Friday, June 03, 2005

Funky garbage cans in La Villette park

Here are few funky ashtrays/garbage cans I came across in Le Parc de la Villette (where I already took this picture). I just found out that they were made by famous designer Philippe Starck who - to me anyway - is a real genious. He would turn any trivial thing into a piece of art...


  1. Cool shot Eric. Also, came across something you might be interested in.

  2. Mouais, je suis bien plus dubitatif sur le "génie" de Stark. Mais c'est le vieux débat des goûts et des couleurs, fantastique ou science-fiction, être ou ne pas être, oui ou non, Jacob ou Delafon, j'en passe ou des meilleures...
    (ptêt pas trop bien réveillé, ce matin, moi...)

  3. LOL Melie, love your comment!! Actually now that you mention it...

    No, in fact it's funny though, because La Vilette Park was erected on the precinct of a former slaughter house! But that was in the 60s and I doubt mice stayed there that long!

  4. to make the cheese image even worse, have you seen those "cheesehead" hats people from Wisconsin wear?

    but now I've taken something you liked and made it awful :(

  5. >> Justgrace :
    If I'm not wrong, I saw those very particular hats during football competitions (with the Green Bay Packers ???). The first time you see that, it's really, ahum, surprising !!!