (i.e., the scaffolding coverings)

  8. Well, as an Aussie, guess who I am hoping wins the France - NZ game? All I can say is "Forza Francia!"

    Sydney Daily Photo

  9. So, The aussies were outplayed by the gallant English, possibly setting up a France-England semi-final. That'd be good...

  10. English won against Australia...Shit!
    Now,ready for the second match: France- New Zealand.
    Everybody to the Coolin ( pub rue Clément, métro Mabillon)!!

    Rectification Eric, c'est "Le" Quinze de France et non "Les" Quinze de France!

  11. Hey Fred, yes, you were there! Was nice seeing you after all this time actually.

    Jeff, I don't understand this play on words "Fun view. I don't know jacques about rugby," I suppose, it's a play on words right?

    Tomate, actually I took this photo the same day I took the pink ribbons for that is where the press conference took place. And yes you're right, looked like SF that day (except that it was warm!)

    Suzy P. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! The most famous French erection? Debatable... Ooooh,let's not get there!

    Keith. OK, as a Kiwi you have the right to support your country, that is fair enough... But you only!

    Tomate, I just understood what the blue angels was - well who they were. And yes, with the fog, the show would be kinda pointless... We too have a festive night here, it's called "La nuit blanch". Hopefully I'll get some pics, but I'm sick so I'd better stay in bed...

    Michael. So yes, you confirm the play on words but I still don't understand it. Yes we're not too bad at that except that it might change. The green party tries to lower the number of ads in Paris and they want to ban scaffolding coverings for most of them are sponsored therefore considered as advertising.

    Sally. OK, OK, you too have the right to support the All Blacks! And it's fait of you to say "Forza Francia" even if we'll need a bit more than that I'm afraid...

    Of course Guille it's Le Quinze de France. Shame on me!! Thaks for telling me and it's a shame I cnnot make it to The Coolin, the atmosphere will rock I'm sure.

  12. Ooh, sorry, international crowd, a bit of Yank word play there. It's slang: to say "you don't know jack sh__" means "you don't know anything about it", or maybe "you're stupid". Jack, jacques, ... Well, if you have to explaing your joke... At least Michael laughs at my jokes. Merci, mon ami!

  13. France won!!! Wow, congrats. Too bad I couldn't see it live.

    France vs England. Sounds like a Daily Photo dream come true.

  14. That is because I am still laughing at your joke, Jeff. I will conscript it to say " You don't know Jacque merde" to my bi lingual friends at the airlines.

  15. "The most famous French erection? Debatable..."

    Debatable? Damn, Eric, there are more famous ones? I guess I don't know Jacques about Frenchmen.

  16. What a match! Paris is screaming out of our balconies! Yeahhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  17. Félicitations aux grenouilles!!!!!!!

  18. Congratulations to you Eric and all our froggy friends!! See you on Saturday. BRING IT ON!!!!!