Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Meet the French ancestor!

If cameras had existed 2000 years ago, I probably could have taken a photo of a similar guy (a Gaulois, one of the previous inhabitants of France) at this very same place (on a bridge over the Seine) LOL. I photographed this one on the Pont des Arts, during his "stag night" - well "day" actually - (what we call enterrement de vie de garçon - "bachelor life funeral") organized by his friends before his demise... err, I mean marriage. He is dressed up like a famous French character called Asterix.


  1. Hello Eric:

    I love your website and your daily photos... it's as if I were in Paris!

    "Enterrement de vie de garçon" is known as "stag party" or "bachelor party". In Montreal, you see them especially during the summer in very very touristy areas... I guess it's the same all over the world!

    Continue your great work!

  2. Okay, it looks a little crazy, but it also looks like a LOT of fun! And what does it say on his shirt? Let me guess, the date of his 'demise'?

  3. Eric I bet you would have prefered a lap dancer x

  4. 'Bachelor life funeral' that's a brilliant phrase!

  5. Bonjour Eric,

    J'ai retourne de Paris! greve, il m'a tue. Chaque train arrive dans 45 mins ou il n'arrive pas completment! Parfois, mon ami et moi sommes marche. Pouvez-vous imaginer...nous sommes marche du l'arc de triomphe a la place d'Italie! Tous les jours, c'est comme ca. Mon hotel se trouve dans la place d'Italie mais quand le metro ne marche pas, ce n'est pas un bon location!

    En general, les Parisiens sont polis et amicables. Et ils portent les vetements vraiment bien, surtout les femmes!

    Les monsieurs aux restaurants sont patient avec moi parce que je ne parle pas beaucoup de francais. J'ai essaye le canard...les desserts...les petit dejeuner le cafe proche du louvre est cher! (4.20 Euro) Oh la la.

    Surtout, j'aime le Tour d'Eiffel quand il s'illumine dans la nuit. L'Arc de Triomphe est super...Les Champs Elysees sont magnifiques, Le Quartier Latin est characteristique...Ile Saint Louis est tranquille....mon France!

    J'y encore visterai...bien sur.

  6. Wayne,

    On the T-shirt:
    "EVJ Joff 17.11.2007 j'y étais" means: "Enterrement de Vie de Garçon de Joff (Stag party of Joff), Nov 17th, I was there"!
    This T-shirt is probably a collector by now ;-)

  7. Huhaha funny thought about shooting 2k years ago, some portraits with the nomads and why not a crazy pic with a dancing viking :)) , nice photos you got in this blog. Take care and keep going!

  8. In Australia we put the boy on an aeroplane to a remote place, locked in a ball and chain. The stewardess has the key. Sometimes they return !
    Alcohol, often can assist. Quel dommage !

  9. LOL M.Benaut! I was thinking that this all seems a bit innocent compared to the stag parties I've been to, um, I mean, heard about. You know...guys talk, you hear things...seriously... (now where is that damn key?)

  10. thank you for the smiling eyes
    you made my day

  11. I like the Gaulois theme, conquored by others, etc. I insisted on a very mellow stag party: no strippers, sex bars, all that, yawn. The airplane to the outback sounds pretty scary, though it pretty much represents my marriage!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the Yanks, and best wishes a tout le monde.

  12. Eric,

    Thanks for the photos! They are whetting my appetite for Christmas in Paris. Let's hope that by then, all the strikes will be over, for the sake of everyone.
    Please, more Christmas photos?

  13. LOL!!! How funny...glad to see that Asterix hasn't lost his "Gallic" sense of spite of the strikes etc. Grrrr!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all that celebrate it!!

    Le Jour de l'action de Grâce!!!

  14. I don't know about you Eric, but I've been having real problems getting around and it hasn't been easy to take fun photos whilst waiting hours for a train or walking half way across the city to get to work!

    All I saw this evening as I walked home was an enormous pile of black rubbish bags next to the Porte d'Orlean metro and miserable people trudging past miserable people in cars! Vive la révolution !!!

  15. Merci pour cette vision bien amicale de Paris et des Français...