Sunday, June 12, 2005

Caesar's thumb!

I already told you my love for La Défense quarter, the modern business area of Paris. Not only can you see some facinating skyscrapers but also modern art masterpieces. This one is called Le pouce (the thumb) and it's made by one of our most famous sculptor (who actually died in 1998): César (his real name is César Baldaccini). It was made in 1965 (that's probably why it could use some French manicure ;)) , weighs 18 tons and is 12 meter high. If you go to La Défense, you can see it on the far right of the Big Arch, that I already showed here.


  1. Hey Eric,

    I love the site, I check it out almost every day. I would like to start one like that from my town, just never get to it.. maybe some day when I have more time.

    Anyway, I wanted to ask you a couple technical questions.
    You probably publish pictures with Hello? How do you enter the title then? Because Hello only lets you write the actual post. Is there any other way to the title to the pictures besides going into your account and editing the posted pictures?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

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  4. > Rock, with all what you add on your must see list you'll have to stay 3 months in Paris! I am gald you are a César admirer for I am too!

    > Linas, no there is no other way. I agree it's not convenient at all...

  5. Sorry no comment on the photo, but I love Paris, the Siene, Sacre Couer, and so much more it a pleasure to see your blog,this is the first time I hav e encountered it.

  6. Eric, where exactly in La Défense is this? You always seem to find things there that I've never seen. Another great shot!

  7. Where are the other fingers?? Huh? Where is the middle one? :~)

  8. hello Eric!
    I'm french (parisian) so I like very much your blog, your pictures are great(I think it's good for Paris's image in the world..!) I hope you'll continue... ps: I studi Art so I'm happy to see that kind of photo who show french culutur...

  9. Hi Eric,

    Got to know about your fascinating for Paris and its beautiful sculptures. Thought to update you about the auction of Le pouce (the thumb).

    Visit this link and satiate your curiosity.