Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A new Metro ticket

The news came as a shock to me this morning... the good old metro ticket (the one that you can see in this photo) is officially dead since yesterday! The new one (see it here) is white and... big improvement, allows you to take any public transport you want (bus, metro, Express train (RER), tram...) within 90 minutes. Before you had to buy a new ticket each time. This will not sound like a revolution to a lot of visitors as many other European cities already adopted this principle but to us, Parisians, it does! If you're into purple don't worry, the old ticket will only disappear progressively. And the bad news is... that the price increased by almost 2% 7.1% (from 1,40 to 1,50 €...)
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  1. Oh! Une page d'histoire serait donc en train de se tourner...

  2. Acutally, it's not such a revolution. Now you can have a correspondance between buses or tram during 1.5 hours, but you can't do it between subway/RER and buses... :-(

  3. I think we got the same motivation in our pictures. make it as simple as possible. But you came with interesting story. I really like this picture.

  4. Another nice shot, as far as I'm concerned :D

    I wonder if I should hang on to my old metro tickets and then put them on eBay, uh? ;)

  5. I love visiting PDP.

    Could you recommend how to purchase a "Pat as You Go" cell phone upon arrival in central Paris?

  6. faut pas t'inquiéter, le ticket a coutume d'augmenter chaque été, tout comme le timbre. Mais zut de flute, déjà le ticket jaune a tourné violet, le voilà blanc O_o ? Fut-il vert-bleu un temps ? Quand ils disent RER, jusqu'à quelle zone ? ;)non parce que si tu es coincé(e) sur une voie bien installé(e) dans une trame ligne D pour ne pas citer, le 90-minutes peut passer très mais très très vite :D
    arf, les joies du transport en commun mdrrr

  7. Sounds like the way to go...and the increase is reasonable. I'm sure somebody out there (probably Sherlock Monica) can even guess the metro station you're at. ;-)

  8. The only big improvement is that you can use it with anything else but why do they have to raise the price?It's not fair really.Here in Malaysia,it only works with a bus called RapidKL.A ticket works for the whole day.

  9. What??? All my tickets are green, some purple, if memory serves. Oh well, end of an era!

  10. Nice post, despite the bad news on your return to Paris!!

    I'm happy I bought a package of tickets just in time before the increase, enough to "survive" at least a week.

  11. So all mine left from old carnets are dead?? Or are they still valid alongside the new?

    (anonyme - back in December SFR was the best deal (18E including 3E credit for the basic phone - you will need a french address to put down)

  12. Hm.. Just on thing: increasing from 1.40 to 1.50 it is 7%+! :)
    (1.50 * 100%) / 140 = 107.14%

  13. There is a small outdoor artist's "market" near Montparnasse (Marche De La Creation Paris Montparnasse, near the Edgar Quinet Metro stop), where one of the artists uses Metro cards to make miniature paintings. His whole world will be changed...

  14. LOL Coltrane Lives, Sherlock Monica!
    I won´t take a guess this time, I don´t know which station this is!

    Very good info as I´m going to Paris in a few weeks. Not happy about the price increase. But then again, I´m sure I will walk most of the day, so much to see...!

  15. Thanks for the info, Eric! I'm a high school French teacher in the US (Virginia) and I do a unit on the metro with my French 2 students. I have shown them some old metro tickets and they laugh at my old carte orange photo. It's nice to be able to give them real things to look at, and I have a link to your blog on my school site so the kids can get some good information as well as seeing fantastic pictures!

  16. Yeah, I imagine when I do eventually get to Paris I may take the Metro once just to see how it compares to ours, but walking will definately be my perferred mode of transport!

    St. Louis Daily Photo

  17. Eric, sais tu si les vieux sont encore utilisables pour une petite période, ou échangeables ??

  18. Yeah, my daily train fare outta Paris on Tuesdays increased today, shucks... what can you do - hey! we can go on strike like the train guys, and... refuse to take the metro... think it'll work..?

