Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Paris Texas?

I know this does not really look like Paris France, but I swear I did take this photo here! This windmill actually belongs to new gardens, located in the northern part of the 17th arrondissement, on former premises of the SNCF (the national train company). These new gardens are very environment friendly, hence the presence of this windmill used to drain water. If you're interested in visiting them, the access to these gardens is located by the rue Cardinet.


  1. Windmills in Paris? Who knew?! Thanks for always showing us something unexpected.

  2. It could even be "Paris, Australia". Here, windmills are a common feature of our farmlands, although nowadays they seem not quite up to the task of battling a drought which continues to devastate much of the country.

  3. It really really does look like Texas: flat flat flat, anything higher than the ground is noticeable. Cool photo. It evokes the lonliness I remember driving across northern Texas.

    (By the way, did you ever see the movie Paris Texas? Fascinating, odd film with Harry Dean Stanton and Natashia Kinski.)

    49 days and counting...

  4. Or Paris, Illinois, on the Midwestern prairie. So unexpected. Who knew? Paris always surprises.

  5. The Big Sky also reminds me of Paris, Texas. Perhaps, this is the more affordable Moulin Rouge in the middle of.... I'll give it to you, Eric. You're always one to surprise!

  6. Suprise! Eric, you are good at finding these gems. ;) I never would place this scene as belonging in Paris. I agree, it looks like Paris, Texas. {Sigh}such a pretty blue sky there today though.

    I was reading an interesting article comparing London and Paris, including the mayoral elections. Thought some here might enjoy, hope this link works:


    Wait a minute! You tricked me again!

    This sounds like an interesting place, Eric. And yes, it does look like Texas!

  8. It does remind me of Texas. Was this taken in northern Paris?...avec les moulins.

  9. Beautiful. In fact, i'd like to see more of les espaces verts in Paree please! This is so peaceful Eric. Should we lay out the picnic here instead? ;)

  10. Louis la Vache, having grown up in Texas certainly thought he was seeing a photo from his former pasture!

  11. No wonder you are suffering with the pollen Eric, having been frolicking in this field. Tut. Without me, too.

  12. Are we really in Paris? Amazing to see such a view, I thought there were no more "wild" spaces...It looks like countryside.

    Paris, Texas? Never been in the US, unfortunatelly...

  13. I love the angle of the photo. It's perfect with the big sky.
    When my husband was in the Marine Corps we were stationed in a place called 29 Palms, Ca. When we'd drive back home to San Diego, we'd go through Palm Springs and see this wind farm http://www.southpoint.com/states/ca/windmills.htm

  14. Yes, we do have a city named Paris here in Texas! And I do have a photo of a windmill that reminds me of yours. Will have to post it on my site tomorrow...

  15. Fantastic site, congratulations on one million visitors. I do daily paintings of Detroit not photos, Detroit is not Paris but it is still interesting. We had a wonderful visit to Paris in 2004. Thanks for sharing your wonderful city.

  16. Great photo; looks like outback Australia!

  17. love this blog!


  18. Bonjour Eric!
    Your photos are wonderful! What a great idea for a blog, I am glad it made Bloggers Blogs of note today so I could find it!

    I visited Paris in 1985 as a teenager and loved every moment. We drove from Paris to Nice stopping at every vineyard along the way....my dad's idea. But still much fun and I snapped pictures by the hundreds. :)

    I will be back to visit your blog!

  19. An unusual photo for Paris, with great atmosphere. Exploring PDP is making a very interesting daily trip to Paris.

    Thanks to all the visitors to my paintings&photos blog:
    Pietro Brosio Gallery

  20. Really surprising! You usually see those in the countryside, to pump up water for the cows in the meadows.

    I have to go and see these gardens, thank you for the tip

  21. A couple of blocks from where I live in Hutto, Texas

  22. Monsieur Friendly Parisian,

    C'est un plaisir recontrer un blog que parle de Paris, a travers d'un (non si typique) français. Je pense que c'est une très bonne idée.
    Je suis sure que retournerais beaucoup de fois pour organiser mon voyage à votre pays.
    Mercie et bisous du Brésil.

