Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Monica!

Regular visitors here all know Monica from Rio, right? She comments very regularly, has always something nice to say to people and - to say the least - is a true francophile (and PDPphile!). So exceptionally, I'd like to post a personal message for her today: "Bon anniversaire Monica, mes voeux les plus sincères..." (these are the first words of a French happy birthday song). As you guessed Monica, since you're a sucker for Macarons, this is what's awaiting for you when you come, at the end of July (I'll put them in the fridge!). They come from "La Maison du Chocolat", a place no one should miss when in Paris (OK, unless you suffer from diabetes...). They even have friendly salespersons, go figure!


  1. This is why I miss Paris...

  2. Eric, You're a true gentleman, offering "sweets to the sweet." (but without the Hamlet farewell!!)
    They look terrific!

  3. Eric!!!!!!!!!! Merci! Merci! Merci!
    I'm actually screaming with joy here (if you could only hear me now..!)

    I can't believe how sweet you are, I'm so moved by your gesture!!! I'm sure I'll have the best birthday ever because it has started with your sweet words!!!

    And those macarons... thank you for posting it I didn't really think you were going to do it.
    Arent'they pretty?!!! I AM a francophile, a Parisphile (think I just made up this word) and a sucker for macarons so it's all perfect. This charming Maison du Chocolat bag makes me feel I can't miss a visit to this shop.
    Good thing I have already written down its address!!!

    I'll thank you in person in a few weeks!

  4. Monica

    the happiest of birthdays to you! I enjoyed your blog last night and your photography. You are as Eric has said, "always something nice to say to people".
    enjoy the second celebration in Paris, I missed the La Maison du Chocolat (and the opportunity to meet Eric Michael Jeff...) have an extra piece of chocolat for me.

    Eric, love the photo and the sentiment

  5. Monica who?! Never heard of that person!

    Oh, and did you say "friendly" sales people? In Paris? Wow, that's exceptional, uh?!

    OK, OK, I'll stop... Now, Monica, can I finally say Happy B'day?! ;) And I might add, these macarons look absolutely fabulous, dah-ling...

  6. It's also a pretty good picture, actually with a nice color assortment. Cute!

  7. Philly and Tomate thanks!! I'm blushing here you know!
    Isn't Eric the greatest? Such a gentleman... and I agree Tomate the photo is nice, I love the colors!

    Philly don't worry, I'll have enough chocolate for two people, three, four, five...!

  8. Nicely done, and so fun! Happiest B-Day wishes to Miss Monica. A friend of mine came home from Paris raving about those macaroons, and I'm sure Eric just boosted sales at La Maison du Chocolat for the summer by featuring this lovely gift image. What a beautiful presentation!

  9. Bon anniversaire, Feliz Cumpleaños, feliz aniversario Monica.

    Eric, what a great gesture, good job.

  10. As others have said, "Happy Birthday Monica" from the States! My little sister's birthday is also on July 12th but she's a Las Vegasophile! ahem! She's cool, too!
    Enjoy Paris! Eric, you "da man!"

  11. Kim, Louis London, Antigua thanks!

    Coltrane lol Las Vegasophile! Happy birthday to your little sister too!

  12. Yum! Those look great - and I love the PDP shout out!

    You know, my birthday is on the 28th. May I request a photo of some hot (maybe Scottish - ha) guy?

  13. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

    No Scottish guy!!!

  14. Happy Birthday to Monica. The photo is lovely...beautiful color combo.

  15. Happy Birthday, Monica!!! I hope you have a great day! J'adore les macarons aussi!! Vanille is my favorite.

    I had no idea they sold macarons at La Maison du Chocolat - probably because I'm too busy drooling over the chocolate options. Now I'll have somewhere else to try besides Laduree.

  16. bonne anniversaire à Monica...

    et pinaise des macarons...

  17. Happy birthday, Monica! Have fun in Paris, and try not to spend all of your time at La Maison du Chocolat!

    Love that photo, great colors, that's for sure. I am not a sweet tooth by any means (actually, sweets are seldom, if ever, on my radar), but I do like macarons.

  18. Happy Birthday Monica!
    Thanks to you we all remembered this sweet store in the center of Paris.

    Next time I will buy from there I will remind myself not to carry any credit card with me!

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  20. Johhny Parsons, Pont Girl Terra Vecchia, Elisabeth & Philos, thank you very much for the b´day wishes, you´re very kind!

  21. Dear Monica,

    It just goes to show that all your friends love you and adore you.
    Madame et moi wish you the best birthday a girl could have and it was so nice to hear and see you squeaking with joy at Eric's lovely birthday sentiments. He is truly a great guy and you'll have a great time obviously, when you soon get to Paris.

    Joyeux Anniversaire chère Monica

  22. Dear M.Benaut, I adore you all just as much. Send my love to mme. too. It´s so great to get all these wishes from such nice people from all around the world!Feels good!
    One of the many accomplishments of PDP!!!

