Thursday, April 14, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld likes Coke!

Look what I found on the way back from a dinner party at friends' last night: a bunch of diet coke (Coca "light" in France) bottles "trapped" into an ad in a bus stop. They are not just any coke bottles, but ones designed by his highness Karl Lagerfeld, the famous fashion designer of Chanel (among others...). Funny. And probably expensive too, as they are only on sale at specific stores: Bert's, Lafayette Gourmet, La Grande Epicerie du Bon Marché and Colette. Here is a closeup if you're interested ;-)


  1. Wow! I love the close up - very classy!

  2. IMO, the close up does not match with the "Edition collector, design" you took in your photo, Eric. The close up bottle can be bought quite everywhere but not those in your main post that are sold on an exclusive mode, as you wrote, in GL Gourmet, Bert's etc.
    Nice design anyway!

  3. What a perfect birthday gift! Just kidding. :) I love Karl Lagerfeld!

  4. I need one of these although I'm usually not that "trendy"! :)

  5. Don't drink too much Coca Light, get drunk, and make racist slurs at a cafe. I've heard famous, fashionable people are doing that in Paris. I don't want to see Eric on a YouTube video...

  6. Wonderfully clever marketing...and an appealing design will make these a strong seller for sure!

  7. when it comes to Karl nothing will surprise me :)
    he just put his silhouette on the bottle and that's it ! posh bottle...

  8. How much does a bottle cost , Eric??

  9. Lovely posting for Coke. really fantastic this product . i love it . cool your idea .thanks

  10. I also loves to take drink with my evry meal,thanks for sharing choice of Karl.

  11. The packaging may be good but the contents are still rubbish. Better go design a nice wine label or new bottle.

  12. @ anonymous-8:42am : Think it costs around 1 Euro to 1.5O Euros per little bottle in shops (between 1,44$ et 2,16$).

  13. I had seen a photo of this bottle on Vogue. I think his highness is a man who definitely knows how to draw attention, and how to sell.
    I admire his work, the last Chanel show at Grand Palais, which luckily I could watch through the web, was one of the most beautiful, dreamy and classy things I´ve ever seen.

  14. Just read that today there was a fire with victims in Paris in a popular building in the 20th. It´s too sad.

  15. Naturally, it would be a bottle of Coke Light! :~}
    Wonder what they paid him? Or maybe he did it for charity—that would be nice.

  16. Go back to the Fifties, grizzled old man chewing tobacco sitting in a rocking chair under the shade of the of the canopy of a run-down gas station in the middle of nowhere, Texas somewhere.

    It's quiet, always quiet now since they built the new highway. In the hot midday sun, the slow rhythmic creak of the chair is broken only by the the 'ping' of tobacco and saliva as it hits its target, an old rusty hubcap which now has a new life as a spittoon.

    The old man slowly raises his head as he hears the low hum of an engine in the distance and his eyes become narrow slits as he peers down the long straight road.
    Slowly, through the shimmering heat haze, he recognises the shape of a Chevy pick-up approaching. A customer?
    But the Chevy isn't slowing and the old man settles back into his chair.
    Suddenly the squeal of tyres on dusty tarmac jolts him back to life as the driver of the Chevy slams on the brakes.
    The driver's door swings open and out steps, in white T-shirt and blue jeans, the coolest guy in the world, James Dean.

    The old man makes no effort to get up from his chair, "We ain't got no gas, pumps don't work no more.
    Toilets don't work no more either"

    Dean stubs out the cigarette which had been dangling from his lower lip and mumbles "Didn't stop at this dump for gas, granpaw, didn't stop for no fancy toilet neither"

    The old man smiles as he realises Dean is looking, not at him, but at something behind him.
    "Coke machine works".

    Dean lowers his sunglasses, "Ice cold?"

    The hubcap pings. "Even cooler than you sonny"

    Dean approaches the battered Coke machine in anticipation, his mouth dry and dusty. He fumbles in his pocket for some coins.
    The hubcap pings again, "Coin slot's busted, you gotta kick her. Pay me after."

    A cowboy boot swings at the Coke machine and a bottle of Coke in a Karl Lagerfield designer bottle drops down.

    Dean slowly lifts the bottle, stares at it and hisses, "What the f**k?"

    He hears a click behind him and swings round to see the old man is out of his chair and is pointing a shotgun at him.

    "That'll be five hundred dollars sonny."

  17. Brilliant, Drummond! I can actually hear the pings!

  18. What a perfect birthday gift! Just kidding. I love Karl Ladyfinger!.....

  19. I live in Atlanta, home of Coca-Cola world headquarters. If I didn't know better, I'd say this is only the first of designer bottles. There are fanatics out there who collect ALL KINDS of Coke memorabilia. p.s. - thanks for the photo, Eric!

  20. Coincidentally I took the same shot yesterday on rue du rivoli and posted it on my travel blog!

  21. Karl Lagerfeld designed the upcoming 2011 Coca-Cola Light bottles.