Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Quiet please!

OK, this is not the most glamorous photo I've shown on this blog, but I've found it "funny". It reads "here, there is an alarm that goes off every night, please do something!". The noise is a problem that Parisians have to deal with daily even though, from what the Paris town hall says, there has been some improvement lately. Apparently, at night, less than 50% of the Parisians are exposed to less than 55 decibels, and only 4,5% are exposed to more than 65 decibels. If you're interested, check the Paris noise maps at the bottom of this page.


  1. I love this photo!
    I think the voisin was very polite in his plead... let's hope someone DOES something about the noise

  2. Is that a car alarm? Car alarms are a pain in the rear!! On the other hand, I defy you to find a louder environment than an average San Francisco restaurant! (According to this study a while back, some top over 85 dB!)


  3. what a lovely blog you have here. i want to go back to paris now... please?

  4. A very good picture for La fete des voisins. If I remember recollect it happens in early summer or spring.

  5. Well I understant very well this "voisin" since I'm having some problems with my neighbourgh too~)
    I guess you can't help it.

  6. My "voisine" did something even better:
    We had a neighbour whose alarm would go off every night. So the annoyed voisine left a note in the windscreen saying that is she ever heard the alarm again, she would smash the windows of the car. Needless to say that the alarm never went off again!

  7. What a good idea. No face to face uncomfortable confrontation - very polite request and justified i'd say. Hope they get some peaceful nights now!

  8. You and i have both posted about written messages today by the way.

  9. Even this kind of warnings sound better in French


  10. This is one of the reasons I LOVE PDP. You keep it REAL, Eric! Le bruit fait partie de la vie quotidienne, non? And so far this 'voisin' is keeping it nice and civil. Good luck to this person. I hope it won't come down to lining their room with cork to dull the noise, as French author, Marcel Proust, did in the 1900's. ;)

  11. Désolée de te déranger pour ça mais je souhaitais connaitre le modele de ton appareil Eric...Merci !!!
    j'adoooore toujours autant PDP

  12. Noise is so hard to deal with. We shouldn't have to, but do have to. I know in Monaco, noise is a real problem - mostly during the day with construction going on. how the rich live! I love this photo - the simplicity of it and of course, what it says.

  13. It may not be glamorous, but it is a perfect example of the exact kind of photo I love to see here.

  14. Thanks Monica, I really wonder if this sign is old and/or if they solved the problem.

    No, it's not a car alarm Tomate, apparently, this place is a store.
    Nothing is louder than an AMERICAN restaurant LOL. I'm always amazed by the noise level when I have lunch or dinner in one. Why is that so?

    OK, Suzanne, let me beam you up!

    You're right, Santm, that's a good idea for la fête des voisins.

    No Ruyi, I can't LOL

    Rose, isn't that a bit violent? Would she have done it for real or was it just a threat? Efficient anyway...

    I'm gonna check that Lynn

    LOL Fox, yeah, well...

    Thanks Loraine. Actually I really wondered whether I should post this photo or not as its aesthetic leaves a lot to be desired. But I thought the same way you did.

    Karine, désolé, il me semble même que tu m'as envoyé un mail à ce sujet, mais je suis en retard d'au moinss 150 ! Je vais réparer demain. C'est un Samsung GX10 (le même que le Pentax K10D, je crois). Très - Trop ! - sophistiqué !

    What?! Even Monaco is noisy?? What a scandal!

    Thanks Suzy, that is nice to hear;)