Saturday, June 06, 2009

Café Le Nemours

The Obama Family just arrived in Paris (tomorrow they will go to Normandy for D-Day celebrations. Michelle and the kids already visited the Eiffel Tower but I doubt very much they will have time to sit in a typical Parisian café, like this one: Le Nemours, located Place Colette near the Palais Royal. That's all, I just liked the neon sign through the window ;-)


  1. You're right, they problably will not enjoy of a nice time at a cafe.
    Love your photo! :)

  2. If they had more time, I'm sure the Obamas would visit a cafe. This photo has nice colors, something very "Frenchy" about it.

  3. It's inviting to look inside the window. Maybe they'll catch a breakfast in one, you never know.

  4. Oh so the debris found in the sea was not that of the missing flight, I just heard?

  5. Lynn - the last I heard was that the Brazilian and French authorities are at odds as to whether the debris is from the missing flight. Some of it has been confirmed as "sea garbage." Nothing has been retrieved yet by any of the vessels looking for it. France is sending a submarine down to try to find the black boxes. I hope they find them. This is such a terrible mystery.

  6. When I lived in San Francisco, I would go out in the cold foggy night and explore the city. There is nothing more inviting than the sight of a neon sign on a late night. Coffee and Pie, Oh My!

    The word neon comes from the Greek "neos," meaning "the new gas." Neon gas was discovered by William Ramsey and M. W. Travers in 1898 in London. Neon is a rare gaseous element present in the atmosphere to the extent of 1 part in 65,000 of air. It is obtained by liquefaction of air and separated from the other gases by fractional distillation.

    Ahhh the French...

    The French engineer, chemist, and inventor Georges Claude (b. Sept. 24, 1870, d. May 23, 1960), was the first person to apply an electrical discharge to a sealed tube of neon gas (circa 1902) to create a lamp. Georges Claude displayed the first neon lamp to the public on December 11, 1910, in Paris.

  7. A terrible loss for our first family not to be able to sit and relax in a Parisian cafe!

  8. Very intriging picture. (Odd that an English teacher can't spell. hmm.)
    As for the Obamas, what you miss on the first trip you come back for on the next. So always leave something left to explore.

  9. A classy family in a classy town. Cool sign.

    Anon V...I've heard of putting one's foot on the gas, but not one's knee! BIDDA-BOOM! Okay, I'll stop. Merci for the history lesson.

    Bon weekend all!

  10. oh I do hope the Obama's have time for a cafe visit. I heard the girls are staying for an extra week. You never know, maybe you can get their photo Eric!
    I like this window cafe shot too.

  11. Did you check the local Starbucks Eric? I mean it is D-day!

  12. V--email me later for a chat s

  13. Too bad they missed Colette and Cocteau as well. Perhaps they'll visit Pere Lachaise, but I think it will be more like Musee d'Orsay and the Louvre. Dommage...

  14. Ah, Palais Royal. Isn't Colette's apartment right on the garden there? So many places, so little time...

    Just got my new laptop computer and wireless setup. So many features, so little brain...

  15. They need to visit Colette on rue Faubourg, too, for some avante guarde fashion.
    Am meeting Cali later for a tour of the Les Halles area. Maybe we should wind up here!

  16. I like the picture, but when I enlarged it, I felt like a peekin' Tom. ;)

    Jeff...I too just got a new computer and I agree, "So many features, so little brain..." But I'm trying!

  17. Oh, that's really charming, Eric, especially with the little show of striped roller blind. Very postcard-like.

    Phx, Hi and Bisous to Cali from me. Enjoy your wander in Les Halles. :)

    LOL, Jeff!

  18. ;) nice sign, I think I know it.
    Yesterday evening, as I was bringing back home a friend of my eldest, I saw many policemen who kept closed streets and took away cars from streets. And just over us we saw and heard an helicopter. That was probably B. Obama who arrived in Paris. But don't if it was him inside or more likely his security staff.
    My two daughters were born the same years than Sascha and Malia. Hey, that's already something, isn't it? :)

  19. Anonyme I like your idea of wandering with the camera at night. Lots of new subjects and opportunities. I'd like to do that myself, though not alone of course - I shall have to muster up a couple of handsome men to escort me I feel. My art demands it, clearly.

  20. Just beautiful! A quintessential Paris photo. One day I'll go there and see it myself!

  21. This D-Day is breaking my heart.

  22. Somehow I imagine that Michelle and the kids didn't have to wait in the queue like everyone else.

    Lynn, the night owl always travels alone.

  23. This is how my never-been-to-Paris mind thinks of a cafe in Paris.

  24. This photo is so charming and yesterday's was awesome! (I seem to be having a whirlwind Paris in NYC week - I've been to two French restaurants and yesterday went to the Carlyle Hotel for a drink in the bar - which has walls painted with scenes by the man who did the Madeleine books, as well as seen a French film and gone to an Avedon exhibit featuring fantastic fashion in Paris by day and night during the 50s, just after the war, when he was apparently challenged to show the city in a joyous light as it recovered. Fabulous!!! ) I hope the ceremonies in France help to cement the ties between the two countries a bit more. I've just been watching and they're quite moving.

  25. Really, Drummond. Hmm. I might be rather scared though.

    The sentence sounds like the title of a novella, strangely enough (hint hint guffaw) The Night Owl Travels Alone.

  26. Just came back from the tour of the Les Halles area with Cali--she saw me take every picture I could of graffiti esp. of Space Invader--then she got hooked doing it!
    One of the shopkeepers came out to tell the guide that Obama will be at Notre Dame and the Beaubourg tonight. And that you can't get near these places.
    I did a Pariswalk of the Marais with Mr. Phx earlier today and now I can't see straight. I think I am getting old.
    Off to dinner at L'Ampere--Phillipe Detourbe is the owner-chef so it better be good. I loved his old place.
    Are we channeling each other Carrie?

  27. Hey, PHX, I'm glad you have the opportunity to enjoy the city rather than just be there for a short stop between flights. My best to M. PHX.

  28. PHX - have a kir royal for me will ya!

  29. I can't tell you how proud I am to have smart, eloquent President Obama representing the United States this year instead of that moronic frat boy from Texas.

  30. I went by here the other day!
    Had a nice walk Phx, but did not buy the ET cake mold: too expensive.

    Bisous to you too, Shell. You have got to visit this city!!!

  31. Yes,Jeff,so much better than my jet lag haze. Bisous from here,too Shell and I DID have that Kir for you, Maria!

  32. Thank you, Cali and Phx!!! x0x

    So they are making Eric Tenin cake molds now? I should not be surprised...

  33. PHX - Oui,, oui! Orsay and L'Express have now been followed by a French waiter at the Boathouse in Central Park - its delightful, delicious, delovely -- and I hope your diner was, too. : )

  34. They are at Fountain de Mars -- unfortunately...the 7th was a good choice on their part but they should have picked a better restaurant...I suppose they went there because it is a large enough space for security.

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