  23. I miss so many things about Paris, but macarons are right near the top of the list. I love having them with tea at Laduree!
    btw, I'm a long time mostly-lurker although I have posted twice before as Frances from the West Coast. I now have my own blog (with a link to ParisDailyPhoto, bien sur) so I'm using that name
    oh, and a question -- does that bag look as much, in person, like the Hermes bags, as it appears to here. Seems to be the exact orange and a similar shape.

  24. I still have the box from my last visit to Maison in May of 2005! Cannot bear to part with it. Brings back so many wonderful memories. Happy Birthday, Monica!

    Eric, so sorry I missed seeing you when you were in San Jose - I hope you had a successful photo shoot.

  25. Parabens, Monica. Toda felicidade do mondo pra ti. Abraco

    Eric, what a lovely gesture and for someone well deserving of it.


  26. Happy birthday Monica!

    I love the colors, Eric...

  27. Bon anniversaire, Madame Monica a Rio. Le photo est jolie, mais vous etes belle. J'espere que votre jour est parfait.

    And speaking of sweets, isn't Pierre Herme supposed to be the best macaron patisserie? Nonetheless, the photo is very nice.

    Ok, I had a little help from an online translator, but only a little!

  28. Zannie, Cinthia, Kbam thanks a lot!
    Lorraine, obrigada pelas felicitações em português!

    Jeff, merci! Translator or no translator your message got through and I loved it! You´re sweet!

  29. Ouaaaiiiiisssss!!! Happy B'Day to the "girl from Ipanema"??[just a reve..]or joke...?? Well, who needs the "bossa nova" when you have Macarons from "La Maison du Chocolat"??!! Ehhhh?? ;-) What a kind and thoughtful gesture from the "friendly Parisian"!! Nice guy that Eric...ehhhh??? When I first opened the page I thought he had gone to Hermes to surprise you!! Same beautiful color bag!!! Awwww!!

    buzzgurl....oh my...I'm blushing a similar shade to that of the farcie tomate...!!! LOL!!!

  30. Quick note before going to bed.

    1) I'm glad you enjoyed this B-day special Monica.

    2) Thanks to everyone for echoing my best wishes to Monica.

    3) The real color of the bag is actually more brown that orange. My tuning is pretty bad actually - you have no idea how many pics I took before coming up with one I kinda liked LOL. So anyway, it's not at all the Hermes orange.

    Private joke: Buzzgirl, do you know of any Scottish guy I could photograph in Paris by any chance??

    BTW, I'm gonna start a series of portraits for the summer, I've decided. No Scottish guys, but typical Paris people. If you're interested in being my "model", please send me an email.

    Mind you, I should probably post this in French, since I'm looking for typical French people LOL...

    Anyway I'll come back to this this weekend with a more precise description of what I want.

  31. Tonton Flaneur "the girl from Ipanema" thanks you for you b'day wishes! I'm very happy with all the nice gestures! Really made my day!

    Eric thanks for this happy day! Specially knowing you went to the trouble of taking so many pictures til you liked one.

    What a great idea this portrait series you're going to do. Good shots!

  32. Eric, I do indeed know of at least one Écossais... let me know if you want contact info. :)

    Can't wait to hear more about your project.

  33. Oh those macarons look delicious. :-b

    Bon anniversaire Monica! May you have many, many more macarons...oops....I mean many more happy birthdays! :-D

  34. huuuum ça donne bien envie ces macarons ^_^ May we have a chance to find some good ones in San Francisco Eric ?

    happy birthday to you Monica, best wishes ^_^ et régale-toi avec les yeux ;)

  35. Thalie, je vais bien me regaler!!! miam miam..!

  36. Ah, macaron! I love the ones from Gerard Mulot. Eric, thanks for the fabulous visual midnight snack. Best of all, no calories and no fat! And Happy Birthday Monica!

  37. Can't believe i missed your birthday, Mon' - so sorry!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY (belated)

    I would love to be in Paris the same time as you, to say it in person. There could be a slim chance i might get there after all, rather than a no-chance! Can you email me the dates? love on your birthday! x

  38. chip+cool thanks for the words!

    Lynn thank you! Well it's great to hear that there's a slim chance.... !
    Will e-mail you!

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  41. Ah, les macarons! I love them. I chanced upon Maison in Paris a couple of years ago, and since then, I've been hooked. Always searching for a good macaron. There's a Maison du Chocolat in NY (Park Ave. , I think). And today, Bastille Day, I found an open Laduree store in Paris! Their macarons are very good too.

  42. Could there be any gift better than macarons? Not in my opinion. Happy birthday, Monica. Thank you for inspiring this wonderful image.

    I literally wake up in the middle of the night sometimes tasting these wonderful things and craving them so badly! Gorgeous colors, even if the bag isn't actually as orange as it appears. :) My eyes were really more focused on the macarons!