  23. Maybe this also could be near Versailles, Missouri (USA). The U.S. Midwest is full of windmills such as this one.

  24. But do you have "tumbleweeds" in your garden in Paris, France??

    Have you ever been to Texas, Eric?? It is an experience unlike any other! I went to school in Dallas for two years and I always refer to it as the "two years I spent in prison"...LOL!!

    Well, for somebody who has lived near the ocean all their life..it wasn't easy!! Gotta love that "Jalapeno Cornbread" though!! LOL!!

  25. This is my first visit to your blog, and I'm going to bookmark it.

    I've been to Paris twice (once alone, once with my husband), and was enchanted. To be honest, I actually managed to get around using my meager Spanish skills! I couldn't find anyone on the street who spoke English, but a kind old grandfather-figure took me under his wing and spoke Spanish with me until he learned what I wanted, then he found someone for me that spoke English. We must have walked two blocks, going in random shops and talking to random people before we found a woman who spoke English. A fantastic experience.

    Anyway, this is a long comment, but I wanted to say hello, so...bonjour! My French skills are much worse than my Spanish, but I can greet you and ask, comment etes-vous? :o)

    Merci beaucoup pour les photos, Eric.

  26. Isn't that the back of the Elysée?

    (good find, Eric!)

  27. 48 days and counting...

  28. The photo reminds me of my childhood in the Midwest; the only thing missing is an old dilapidated barn.

  29. Yes Buzzgirl, Paris is full of surprises, isn't?!

    Lucio? Drought eh? That is tough.

    Jeff, yes I did see Paris, Texas, a long time ago. I don't remember it too much to be honest. I see you're counting the days ;)

    Petrea? AL-WAYS!

    Coltrane, actually I was the first one surprised for I did not know this was there ;)

    Jennifer "was reading an interesting article comparing London and Paris" ouch! LOL

    Suzy LOL, nope, it's not THE tower ;)

    Mari. It was taken in northern Paris but not close to moulins

    Lynn. No, these gardens are too recent for a picnic; not enough grass! - nor for frolicking BTW ;)

    Eh he Louis...

    Yes Guille 100% Paris. I know it's odd.

    Tanya. I love wind farms. thank you.

    Wandering soul. Please let me know when you do I'll link to it.

    Stephen. I saw your paintings, they're great. Do pay Stephen's blog a visit everyone http://myartspage.blogspot.com/

    Phil. Hum, never have been to Australia. I wish I would though. Especially if they have windmills there!

    Thanks Steve

    Thanks Sherry

    Thanks Pietro ;)

    Larry. Not far from your home hey? You could have been be a friendly Parisian too ;)

    Merci Télia

    Waldo. Paris, Versailles... You stole all our city names!

    Thanks Lone beader. I really would like to visit this town one day!

    Tonton, all I know in Texas is Houston mostly - and a bit of San Antonio and surroundings. I don't know why , but I cannot picture you being happy down there!

    Becky. I'm surprised you found more people speaking Spanish that English?! Anyway, Benvenida!

    No Tomate, it's not! Far from it.

    Noa. LOL. Could not find an old dilapidated barn there...

  30. This picture is fascinating! I liked learning about the gardens in Paris. I've bookmarked your site -- it's very refreshing to visit.

  31. Now this is a funny observation...for me, this photo is unbelievable for Paris and PDP and it only has 32 comments. Whereas some of the photos, although ALWAYS fantastic *wink*, may have up to 150 comments!

    Come on guys, a freakin' windmill in the centre of Paris? It just isn't normal! LOL

    Great find Eric and beautiful shot.

    Now where is Toto again?

  32. Pretty cool, Eric!
    I love it when we're really taken off balance by an unusual perspective on things, and this one is a winner!

  33. Certainly not what you expect in Paris but sometimes I can find a slice of Charleston, SC that looks like Europe.

  34. thanks for the unexpected view of Paris...if it fools Guille, than this should be turned into a postcard of Paris and sold on Rue de Rivoli.

  35. Amazing this is part of Paris. Reminds me of western Kansas (yes, where is Toto when you need him??)
    Great photo. Could see it as an opening shot of a movie...