Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Goncourt Prize

Each year in November the 10 members of the Goncourt Academy jury elect the "the best and most imaginative prose work of the year" (well, according to them) and give him - or her - the Goncourt Prize. According to the tradition, the announcement of the winner is made every year at 1 pm on the dot from this restaurant, called Drouant. If you look more closely, you will see several names on the facade of this restaurant; they are all Goncourt Prize winners. By the way, this year's winner was announced yesterday's morning. His name is Gilles Leroy, he wrote «Alabama Song», a French novel, despite its title...


  1. I am far more familiar with French photographers than I am with your writers, unless their work is in translation. Guess I'll have to learn French.

  2. I like how they publicize the winner like this - very different. Should we expect to see your name up there next year, Eric?

  3. My hat is off to Gilles Leroy and any writer who spends time honing the craft.

  4. Bojour:
    I thought Bertold Brecht & Kurt Weil wrote Alabama Song in the 30's..... Oh Well.....
    Steve in Chicago, a town Brecht & Weil admired from afar.

  5. C'est déjà la saison des prix littéraires? Comme le temps file. L'as-tu lu?

  6. I like this idea very much. How i'd like to see my own name up there! You too Eric?
    So how come it was announced yesterday morning if it's usually announced at 1 pm on the dot?
    Have you read the book yet? I'd like to, for sure, but it would take me an age...

  7. Steverino. I thought so too! Are we thinking of something else? I studied Brecht at college. mmmm Brecht....

  8. It would appear that the writing is on the wall!

  9. Pont Girl, LOL. no, there is very little chance you'll ever see my name up front of this restaurant... I never wrote any novel!

    Yes, true, the book bears the same name as the "original" in the 30's. there must be a reason but I don't know it yet as... I did not read the book Eliane.

    Lynn it was announced yesterday (Monday)@ 1 pm.

  10. At Drouant,
    All the wall's a page,
    And tout l'hommes et femmes merely payers;
    It has its exits and its entrances;
    And one man in his time eats many parts,
    ...wait...that's not...I'll have to work on this.
    Nevermind. I'll call you later.

  11. What a lovely way to recognize the winner. I’m sure with Christmas around the corner; a crucial time for booksellers, these types of awards can only boost their sales. My friend just sent me a clip of an interview with Leroy. My friend forgets I can read French better than I can understand it. But I can make out that it has to do with the story of Zelda Fitzgerald.

  12. Now's the time to start that novel then Eric. Here's your first line; -

    Elle n'ecoutait pas ce que j'ai dit.

    First lines are soooo exciting i always think. My favourite is -
    Aujourd'hui ma mere est morte.
    I expect you all know which novel it is from? One of my favourites ever, it is. ?

  13. My apologies for rubbish mistakes in French if i've made them!

  14. Eric...This is a really beautiful photo, when blown up the colors are stunning. The blues on the balcony above are lovely. Do you have any other photos of this building?? It really represents quintessential French style..the colors, the calligraphy on the building..all perfect!

    Le Prix Goncourt! This book will be wrapped and given as many a Christmas gift I'm sure! Merci!

  15. Lynn, that is an easy one: La peste (Camus) ;)

    Thanks Tonton. Actually, I found it hard to photograph this building because I could find an interesting angle. I'm glad you appreciated this one...

  16. Think it's L'etranger... lol ?

    Only because it's the only one of Camus' that iv'e read in French!

  17. Alabama Song was a song from the Weil/Brecht musical, "The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny." (And covered by the Doors!) It is in English (even in the original, which was otherwise auf Deutsch): "Oh show me the way to the next Whiskey Bar, oh don't ask why oh don't ask why..." Not having read the Leroy novel I don't know what the connection might be!
    (I actually knew all this - didn't have to check Wikipedia!)

  18. My husband took me to dinner here to celebrate my first book contract! That was last month. The food was great but the service was lousy.
    Nonetheless, it was a fantastic place to toast my first publication.
    I don't think I'm lined up for the Goncourt any time soon, but a girl can dream, can't she?
    Great photo of the facade BTW.


  19. All things come to those who wait.


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