Saturday, March 28, 2009

Red letter day

It feels good to be back home after a month... You know, check that nothing burnt, leaked or cracked... Fight the jet lag, empty you suitcase, check the mail... Talking about checking mail look at what I found in my mailbox this morning: a letter with two PDP stamps on it that someone - I won't disclose any names! - sent me after printing them on Zazzle. Isn't that nice? All this to wish me a good and safe return and encourage me to take more photos of Paris. I will!


  1. I'm sorry for the person who sent that letter. The U.S. is way too far away for you to be playing a proper game of post office with Mr. Tenin.

  2. HAHA Tall Gary! But this is the age of the internet. Anything is possible.

    You are right, Eric, this is very nice! The work you do here means so much to so many people.

  3. OK. The crown: Along with multiple prisms refracting brilliant sunlight into every color of the spectrum from yesterday I'll add dozens of Zazzle PDP post cards.

  4. Welcome home. What a nice treat to find in your mail.

  5. That's terrific! A picture of your pictures. I hope you had a wonderful trip, Eric.

  6. That crown sounds like something I can wear here in Scottsdale AZ, TG.(they are not known for the understatement here).

    This is such a tiny entre into your life, Eric, but we will take what we can get.

    Let me promote your coffee mugs on Zazzle, too! Anyone else buy PDP goods?

  7. Ooo, I nearly forgot:


  8. Eric, I enjoyed Paris and all of its lovely sunshine! I was there from the 14th to the 22nd. I'm glad you had such a great vacation as well!

    (I'll let the sun shine again when I can get a job in Paris. Until then, only rain. Sorry. When I want something... lol)

  9. Who?! Who?! Do tell us! It's from the States... And probably a girl...Someone who knows your adress. Petrea? Alexa? Lois? Come on! LOL
    Yes, I'm a nosey parker...

    Glad to know that you're back and safe Eric! Opening my mail is something I like to do when I'm back after a long time far from home(when it's not about bills...).
    BTW I didn't know that you "created" stamps on Zazzle, I've to take a look. I really like the first stamp, as I loved the photo when you posted it.

  10. Well I wish I could claim it but NON! I am looking ahead to June when I might have the pleasure! V

  11. eric "par avion" tenin....has a good ring to it. welcome back.

    tall gary - i could just see you through the multiple it!

  12. Oh, I love this photo! Could you make a Zazzle of it? A Zazzle of a Zazzle - like a mirror reflecting a mirror. I wish they made Australian stamps but I think I'll have to buy some US ones anyway because they are so adorable!

    I've checked out Eric's Zazzle {that's Zazzle with an 'a'} and was wracked with indecision as to what to buy because it's all so beautiful, but I shall take a Decisive pill and do it while the weekend is young.

    Tall Gary, I love your crown! And you're on a hat trick, I believe..

  13. hmmm, I want to get some of those PDP stamps too!
    So sweet of that thoughtful someone.
    Glad you are back safe & happy & rested.

  14. It's not from me. I always send my private correspondence to Eric via email.

  15. It is not only a nice welcome to Le Roi du Soleil, but note that the stamp is a photo of a figure from Pont Alexander III, which is at the end of the rainbow in yesterday's photo. Great theme.

    I hope your trip was absolutely wonderful, and it looks like the Benauts took good care of you.

    Greetings to King for a Day Tall Gary.

  16. Hey Jeff. How's the weather in your neck of the woods these days? I wonder if it's better than the chill we put on for you here during your visit to SoCal.

    That's an interesting point you made about the pont Contiguous synchronicity?

  17. Even better than a doorknob! I thought of you, and all you do to elucidate the many facets and nuances of Paris, when I scanned through Strange Maps and found this post of old Paris. Are your ancestors from Alsace-Lorraine?

  18. Jeff,

    It was a case packing as much in to the shortest time.

    It was a thrill to show Eric as much of Adelaide and environs, as he showed us Paris in August.

    So who's next. It's all downhill to Oz, for most of you !!

    I hope the flight home was quiet, sleepy and smooth, Eric, and like the boomerang, - we will see you back on our shores as soon as you can.

  19. I wish that whoever sent this to Eric would reveal herself (himself?), because this was a really cool thing to do to welcome him back home.
    Thanks for sharing, Eric!

    TG -- again! Won't even be able to try to block your hat trick tomorrow 'cause l'll be at the opening of an old friend's art show. You should go for it!

    Phx -- I have Eric's blue ET as part of my ET collection.
    How about you? Any Zazzle goodies?

    Guille -- It's not me. If I knew Eric's address . . . I'd probably still contact him via Facebook.

    M. Benaut -- I wish!

  20. That was indeed super sweet. Thanks for sharing it with us, Eric.

  21. Unfortunately, Zazzle stamps can't be used from France.
    But I think "La Poste" (French mail) recently launched a "make your own stamp" service. I need to check!
    Eric, I hope you don't have too many bills in your "one month mail" :-)

  22. Hmmm...wondering what a PDP is, and will see if I can learn more about Zazzle, which I've never heard of.

  23. Good to have you back, Eric.
    Is the 3rd stamp Ol' Blue Eyes?
    I have the Eiffel Tower in the Mist commuter mug (LOVELY) and some business cards with the Eiffel Tower. When I finally get to Paris I plan on handing them out to any and everyone! LOL.

  24. LoveANewIdea: PDP is the acronym for Paris Daily Photo.

  25. Oh, my. What a lovely gesture! I hope that you are safely home and ready to get back into a routine (although I must say you prepared so well that your absence from Paris went without a hitch) and that jet lag and laundry are going well. I also hope you had a wonderful time and got to bring home awesome memories.

    (BTW, nothing about the Sydney Bridge could tempt you?) :)

  26. That is so fun! I love your Zazzle offerings, but I've not tried stamps yet.
    Welcome home dear traveler. And thank you for this double rainbow Tour Eiffel.

  27. We miss you down here. Come again, yes?