Saturday, November 03, 2007

Celebrating the dead

Like in many countries, November 1st is All Saints day, the day Catholics celebrate their dead. A lot of people take advantage of it to go to visit the tombs of their dead relatives and bring flowers. I'm not sure this procession that I shot in front of Notre Dame has also something to do with this date, but I'm pretty sure it does. It was quite impressive and the tourists there (there are tons of tourists in Paris at the moment) were quite surprised. As for me I'm off to Trouville to see my 94 year old aunt for the weekend, believe me she's far from being dead!


  1. I love your second Blue photo Eric - I actually did the same thing yesterday - posted my second choice on the theme.

    Your Aunt is amazing. Hope you have a wonderful time with her!!!

    All the women in my family have lived long and activie lives. My greatgrandmother died at 98 - after a fall, and my two grandmothers were 88 and 90 - hope it is in my genes!!!

  2. Extraordinary! Clever shot!
    Apparently this is a celebration of All Saints, as I suppose from what can be read on the banners.
    Wish I'd seen that.

    Congratulations to your aunt on her long life ;o)

  3. Bonjour Tante! How marvellous to be 94! I wish you a lovely weekend together, i bet she's been looking forward to it.

    This is an impressive parade and it's interesting to find out about All Saints' Day. I'm afraid i hadn't known it was to celebrate Catholics' dead.

  4. Hello Eric! This looks like a procession for All Saint's Day,
    Nov 1, remembering, well, the saints. The next day, Nov 2, is All Soul's Day, when we remember the faithful departed. Usually the church will bless cemetaries and gravesites then, too.

    Gets confusing sometimes.

    I've enjoyed this site for a very long time. Everything you post is interesting and creative. Enjoy the trip with your aunt.

  5. Eric, I've got some new information about the Eiffel Tower sale I mentioned earlier. Apparently they are selling some stairs at an auction. The piece is 4,5 m and weighs 700 kg. And they say it's probably worth between 15 000 and 20 000 euro. It's the stairs that Gustave Eiffel used when he hoisted the french flag on the top, the 31 of march 1889. Pieces of the stairs was sold at an auction earlier, back in 1983.
    Now it seems we've got a new chance. It's the auction house Drouot that's arranging this the 19th of november.

  6. The small photo looks like something out of a movie. When enlarged, however, I see some white sneakers sticking out. Must be a tourist! What was that priest thinking Eric with you laying on the ground for this shot? "Man, that guy is taking this stuff seriously praying like that!!"

    "Bonjour a ta tante!"

  7. This is not to forget the ones who passed before us