Thursday, May 12, 2011

The colo(u)r of love...

I debated a long time whether I should keep the trash can in the picture or not and then I decided to keep it because I think it gives an interesting perspective to the scene (don't ask me why!). Talking about love, I'm in DC today and I'm going to try and see "the lovely couple" that many of you remember, I'm sure... I'll keep you posted ;-) - UPDATE: I saw them! We had breakfast in McLean, Virginia (near DC), it was great to see them again.


  1. I think it is fabulous that you are going to meet "the couple", Manu and Smitha. Perhaps their 'color' is Paris. Wish them well from another PDP veteran.

  2. How great it is from you !

    I thought you were talking about Guille & her husband, don't know why. So it was amazing to me to discover who was hidden behind the 'lovely couple' link! Lovely really. Have in mind your last picture of the ET from the Passerelle Debilly !
    So, what color do you think Love is, please?
    Greetings from Paris.

  3. Awwwwww... Eric, you will definitely have a halo if you see them in DC and can give an update to your first story... totally endearing!

    Safe travels, mon ami!


  4. How nice! (Would be even nicer if you would also be in NYC, of course!) Best regards to "the lovely couple."

  5. I echo Alexa's wishes to the lucky couple captured on PDP. As for love being a "colour" in your daily photo--it takes me back to Billy Ocean's 80s tune "The Colour of Love." Great tune for its day! I do think that love is color blind so I'm not sure I get the artist's intent. Someone once said that love is a many-splendored thing, too. ;-) BTW...from the look of that garbage can, I'd say someone in Paris is still on strike.

  6. Hi,
    I've been following your blog with a great pleasure for many months. Thank you indeed. Having a look to the United States map, which I do not know, it was worth following your trip through Massachussetts, Pennsylvanie, Delaware, Maryland, D.C. and now Virginie. This is probably a bit like our french regions but still, this is attracting to think of the states you went to and currently are!
    Have a nice rest.
    PS: love the title.

  7. I surely hope you get to see Smitha and Manu. You were like a Cupid for them...armed with a camera in lieu of a bow and arrow! Wishing you safe and enjoyable travels, Eric.

  8. Yes, and lovers give the colour they wish to their lives, to their loves.



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  9. If love is a color, what colour would it be? For me, it would have to be a dark raspberry pink, but possibly a violet purple. Love those colors!

  10. OH, Eric, you really do mean THAT DC??!ha! I've never been there and have no intention of visiting it. I live in America's beautiful northwest. Here we don't just have cherry trees for decoration like DC. We have the real thing with valleys abloom and shortly to be ripe for the picking!

  11. If music be the food of love, play on,
    If this wall be the colour of love, you're having me on.

  12. I like it very much when I feel the urge to write or draw a lovely message to my lover. And I like it when Eric finds out one like this one...
    Hope you met Smitha and Manu, in love and happy.

  13. I'm sorry due to the outage all your comments have disappeared. Not my fault...

  14. There were many beautiful comments about our Cupid Eric....armed with a camera in lieu of a bow & arrow! We all hope you were able to touch base with the Happy Couple! :-)

  15. Eric,

    So glad you are getting to experience Virginie. We live in Richmond, Virginia. Be sure to visit it sometime. Would be glad to show you around.