Monday, June 13, 2005

French hostages freed after 157 days

I don't know if you remember this photo? It showed two French hostages (a reporter and her guide) that had been abducted in Iraq. Well, they have been freed yesterday and people are so happy that they show it! On this photo - that I took yesterday in a Park - these picnickers hung on the tree a small poster that says: "They are free and so are we."


  1. I saw this on the news and was very happy and thankful.

  2. That was such great news Eric. What a neat thing to do at a picnic. Do you think the people there knew them personally?

  3. C'est une merveilleuse nouvelle. Je ne savais pas qu'ils avaient ete liberes. I watch the news on TV5 from Toronto pretty much every day but haven't watched these past few days. I'm pleased.

    I discovered your blog from another site and I like it a lot. I love Paris :)

    Keep it up Eric! You're doing a fantastic job.

  4. > Michael. No I don't think they new them. But they felt so close that it's like they were part of their family.

    > Sylvie. Thank you very much/Merci beaucoup. Keep checking here as much as you want! Are you from Quebec? (I suppose so, otherwise you would not watch TV5!!)