  19. Oh, by the way, I forgot to say, I think this is a cooool pic !!!

  20. Hmm.. I thought the old ticket is yellow. That was 20 years ago though!

  21. does anybody know if you can use the old tickets anymore?

  22. Don't worry everyone, the old ones are still available and they will remain available for a long time...

  23. OK, now I'm totally jet lagged, impossible to sleep LOL. So here I am spending some time with you...

    > Poudre. Oui, une nouvelle révolution française LOL! Mais pas pour Stfunx:

    > Stfunx. Well, you're right. Are you sure of that? That really sucks actually.

    > K'ryn. Thanks ;)

    > Iblowfish. Thank you. I tell you what; my problem is generally "how on earth can I take an interesting picture on a boring news such as a new metro ticket!"

    > Tomate. Metro tickets on ebay LOL, that IS an idea. But wait, right now they are worth nothing ; well yes 1,40 €!

    Anonyme. Thank you. I think Virgin Mobile has a good offer (0,42 € a minute) - I know it might sound expensive but remember that here you only pay for outgoing calls). I will try to carry out a market study on the prepaid phone cards for GSM, but I think it's going to be very time consuming (it's a good idea though). Why don't you post your request in the forum, maybe someone will help you.

    > Thalie. Ne nous plaignons pas trop, franchement notre système est vraiment bon. (Sans cocorico exagéré !)

    > Coltrane. Sherlock Monica LOOOOOOOOOL! Well Ieven if she does I won't be able to tell her if it's right cause I don't remember myself LOL.

    > Dijah. Well, like Thalie said, raising the price of the metro ticket is usual every year in July when people start going on vacation...

    > Pont Girl. Metro tickets - even French ones - don't improve with time like good wine! ;)

    > Peter. Don't worry, you will still be able to buy old ones for a while ;)

    > Ham. Same answer. Thanks for the tip on the GSM prepaid cards. Don't you want to carry this market study I mentioned above ??

    > Prokur. Er... You are so right. I copied what I found in an article without even checking... Thank you. The correct number is 7,1%.

    > Erik H. Yes I know very well this market. One day I tried to take photos there and they protested so I don't want to promote them on my blog.

    > Monica. Take a weekly or monthly ticket. Much more handy (you'll need a passport size photo, bring one with you).

    > Marcia. Well welcome to your students then. I love to hear stories like yours. I feel "useful"!

    > Soosha. yes, there is nothing like walking in a city to discover it (well except if the city is Los Angeles or Shanghai of course LOL)

    > Anonyme. Oui, ils le sont.

    > Paris set me free. LOL No, I don't think so... Besides, it's not really expensive compared to traveling by car for instance. Thanks for the pic. Browsing the web I ended up on your photo meetup group BTW. Looks cool.

    > Anonymous. Yes, something like that...

    > Eye prefer Paris. Yes you can.

  24. Oooh, I feel so special! Eric spent some personal time with me! *blush* I'll just pretend he didn't do that same with everyone else!

  25. aha! I am planning to do that Eric, buying a weekly ticket. I have already separeted the photo for this! I suppose the price has increased also :(

    I agree with you, walking in LA... not a good idea!

  26. Oh. no more old metro ticket?

    I actually kept a few of the Paris Metro tickets with me! I still have them!

    We use RFID cards here in Singapore for our public transport, and we can use it for trains and buses and even pay for food at Mcdonalds with them!

  27. This is good news! What took them so long?

  28. Nevertheless, one of the wold's great travel bargains still.

    Her eis what i have done with some of my old metro tickets:


  29. La dernière fois que j'ai visité Paris les tickets étaient encore jaune!!

    Je viens de découvrir ton blog. Des photos superbes et de bons souvenirs pour moi qui ai passé plusieurs années à Paris.

  30. 1.40 Euro is still incredibly cheap. The basic ticket on the London Underground is £4!

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